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Garrowby Hill Top and Garrowby Wold (Round Barrow(s))

The other nearby barrows are Cot Nab Farm SE813567 and South Wold Farm SE821570. None of which I could see during a 'drive by' due to the hedge and the fields being in crop (wheat)

Kitty Hill (Round Barrow(s))

Drive by

A short distance east of Stamford Bridge along the A166.

Despite EH reporting that this barrow is 2.5m high by 26m in diameter I couldn't spot it due to the hedgerow. Time prevented me from stopping for a proper look.

Woodhouse (Cairn(s))

Drive by 29.7.17

On the western side of the A68, north of West Woodbury.

The cairn was easily visible as a rough grass covered mound. Approximately 1m high.

Pockley Gates (Round Barrow(s))

Drive by

A short distance east of Hensley along the A170

As per the nearby Low Common barrows I couldn't see any sign of the barrows due to the hedge and the field being in crop. The A170 is a very busy road and parking is problematic at best. Perhaps it would be easier to spot the barrows in the winter?

Low Common (Round Barrow(s))

Drive by 31.7.17

On the northern side of the A170, west of Pickering.

Due to the hedges and the fact the field was in crop I could see no sign of the three barrows my OS map shows are here. EH have nothing to add on the subject.

Sands Wood (Round Barrow(s))

Drive by 30.7.17

I didn't have time for a proper visit so was hoping to spot the barrow via a 'drive by'. Unfortunately the wood is quite dense with plenty of vegetation so I failed to spot it. Nice spot though for someone to have a proper look.

The King's Stone (Standing Stone / Menhir)

Drive by 28.7.17

The stone can be easily seen when driving past along the A697. It certainly looks 'old'. A reused prehistoric standing stone? If it is it doesn't appear to have been 'tarted up'. Requires an expert visit - which isn't me!

Old Harestanes (Stone Circle)

Drive by 25.7.17

Just south of the junction of the A72 / A701. Signposted Kirkurd.

The circle is not visible from the road. It must be in the garden behind the house. There is a field which runs along the side of the house which I would guess you could peep over the hedge to espy the stones? However, this was not something I had time to try - it would also have been rather obvious!

Aylesbeare Common (Round Barrow(s))

Drive by 26.10.16

A short distance east from the Half Way Inn (B3180 / A3052 junction) to the north of the A3052.

I could only spot one of the barrows as we sped along the busy A3052. The barrow appeared as a gorse covered mound surrounded by gorse covered heath.
Parking would be difficult.

E.H. state:
Two bowl barrows near the summit of Harpford Hill. The western barrow is 2m high by 16m in diameter. The eastern barrow is 1.6m high by 20m in diameter.

Colaton Raleigh Common (Round Barrow(s))

Drive by 23.10.16

A short distance north of Woodbury Castle Hillfort along the B3180.

My O/S map shows two barrows. One to the left of the road (next to the turning for Woodbury) and the other a bit further east along the road. Whilst driving past I couldn't spot the first barrow but I did spot the second barrow. It appears as a gorse covered mound in an area of gorse covered heath. Parking would be problematic and I guess this is not a site to visit wearing shorts!

E.H. state:
Two bowl barrows on Colaton Raleigh Common, situated about 500m apart. The eastern barrow is 3.5m high with a diameter of 21m. The western barrow is 4m high with a diameter of 31m.

The Valley of Stones (Natural Rock Feature)

A view from upon high - 23.10.2016

On our way back home to South Wales we made a quick stop-off to have a look at the Valley of Stones.

There is room for one car to park next to the sign post directing you to the valley. There is an information board giving an overview of the valley and how it was formed.

I was hoping to see a 'river of stones' flowing down the valley. I was hoping to use this to help explain to Dafydd and Sophie how the Ice Age helped shape the landscape etc. Unfortunately from our lofty perch we couldn't see any stones! No doubt had we had the time to have walked down the valley we would have seen plenty! However, I was still able to use the landscape to help aid my talk. At least Dafydd found it a bit interesting. Sophie was more interested in the four horses we had passed and was desperate to try to smooth them!

