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Orkney sites in local newspapers 1916-30 additions

Aikerness steading

July 3rd 1930 "The Orcadian" stone sinker from nearby given to O.A.S. museum

?? Alexander Graham Fountain HY20NE 96

March 25th 1929 "The Orcadian" pump-well in Stromness town centre filled up and levelled, spring water still clear

Appiehouse HY31NW 6

March 3rd 1921 "The Orcadian" standing stone remains mentioned
? November 21st 1930 "The Orcadian" rubbing stone found on Appiehouse lands given to Orkney Antiquarian Society last session

Backakelday HY40SE 4

July 13th 1927 "The Orkney Herald" 2 cists with bones (found Thursday in low mound SE corner of SW sloping field 9-10 chains roughly N of Burn of Gansta) excavated then covered over
July 20th 1927 "The Orkney Herald" photograph of cists found July 7th, showing 2 stone tools
April 4th 1928 "The Orkney Herald" referenced

Barns of Ayre HY50SE 11

September 30th 1924 "The Orcadian" bone needle mentioned as taken from farm

Bayview Chapel, Flotta ND39SE 4

September 7th 1921 "The Orkney Herald" burial traces found digging centre of presumed chapel mound in Flotta churchyard

Berriedale, Rousay HY44NE 12 given as Westray

November 21st 1930 "The Orcadian" hammerstone from cist on farm given to Orkney Antiquarian Society

Bigging souterrain HY31NW 28

January 3rd 1929 "The Orcadian" partial excavation of building found some time previous under considerable area of slight rise, covered up to be fully excavated in the spring

Bishop's Palace, Birsay HY22NW 7

November 3rd 1921 "The Orcadian" new burn foundation by Old Parochial Schoolhouse produces ornamental copestone/capital, iron and masonry hinge also found

Black Holm HY50SE 5

August 13th 1925 "The Orcadian" NW/SE sub-divided cist with bones found under earth with sea-bird bones

Bookan Tomb HY21SE 10

Boardhouse Farm, Birsay

July 3rd 1930 "The Orcadian" quartz hammerstone given to O.A.S. museum

Brae Brough HY10SE 1

September 9th 1924 "The Orcadian" round structure mentioned as barrier between St.John's Head and Brough, considerable building traces mentioned on latter's landward side

Broch of Berstane HY41SE 6

March 23rd 1927 "The Orkney Herald" mentioned

Broch of Borwick HY21NW 1

September 13th 1928 "The Orcadian" digger's eyewitness account of 1882 excavation, much of extracted material used as top dressing on farm, many finds still in Skaill House museum

Broch of Gurness HY32NE 5

July 18th 1929 "The Orcadian" 9 feet of the broch at Point of Aikerness excavated
July 24th 1929 "The Orkney Herald" broch being unearthed from knowe at point of Aikerness with stairway and finds of charcoal and animal and shellfish remains from debris, dig area now sealed up
July 31st 1929 "The Orkney Herald" wall at the Battery [? HY32NE 74] exposed by the wind
August 7th 1929 "The Orkney Herald" for last 8 days excavation re-started and a structure's circular foundation standing 10" found, also stone tools and antler tool
August 8th 1929 "The Orcadian" photograph of stairway at Point of Aikerness
June 4th 1930 "The Orkney Herald" broch excavations re-started previous week, test pits plumbed. Skeleton found on links near Battery sent away
June 5th 1930 "The Orcadian" top taken off mound, gallery produces first relics. Cruched burial found in gallery grave at the Links of Aikerness and structure in sandy mound 2yds away, many unreported bones of unknown nature found in area previously
June 12th 1930 "The Orcadian" original stairway found, cupboard with charcoal and animal bones and other finds in vicinity, human jaw bone found previously,Viking shield boss found high up wall last week
June 19th 1930 "The Orcadian" broch originally two-tiered, domestic implements and sandstone trough found
June 26th 1930 "The Orcadian" original entrance cleared with large amount of burnt matter in a hearth above, also earthenware vessel and a decorated bone found
July 3rd 1930 "The Orcadian" entrance opened out, sunken tank and near-central hearth excavated, finds include 8-sided decorated horn piece and riveted bone plates
July 10th 1930 "The Orcadian" 1) photograph of view to W with 2 tiers showing, 1-line description 2) NE roofed chamber excavated and hearth with ashes & burnt matter S of door, gallery in the S entered
July 16th 1930 "The Orkney Herald" 1) photograph of NE wall with excavations to be confined to broch interior 2) various structures excavated and first finds made
July 17th 1930 "The Orcadian" gallery at N found, bones and potsherds found in S guard-chamber
July 24th 1930 "The Orcadian" N guard-chamber excavated from above, season ends 16th with wall by S of broch left for next year. Domestic structure found near site of skeleton's discovery

