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Ach A' ChorrainChambered Cairn
Achcheargary BurnCairn(s)
Afon y Dolau GwynionChambered Cairn
Aldbourne 'Cup Barrow'Round Barrow(s)
Aldbourne (west of Giant's Grave)Round Barrow(s)
Aldbourne 7Round Barrow(s)
Allt A' Bhaid Loisgt, Loch HopeChambered Cairn
Allt Ach Coille Na BorgieCairn(s)
An Torr, StrathnacroStone Fort / Dun
Aran FawddwyRound Cairn
Arch Tor (South-West)Round Cairn
ArdvannieChambered Cairn
Arenig FachRound Cairn
Asheldham CampPlateau Fort
BadnabayChambered Cairn
BalnabraidKerbed Cairn
Banc CrugynBarrow / Cairn Cemetery
Banc Cynnydd, CwmdeuddwrCairn(s)
Banc Llechwedd-mawr (Pumlumon)Cairn(s)
Banc Lluest Newydd (Pumlumon)Cairn(s)
Banc Maes-yr-haiddCairn(s)
Banc Trehesglog, CwmdeuddwrCist
Banc Trehesglog, CwmdeuddwrStone Row / Alignment
Banc Ystrad-WenBarrow / Cairn Cemetery
Banc-y-GwyngoedRound Cairn
Barone HillHillfort
Beacon HillRound Barrow(s)
Beacon HillBarrow / Cairn Cemetery
Beacons DownRound Barrow(s)
Beddau FolauChambered Cairn
Bellever Tor WestCist
Ben UarieCairn(s)
Black DarrenRound Cairn
Black HillBarrow / Cairn Cemetery
Black HillCairn(s)
Black MixenRound Barrow(s)
Black NewtakeCairn circle
Blaen Clawdd Du, CwmdeuddwrRound Cairn
Blaen Ganolwyn FachBarrow / Cairn Cemetery
Blaneau-drawRound Cairn
BorgieChambered Cairn
Briddel Felen Standing StoneStanding Stone / Menhir
Brockhill Enclosed SettlementsAncient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork
Broken BarrowRound Cairn
Bryn CauCairn(s)
Bryn DafyddCairn(s)
Bryn MawrCairn(s)
Bryn RhuddBarrow / Cairn Cemetery
Bryn y FedwenRound Barrow(s)
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Hi, I'm Robert ... with a passion for attempting to understand the lives of the pioneering prehistoric inhabitants of these British Isles, seeking out the remains they left behind in order to ask myself "why here ... why did it matter so... why such commitment?".. Needless to say, I'm still pondering such intangibles. Just as an empty house appears to retain echoes of past humanity... so does the stone circle, the chambered cairn, the long barrow and the mountain top funerary cairn. Visiting them, I think, helps engender a certain 'connection' with this land of ours, with ourselves - our past, our present and our future; a reference point for those of us perhaps struggling to make sense of this so-called 'computer world' Kraftwerk warned us was a'coming in 1981.... danke, mein herren.

Should my amateur posts prove an inspiration for others to venture into the Great Outdoors... please bear in mind the hills and mountains of these Isles are unpredictable, potentially dangerous places. Ensure you have map/compass/waterproofs... and know how to use them, even in high summer. Weather conditions can change bewilderingly quickly, so don't get caught out. Unlike some, I prefer to engage with landowners wherever possible. Being a cartoon 'class warrior' - such as Monbiot - might be jolly good fun for the frustrated 'rebel'... but not for those who follow in their footsteps. I find requests for access are rarely declined.

George Orwell - 'The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection.'

Martin Gore - 'Like a pawn
On the eternal board
Who’s never quite sure
What he’s moved towards
I walk blindly on'...

Truman Capote - 'Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour.'

Oscar Wilde - 'The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.'

John Lydon - 'It is a reward to be chastised by the ignorant.'

Winston Churchill - '“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

Ultravox - 'Taking shelter by the standing stones
Miles from all that moves....'

My TMA Content: