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County Fermanagh


<b>County Fermanagh</b>Posted by ShereenDrumskinney © Geoff
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Aghakillymaud Court Tomb
16 posts
Aghanaglack Court Tomb
4 posts
Aghatirourke (Cuilcagh summit) Cairn(s)
4 posts
Beihy Court Tomb
2 posts
Boa Island Cup Marked Stone
7 posts
Caldragh Churchyard Carving
Cloghcor Stone Circle
Cloghtogle Chambered Tomb
Clyhannagh Court Tomb
Coolbuck Standing Stone / Menhir
Corratrasna Court Tomb
Dog Little Court Tomb
1 post
Doohatty Glebe Court Tomb
Drumgormly Court Tomb
23 posts
Drumskinney Stone Circle
2 posts
Gortaloughan Bullaun Stone
9 posts
Greenan Wedge Tomb
4 posts
3 posts
Killykeeghan Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art
5 sites
Killy Beg
Kilnameel Portal Tomb
8 posts
Kilnameel Court Tomb
Kiltierney Passage Grave
Knockninny Court Tomb
Legland Court Tomb
4 sites
6 posts
Moylehid Passage Grave
Moylehid Court Tomb
6 posts
Moylehid Ring Cairn
1 post
Mullynavale Cairn(s) (Destroyed)
14 posts
Reyfad Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art
The Shaking Stone Rocking Stone
4 posts
Sheehinny Cairn(s)
5 posts
Sheehinny Cairn(s)
Topped Mountain Chambered Cairn


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Mud, lies and hazard tape: Reviewing The Report on the Drumclay Crannog

(Slightly out of our timeline being early-medieval, and very long and detailed, but of interest to archaeological activists all the same)

I’ve written before about how a simple, unattributed blog post … just 178 words long … kicked off an advocacy campaign to ensure the correct management and archaeological excavation of a cranno... continues...
ryaner Posted by ryaner
18th July 2015ce

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Killykeeghan (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Killykeeghan</b>Posted by ryaner<b>Killykeeghan</b>Posted by ryaner<b>Killykeeghan</b>Posted by ryaner ryaner Posted by ryaner
8th July 2020ce

Mullynavale (Cairn(s)) — Folklore

The Tomb of Bith

From the archaic strata of Irish myth concerning the original settlement of Ireland, as recorded in 'Lebor Gabála', the first man and woman to land were Adra – The Ancient (alias Ladra) – and his sister Cesair, with their father, Bith, together with a number of subordinate women.

Bith traveled north through Ireland from the Munster landing place and then died at Slieve Beagh, on the Ulster mountain named after him. There the "seventeen magnificent maidens" who accompanied him on the journey to the northern province buried him under the mountain-top cairn they constructed, the Carn More or Great Cairn.

The Irish word 'bith' means "cosmos, world, eternity, everlasting, being and existence." Thus his name, his body, and his cairn carry the load of the entire universe. He brings a truly cosmogonic myth to the southern fringe of Ulster.

From "Ireland, A Sacred Journey" by Michael Dames (Element Books 2000), first published as "Mythic Ireland" by Thames and Hudson, 1992.
ryaner Posted by ryaner
19th February 2020ce

Aghanaglack (Court Tomb) — Images

<b>Aghanaglack</b>Posted by ryaner<b>Aghanaglack</b>Posted by ryaner<b>Aghanaglack</b>Posted by ryaner<b>Aghanaglack</b>Posted by ryaner<b>Aghanaglack</b>Posted by ryaner ryaner Posted by ryaner
7th September 2019ce

Doohatty Glebe (Court Tomb) — Fieldnotes

Twice now I've gone in search of this tomb, twice defeated. The walk along the Ulster Way, under the gaze of the magnificent Benaughlin, is only a small consolation for the disappointment of not finding the sepulchre.

The tomb was excavated in 1882 by Wakeman and when the modern forestry was being planted was given enough room in its own little clearing. Alas, for us, this has now been overgrown completely, to an extent where even the more adventurous and determined are left completely defeated. The area in which the tomb lies has been left unmanaged for so long that when the forestry workers do make a move on it, the tomb is in danger of being completely destroyed. Shame.

Edit: [After some more research I think I may have been looking in the wrong place. Twice. Oops.]
ryaner Posted by ryaner
7th September 2019ce
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