Broch of Lingro HY40NW 1

March 23rd 1927 "The Orkney Herald" mentioned

Brough of Nettletar HY31NW 8

March 3rd 1921 "The Orcadian" massive remains mentioned

Brough of Warbuster HY40NW 42

March 23rd 1927 "The Orkney Herald" Tofts mentioned

Buckan, Sandwick

January 14th 1926 "The Orcadian" burnt basin of ?steatite found sometime previously

Burn of Durkadale HY22NE 33

December 4th 1924 "The Orcadian"1-line description of grass-covered small stones mound at burn bend recently opened

Burn of Kithuntlin HY32SW 24

December 4th 1924 "The Orcadian" steps probably 2-300 years old
February 19th 1925 "The Orcadian" whisky still in burn ~60 years ago may be identified with site

Burn of Lushan HY32SW 8

December 4th 1924 "The Orcadian" site is burial ground - John Spence's father pointed out correct site of Castle to O.S. official on opposite bank between HY32SW 9 & 8

Burrian broch, Corrigall HY31NW 33

February 24th 1921 "The Orcadian" mentioned as partially demolished

Burrian broch, Rusland HY21NE 29

March 3rd 1921 "The Orcadian" often excavated ruins mentioned
December 8th 1921 "The Orcadian" mentioned

Burrian broch, Wasbister HY21NE 17

December 8th 1921 "The Orcadian"

Cairston Castle HY20NE 10

August 18th 1927 "The Orcadian" excavation begun Thursday, old foundations cleared
August 25th 1927 "The Orcadian" excavations reach floor level, 2 rooms traced, "knocking stone" found
September 8th 1927 "The Orcadian" floor level reached in another area
September 22nd 1927 "The Orcadian" north "keep" being cleared and another possible round tower opposite
October 27th 1927 "The Orcadian" in Castle enclosure underground "viaduct" found across centre

Calf of Eday

September 23rd 1924 "The Orcadian" mound with orthostats at E & W of top excavated on 12th ; successive layers limpets, non-human bones & deer horns, flat quarried stones, subsoil, beach sand

Castle Bloody HY51NW 4

December 20th 1923 "The Orcadian" mentioned as a gallery grave

Cleat, St.Ola

November 21st 1930 "The Orcadian" hammerstone from Cleat lands given to Orkney Antiquarian Society

Clouduhall cairn ND48NW 3

March 25th 1920 "The Orcadian" 18" square cist with disintegrated bones previously found at back of stone stump with 8x4" stone axe/hammer nearby. Short boulder-built entrances 2~3' wide at opposite sides of Cloddiehaugh/Cloddieha' mound. Probable circle of 6-8 stone stumps near mound including ?entrance 2 that were taller in previous century.
March 31st 1920 "The Orkney Herald" cist with bones and stone axe/hammer close by found in Cloddishaugh mound, passage through mound built up at sides with beach stones

Clouduhall standing stone ND48NW 1

March 25th 1920 "The Orcadian" 2-line description

Costa Mill, Urigar HY32NW 10

December 6th 1928 "The Orcadian" cist near Mill of Costa mentioned as recently opened

Crantit HY40NW 3

February 7th 1924 "The Orcadian" cist with bones and ashes found, excavation incomplete

Cross Kirk, Westray HY44SE 1

November 21st 1930 "The Orcadian" steatite urn fragment and incised antler from kitchen midden given to Orkney Antiquarian Society

Dale souterrain HY31NW 16

January 5th 1927 "The Orkney Herald" excavation begun December 29th, end of structure to be found
January 6th 1927 "The Orcadian" excavation of underground building (with several rock art specimens within a few feet) found 2 weeks before under low flattish mound, photograph of excavation and another of stone
December 1st 1927 "The Orcadian" mentioned as partly explored
January 3rd 1929 "The Orcadian" referenced, mentioned as not perfectly preserved

Dowascarth, Stenness HY3310

February 14th 1929 "The Orcadian" a "mattie hole" found 150yds from buildings with bones & ashes discovered previous year surmised to be smuggler's hole and brewery

