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Ballyedmonduff (Wedge Tomb) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Ballyedmonduff</b>Posted by CoBurN<b>Ballyedmonduff</b>Posted by CoBurN<b>Ballyedmonduff</b>Posted by CoBurN

Laughanstown (Wedge Tomb) — Fieldnotes

This tomb is completely overgrown almost exclusively by thick dirty brambles, i could only locate 4 stones through the thicket.

Can anyone shed some light on the date/purpose of the large oval pit in the background, its as if the pit was dug and trees planted at the bottom giving the observer an unusual eye-line with the tree tops, from the tomb ground level. Also the trees form a straight line pointing directly at the center of the tomb. Coincidence maybe?? This effect is best seen on MSN Maps "Birds Eye View". A second line, this time an embankment recently had a circular ditch and a fenced off tree (NOW DESTROYED!!!) in the south-west of the building site, which now holds 3 large piles of massive stones. I'd appreciate any feedback on these (probably wacky:) theories....

Laughanstown (Wedge Tomb) — Images

<b>Laughanstown</b>Posted by CoBurN<b>Laughanstown</b>Posted by CoBurN<b>Laughanstown</b>Posted by CoBurN<b>Laughanstown</b>Posted by CoBurN<b>Laughanstown</b>Posted by CoBurN

Carrickgollogan (Wedge Tomb) — Images

<b>Carrickgollogan</b>Posted by CoBurN

Magnacool Lower (Wedge Tomb) — Images

<b>Magnacool Lower</b>Posted by CoBurN<b>Magnacool Lower</b>Posted by CoBurN<b>Magnacool Lower</b>Posted by CoBurN

Seefin Hill (Chambered Cairn) — Images

<b>Seefin Hill</b>Posted by CoBurN<b>Seefin Hill</b>Posted by CoBurN
Just another Son O' The Gael depressed by our apparent lack of knowledge/interest in our clearly illustrious past.

I got interested in this subject (again) after reading the most interesting book "Island of the Setting Sun" "In Search of Ireland's Ancient Astronomers" by Anthony Murphy & Richard Moore and then had my interest exponentially increased by reading "The Irish Origins of Civilization" by Michael Tsarion.

After finding an apparent lack of research on the sites of my home county of Wicklow, I decided i would visit and document as many of these amazing sites as i can with the end goal of creating a dedicated site.......then i found this site and most of what i had failed to find before were here! Still undeterred I hope to (re)discover them for myself.

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