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sites a nautical mile apart as determined in the 1920's by John Fraser, from the "Proceedings of the Society of Orkney Antiquaries" :


Upperbrough HY31361790 Marykirk (Russland) HY29511774
Nettletar HY32321741 Knowe of Bosquoy HY30931864
Marykirk (Russland) HY29511774 Knowe of Gullow HY30691629
Knowe of Bosquoy HY30931864 Burrian (Netherbrough) HY30821680


Holy Kirk HY24952163 Loch of Isbister Broch HY25722334
Sandwick Kirk HY23451987 centre of enclosure HY237217
Burrian (Wasbister) Lyking Chapel site HY27071505
Kirkness Chapel site HY28001878 Marykirk (Russland) HY29511774


Stanerandy Stones HY26742761 Curcum Chapel HY28412845
Makerhouse Knowe HY29352114 North Bigging Broch HY30802000
Brenda Knowe HY26612381&76 Forsakelda Knowe HY28302314
Knowe of Smirrus HY29142156 Wassam (Sandwick) HY28881538


Ke(i)thesgeo/Kethisquoy Stone site HY30351136 Maes Howe HY31821277


The Hillock HY361142 Loch of Wasdale HY34321473
Burness Broch HY38821557 Redland Broch HY37801715 site
Burrien Hill poss. Redland Broch HY37801715 site
Redland Chapel HY37151713 Settiscarth Chapel HY3719


Howana Gruna HY3366 2631 W of Broch of Burgar HY34802782 is Burgar Chambered Cairn aka Brough
Broch of Gurness HY382268 Redland Standing Stone/s HY38012502


Upperbrough is NMRS Harray Churchyard
Burrian (Netherbrough) is NMRS Knowe of Burrian/ Garth
Sandwick Kirk is NMRS St. Peter's Kirk
centre of enclosure is NMRS Vestrafiold Enclosure
Curcum Chapel is NMRS Abune-the-Hill Chapel
Wassam is Burrian Broch (Sandwick)
W of Broch of Burgar is NMRS Burgar Chambered Cairn aka Brough
Redland Standing Stones is now NMRS Redland North Chambered Tomb

Redland Broch a.k.a. Steeringlo/Stirlinglo
Settiscarth Chapel is a.k.a. Kirk o'Cott

Makerhouse is a burnt mound as are also the Brenda Knowe(s).
Knowe of Smirrus/Smirrans/Smirrens is a barrow.
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