Earl's Palace, Birsay HY22NW 6

July 31st 1929 "The Orkney Herald" architectural and domestic items found excavatiing old courtyard well Friday and Saturday
August 8th 1929 "The Orcadian" description of well and architectural and domestic items found during excavation of July 28-29th
August 15th 1929 "The Orcadian" architectural and domestic items found during excavation ending August 10th with full description of well, dig at palace's NW corner previous week fails to find vault
July 3rd 1930 "The Orcadian" mediaval pottery fragment donated to O.A.S. museum

East Broch of Burray ND49NE 2

July 3rd 1930 "The Orcadian" pottery fragments given to O.A.S. museum


December 6th 1928 "The Orcadian" cist near Mill of Costa mentioned as found recently

Eynhallow Church HY32NE 2

August 23rd 1911 "The Orcadian" two or more skeletons found 3' deep while digging posthole
February 10th 1922 "The Orcadian" remains were at noticeboard in chapterhouse

Fairyhowe, Harray

January 17th 1923 "The Orkney Herald" mentioned as lost stone mound near Appietown
November 29th 1923 "The Orcadian" heap of small stones mentioned as gone

Garth HY42SE 2

December 20th 1923 "The Orcadian" hillock of Garth burnt mound mentioned as between farm and shore

Glebe Farm HY20NE 19 & HY20NW 11

May 1st 1924 "The Orcadian" 2 short cists with bones found Tuesday 6" deep in top of clay mound in field adjoining Stromness Golf Course, mound surrounded by clay with rubble at 1' depth
May 7th 1924 "The Orkney Herald" cists found April 29th comparable to ones found at Warebeth in the past


April 14th 1920 "The Orkney Herald" a Mr.Dunnett finds 18¼" x 3¼"D ovoid stone tool in garden

Grain earthhouse HY41SW 19

July 14th 1926 "The Orkney Herald" referenced

Greens HY50SW 19

December 19th 1923 "The Orkney Herald" symbol stone found 1' deep 6 yards from an outhouse corner at N side of house

Grimbister, Firth

July 3rd 1930 "The Orcadian" small hammerstone given to O.A.S. museum

Grudiar, Evie

August 19th 1926 "The Orcadian" small steatite whorl donated to Stromness Museum


December 1st 1927 "The Orcadian" 1-line description of rock art 3 miles from Dale

The Hillock, Firth HY31SE 4

July 3rd 1930 "The Orcadian" small worke stone from slightly to the N given to O.A.S. museum

The Hillock, Shapinsay HY52SW 2

December 20th 1923 "The Orcadian" 1-line description of broch's state

Hillock of Burroughston HY52SW 4

December 20th 1923 "The Orcadian" broch mentioned

Hillock of Evro, Linton, Shapinsay

December 20th 1923 "The Orcadian" burnt mound mentioned

Hillock of Weyland HY41NE 2

December 20th 1923 "The Orcadian" burnt mound mentioned

Hilton, Shapinsay

December 20th 1923 "The Orcadian" burnt mound mentioned as below Hammer in Hilton's field

Hillock of Homrie HY41NE 11

December 20th 1923 "The Orcadian" hillock of Howrie [sic] burnt mound mentioned

Housebay HY51NW 11

December 20th 1923 "The Orcadian" burnt mound mentioned as producing a cist

The Howan, Deerness HY50NE 19

July 3rd 1930 "The Orcadian" broch site hammerstone given to O.A.S. museum

How, Sanday HY63NE 9

July 3rd 1930 "The Orcadian" 2 hammerstones from structure behind Howe [sic] outbuildings given to O.A.S. museum

Howe Hill HY51NW 5

December 20th 1923 "The Orcadian" large mound at Howe mentioned as a confirmed important structure and as casting shadow over Mor Stein at summer solstice

Howen Brough HY31NW 32

February 24th 1921 "The Orcadian" unexplored mound by Brig mentioned as possible broch

The Howie HY50NE 22

September 30th 1924 "The Orcadian" description of summer excavation of mound on Newbanks farm and remains and relics found, paving probably from Comely
July 3rd 1930 "The Orcadian" small stone given to O.A.S. museum

Kirkaquoy HY21NE 28

March 3rd 1921 "The Orcadian" no traces visible, field mentioned as being farmed
December 8th 1921 "The Orcadian" no sign of foundations at site, on land being 1st farmed

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