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Three Howes (Spaunton Moor) (Round Barrow(s)) — Fieldnotes

Three Howes seems to be an overused name in this neck of the woods. This particular Three Howes is on Spaunton Moor above Rosedale Abbey. Approach from a small lay-by at the top of Rosedale Bank, where a private track leads off to the north-ish. From the road, strike out on foot eastwards for a rough tramp across the heather to reach the barrows in a commanding position on the eastern skline. I visited in a Force 10 gale in July 2004. What an airy place! These ancient people certainly knew how to choose their burial grounds in relation to the landscape. Excellent 360 degree views of the moorland horizon, complete with approaching storms! In my mind, more evocative than our finest cathedrals.

Thor's Cave (Cave / Rock Shelter) — Fieldnotes

Approached on foot from the south, on the cycle track, 19 August 2004. The tarmac surface of the track did not please me but it's still worth walking in that way to get that first magic glimpse of the huge limestone bluff looming out of the trees high above the river. That view created a wonderful prehistoric vibe. I could imagine a plume of smoke and the shouts and cries of a paleolithic tribe living around the cave, which nestles high up under the cliff. The walk up to the cave is worth the effort, tremendous views up the valley. A very commanding position. Not a very comfortable cave for a permanent habitation but, because of it's position, it surely must have been occupied by hunting groups. Imagine the post- ice-age scene while your're up there, with herds of elk and maybe a mammoth or two roaming down the valley!

Long Low (Bank Barrow) — Fieldnotes

Visited here on 19th August 2004, my 50th birthday! Access not brilliant and it takes a while to work out the lie of the land cos of the wall running along the length of the barrow. Nevertheless, an uplifting experience. A superbly positioned site with wonderful eye-level White Peak horizon and long, open views. Added bonus - delicious puff-balls, but please don't trample the pastures looking for more, they were a special present!
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