Churchill Standing Stone (Standing Stone / Menhir)

Drive by 28.8.16

The hedges clearly haven't been cut for some time and I couldn't spot the stone. Parking would be a bit tricky even if I had the time for a proper hunt - which I didn't!

Achadh-Chaorann (Standing Stone / Menhir)

Achadh-Chaorann is a short distance to the east of the Carse stone row - along the same road.

The rain was by now coming down hard and we were running late for the ferry so I had to settle for a 'drive by'. The stone is visible from the main road.

I was initially disappointed not to have a closer loot at the stone and its cup marks but as it turns out we only just made the ferry so it turned out to be a blessing in disguise :)

Hopefully I will get a proper when next in the area?

Ossian's Mound (Round Barrow(s))

Drive by 27.7.16

Driving west out of Kilmory this barrow can be easily seen as a rough, gorse covered mound.

Canmore states:
A turf covered mound with several large protruding stones which occupies the top of an overgrown hillock. The spread mound has merged with the hillock.

Buchlyvie (Broch)

Drive-by 4.8.16

Immediately to the south of the A811, a short distance east of Buchlyvie which is at the junction with the B835.

The broch is next to the road and looks (in passing) for all the world like a Norman motte.

Canmore states:
The broch measures 19m in diameter, with a wall 1m in height and 5m wide. It occupies the site of an earlier timber round house.

Dun Doir A'Chrorain (Hillfort)

Drive By 30.7.16

On the eastern side of the A846 - the only road on the island! The site is easily seen as a small flat-topped rock outcrop near the road.

Canmore states:
The dun measures 14m by 9m with walls up to 3m wide. Several stretches of outer facing wall is visible on the western side, in places up to 1m in height. A narrow entrance-passage is on the SW side.

Acholter (Standing Stone / Menhir)

Drive By - 1.8.16

This small stone can be seen across a couple of fields when driving south along the A884. I couldn't spot the stone when travelling north along the same road.

From a distance the stone only appears to be about 1m in height. It appears to be leaning towards the nearby field fence/hedge.

You would need to negotiate a couple of field fences to get a closer look.

The Paps of Jura (Sacred Hill)

The 'Paps' are a magnificent sight to behold. Not only do they dominate the Jura skyline, they also dominate most of Islay. Even though we were blessed with beautiful weather the Paps summits were mostly covered in clouds although they did occasionally permit us to see them in all their glory.

They must be difficult to climb but I imagine there must be an incredible view from the top? Top marks to anyone who achieves that feat!

Lower Heysham - Heysham Head (Natural Rock Feature)


Although I didn't get to manage to visit the rock feature I did visit the atmospheric ruined church, rock cut graves and superb hogback grave stone.

In the church tea rooms is a small display of Mesolithic flint tools found at the site whilst being excavated. The information sign states that over 14,000 such flint tools were discovered at this site!

I have to say it must have been a pretty bleak and exposed place in the winter months!

The Coffin Stone (Natural Rock Feature)

‘View from afar’ 30.5.16

From the entrance to the ‘vineyard type’ place opposite the Countless Stones a large stone can be seen in the distance in the middle of a field. It is next to a tree, near the overhead power lines. This is a close as you are likely to get as the ‘vineyard’ has a double row of 6ft high fences ‘protecting’ the entrance. The vines (or whatever they are) have been planted all around it.
Once they have grown taller it is likely that in the summer months the stone will not be visible from this spot.
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I have visited both historic and prehistoric sites for a number of years but since 'discovering' this website my visits have spiralled out of control!
I am now out 'exploring' as often as possible and have been to many wonderful places I didn't even know existed before using this website.
Having visited all the CADW sites I am now trying to visit all the E.H. sites and as many H.S. sites as possible.
In trying to achieve these goals I get to travel all around the country and with it the chance to visit as many sites as possible mentioned on this fine website. I hope some of you find my contributions a little helpful?
I have certainly found the contributions made by others to be both very informative and often quite amusing!
I must also mention the lovely Karen whom without her help, encouragement and understanding I would not be able to visit half of the places I do.
I am forever grateful.

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