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County Down


Sites/Groups in this region:

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Annadorn Passage Grave
2 posts
Ardtole Chambered Tomb
11 posts
Audleystown Court Tomb
Ballintur Cairn(s)
Ballyalton Court Tomb
1 post
Ballynahatty Stone Standing Stone / Menhir
48 posts
Ballynoe Stone Circle
2 posts
Ballyrogan Giant's Grave Chambered Cairn
1 post
Ballystokes Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art
Ballyveaghbeg Chambered Cairn
4 posts
Barnmeen Standing Stone / Menhir
3 posts
Burren Cist
2 posts
Carnadranna Cairn(s)
3 posts
Carnanbane Court Tomb
Carnbane Cairn(s)
Carn Hill Cairn(s)
Carn Mountain Cairn(s)
2 posts
Carrownacan Standing Stone / Menhir
Chapeltown Bullaun Stone
2 posts
Churchtown Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art
3 posts
Crobane Standing Stone / Menhir
8 posts
Drumena Stone Fort / Dun
7 posts
Dunnaman Chambered Tomb
6 posts
Finnis Souterrain
32 posts
The Giant's Ring Passage Grave
Goward Chambered Tomb
18 posts
Goward Portal Tomb
1 post
Goward Cairn Cairn(s)
6 posts
Goward Chamber Cairn Chambered Cairn
5 posts
Greengraves Portal Tomb
13 posts
Kilfeaghan Portal Tomb
9 posts
Kilkeel Portal Tomb
3 posts
Knockshee Cairn(s)
15 posts
Legananny Portal Tomb
5 posts
The Long Stone Standing Stone / Menhir
1 post
Loughanhatten Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech
4 posts
Loughmoney Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech
Mayo 1 Standing Stone / Menhir
Mayo 2 Standing Stone / Menhir
6 posts
Millin Bay Cairn(s)
Moneyslane Standing Stones
1 post
The Mother Church of Mourne Christianised Site
5 posts
Moyad Court Tomb
Mullaghmore Stone Circle
1 post
Murphy's Fort, Mullaghmore Hillfort
Portavoe Standing Stone / Menhir
6 posts
Rostrevor Standing Stone Standing Stone / Menhir
2 posts
Rush's Cove Chambered Cairn
2 sites
Saval More
6 posts
Slieve Commedagh Cairn(s)
8 posts
Slieve Donard Lesser Cairn Cairn(s)
9 posts
Summit of Slieve Donard Cairn(s)
Tamary Cairns Cairn(s)
Tamnaharry Standing Stone / Menhir
The Three Sisters Stone Row / Alignment
4 posts
Warrenpoint Standing Stone Standing Stone / Menhir
8 posts
Wateresk Dolmen Portal Tomb
6 posts
Wateresk Standing Stone Standing Stone / Menhir


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Save Knock Iveagh!

We all want to believe that the places and heritage we love will be protected by somebody else for our children to enjoy. Some really important places in the UK benefit from protection by law and are supposed to be kept safe by our government bodies for the benefit of everyone... continues...
ryaner Posted by ryaner
16th October 2017ce

The forgotten Mound of Down

This is interesting - may be prehistoric, possibly not.
tjj Posted by tjj
29th January 2012ce
Edited 29th January 2012ce

Neolithic homes unearthed at roadside

A Bronze Age cemetery is one of a number of prehistoric settlements that have been discovered in County Down... continues...
Posted by BrigantesNation
1st September 2004ce
Edited 1st September 2004ce

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Summit of Slieve Donard (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

This one nearly did me in. We started at the car-park in Newcastle like Thelonious below. I knew it would be strenuous before we set out and I’d been talking to a mate who’s local and he’d warned me about a spike in Covid in the area due to all the staycations, but here we were. It’s a popular spot and there were many on the trail.

The Glen river eases the first part of the ascent, with rock pools and mini-waterfalls along the way. The day was overcast and clammy and I was hoping that at some point the cloud would clear and the mountain would open up. We weren’t even halfway there when the moaning teens started. The sooner the schools re-open the better, my coaxing and cajoling skills having hit their limit.

We reached the Mourne wall after about 2 hours. Our perspectives had shortened the higher we’d climbed. Cloud had fallen along with spirits. Distances narrowed. Enthusiasm, never strong, flagged and lagged as the 200 metres or more of the hardest ascent remained. How long is there left? Why are we doing this? Questions I barely had the answers to myself as gravity almost pulled me backwards.

And then Commedagh appeared out of the clouds and over our shoulders like a giant spaceship, hovering enormously, and the perspective change was almost horrendous in its vertiginous magnificence. The kids were as stunned as we, but soon familiarity took over and they lapsed into are-we-nearly-there-ness again. I felt no little sense of glee in telling them that Donard was higher than Commedagh towering above and that there were many false summit-horizons ahead.

We reached the summit in brilliant summer sunshine – so this is what’s been happening all the while we’ve been under the cloud these last few weeks. The relief at having gained the top was palpable. We didn’t have it to ourselves and the views were blocked by the clouds but we’d done Donard. The ‘greater’ cairn swarmed with verminous flies and midges. Lots of people bring memorials up here for a friends or relatives who’ve passed, something I haven’t seen before. The cairn is a bit of a mess, well trundled over and probably not its original shape or size.

The northern, ‘lesser’ cairn is more interesting, but no less messed about with. The ground starts to descend towards the lesser cairn until, not too far beyond, drops precipitously to the north-east. There are many shelters built from the cairn material in the vicinity and there seems to be a lot of cairn slippage, especially to the east. The greater cairn is said to be a passage grave, destroyed by the sappers who built the trig station beside it. The lesser is called a multiple-cist cairn and was well messed up by the time Harris had visited it in 1744.

We lazed in the sun around the two cairns for a while and then headed back. The descent is a lot more dangerous, naturally, with lots of gravel kicked up onto the flagstones of the crude stairway/path, so extra caution was needed. We had left the car-park at 1pm and arrived back at the car about 7.30pm.
ryaner Posted by ryaner
16th August 2020ce

Slieve Donard Lesser Cairn (Cairn(s)) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Slieve Donard Lesser Cairn</b>Posted by ryaner<b>Slieve Donard Lesser Cairn</b>Posted by ryaner ryaner Posted by ryaner
12th August 2020ce

Summit of Slieve Donard (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Summit of Slieve Donard</b>Posted by ryaner<b>Summit of Slieve Donard</b>Posted by ryaner ryaner Posted by ryaner
12th August 2020ce

Slieve Commedagh (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Slieve Commedagh</b>Posted by ryaner ryaner Posted by ryaner
12th August 2020ce

Ardtole (Chambered Tomb) — Images

<b>Ardtole</b>Posted by ryaner<b>Ardtole</b>Posted by ryaner ryaner Posted by ryaner
26th January 2020ce

Ballynoe (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Ballynoe</b>Posted by ryaner<b>Ballynoe</b>Posted by ryaner ryaner Posted by ryaner
22nd January 2020ce
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