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High Banks (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Visited High Banks today with a large group of enthusiasts both local and from further afield. The rock art assemblages appear to still be in good condition compared to images from some years back.
We were very lucky to have a gorgeous afternoon to wander over cattle-free pastures!

Boreland (Chambered Cairn)

We visited Knockman Wood yesterday in fine weather, doing a complete tour including the Boreland Cairn. The cairn remains undisturbed and clearly work has been done to keep the bracken growth under control, making the cairn easily approached.
The excellent archaeology conducted at the other end of the reserve a few years ago to properly interpret the 18C settlements is now largely obscured by natural regrowth leaving us with interpretation boards to summarise their story. Work all administered by the excellent Creetown Community Trust.

Camas Nan Geall (Chambered Tomb)

I found the whole "Camas experience" very affecting and ended up sat on a very comfortable boulder at the top of the beach contemplating what the location has meant to so many successive generations of inhabitants.
The standing stone inscribed cross also appears to have a carved dog above the cross.
There is good parking up at the roadside with a good quality track leading down to the site.

Churchill Village Stones (Standing Stones)

A number of my paternal grandmother's ancestors were baptised and then buried at this church, so I feel I'm sort of entitled to a guess on all this. It has the fingerprints of wealthy church benefactor all over it. Maybe they were originally in the wooded site and got moved.........some of those holes may be a clue!

Banks (Chambered Tomb)

Visited on July 6th, finding the site greatly altered since our first visit in 2012. The tomb has seen no great changes.......just a large and thick sheet of fibreglass forming part of the roof, and a iron grille with padlock for security purposes.
The Skerries Bistro is now housed in a large modern steel building at the "front" of the site with adjoining visitor centre. Carol now handles the indoor, hands-on part of the visit, with Hamish showing you around the tomb structure (between bailing out water from the floor!) They continue to resist attempts of a "takeover" and thoughts of a raised false roof. No desire currently to excavate further any of the chambers.
Both Carol & Hamish are very open about the very blinkered approach of the local authorities which has strengthened their desire to leave well alone for the moment. A visit now costs £6 and the bistro fayre is even better!

Worlebury (Hillfort)

For those who wish a less arduous visit, Worlebury Camp can be reached by car (to a car park) by approaching it at high level from Worle village
A member of the Leicestershire Fieldwalking Group prior to migration to Galloway in 2009. Main current interest is rock art.

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