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Orkney sites in local newspapers 1949-75

Arion HY21SE 23

May 26th 1966 "The Orcadian" BA cist with flexed skeleton excavated & dismantled, is of type previously known from Argyll

Auskerry standing stones HY61NE 4

"The Archaeology of Auskerry" by S.Flint in "Orkney Field Club Bulletin 1, 1971" 1-line

Auskerry standing stones HY61NE 7

"The Archaeology of Auskerry" by S.Flint in "Orkney Field Club Bulletin 1, 1971" description, with mention of stone fragments in an ~50m radius

Auskerry standing stone HY61NE 14

"The Archaeology of Auskerry" by S.Flint in "Orkney Field Club Bulletin 1, 1971" description of stone W of Loch of Dinnapow

Backaskaill, Sanday HY63NW 24

May 15th 1951 "The Orkney Herald" cist with remains found in Grittle field left unexcavated [previous cist reported therein is error for Backakelday, Holm]

Bay of Stove HY63NW 9

November 28th 1963 "The Orcadian" description of macehead found 1934 being given to Stromness Museum

Beaquoy Farm HY32SW 11

November 14th 1974 "The Orcadian" excavations on site to be continued next year

Bigswell, Stenness

February 1st 1968 "The Orcadian" rituals performed at sacred well (2 possible locations given [HY3362110813 and HY3345810462, though I prefer wellspring at
HY33741046] ) before going to Stone of Odin

Bishop's Palace, Birsay HY22NW 7

June 18th 1957 "The Orkney Herald" discussion of Earl's/upper Palace and Bishop's/lower Palace after stone with Bishop Edward Stewart's arms found at former - latter
was located at shoreline near burn mouth

Bishop's Palace, Kirkwall HY41SW 12

April 2nd 1959 "The Orcadian" two lines on talk on Bishop's Palace and dating of earliest phase
August 20th 1959 "The Orcadian" full text of Dr. W. Douglas Simpson's talk
December 19th 1963 "The Orcadian" photo of Watergate in original position
June 18th 1964 "The Orcadian" site overgrown and rubble-filled, three towers described including one by cathedral - Moosie Tower took its name from Massey More
dungeon in a square tower uphill after tower's demolition

Black Holm HY50SE 5

Blackhammer HY42NW 3

February 5th 1955 "The Orkney Herald" mention of concrete dome to be placed over chamber

Blakeley's Well, St.Ola

February 1st 1968 "The Orcadian" mention of "celebrated" well on Glenorkney property

Breckness HY20NW 6

July 10th 1955 "The Orkney Herald" ruin mentioned

Bridge St., Kirkwall

May 20th 1971 "The Orcadian" photo with 1-line description of skeleton & bones found previous week in trench-digging

Broch of Berstane HY41SE 6

June 5th 1975 "The Orcadian" present state

Broch of Borwick HY21NW 1

April 9th 1964 "The Orcadian" present state

Broch of Breckness HY20NW 9

October 25th 1973 "The Orcadian" inner wall mentioned as visible

Broch of Gurness HY32NE 5

June 7th 1951 "The Orcadian" consolidation of diggings mentioned
May 18th 1961 "The Orcadian" sea-wall under construction, well water still clear
April 4th 1967 "The Orcadian" Robert Rendall's account of his first day excavation

The Brough, Taing of Beeman, Tankerness HY50NW 1

June 25th 1964 "The Orcadian" mention of prehistoric masonry along shore

The Brough, Tankerness HY51SW 3

May 2nd 1963 "The Orcadian" graves mentioned

Brough of Birsay HY22NW 1

June 7th 1951 "The Orcadian" consolidation of diggings mentioned
February 5th 1955 "The Orkney Herald" difficulty of preservation after 15 years inaction mentioned
May 20th 1958 "The Orkney Herald" line on recent dicovery by Ralagh Radford of Earl Thorfinn's palace
May 27th 1958 "The Orkney Herald" excavations described
March 17th 1960 "The Orcadian" outline of Raleg Radford's interim talk on early structures etc. at R.S.A. meeting
April 17th 1969 "The Orcadian" Ralegh Radford's talk Friday on "Norse Colonial Houses" including kirk and mentioning Pictish oratory

Brough of Deerness HY50NE 14

August 31st 1967 "The Orcadian" description including circle remains of spring
October 12th 1967 "The Orcadian" 2-lines on sinking building traces and landward wall
February 1st 1968 "The Orcadian" 1-line on traditional ritual, moist hollow formerly well

Brough of Windwick ND48NE 11

September 4th 1958 "The Orcadian" mentioned

Bu of Cairston HY20NE 10

October 13th 1960 "The Orcadian" description of present remains

Buckquoy HY22NW 14

"Orkney Field Club Bulletin 1, 1971" article by Anna Ritchie on excavations
July 8th 1971 "The Orcadian" mention of present dig as last season
"Point of Buttquoy" by Anna Ritchie in "Orkney Field Club Bulletin 4, 1971" on second season

Burn of Blown HY40NE 17

June 20th 1957 "The Orcadian" oak [sic] sword found 7.5' down whilst digging peats Saturday
July 18th 1957 "The Orcadian" sword-like object is copy of LBA bronze sword probably deposited in pond
July 23rd 1957 "The Orkney Herald 1-line on sword sent to National Museum

Burrian Castle, North Ronaldsay HY75 SE 3

July 24th 1951 "The Orkney Herald" 1-line description of main 1872 finds at probable site of St.Ninian's Chapel
August 10th 1953 "The Orcadian" mention that inside wall still standing to 11'

Castle Bloody, Shapinsay HY51NW 4

June 2nd 1966 "The Orcadian" description, apparently aligned with Mooro stone HY51NW 1 and a Ward Hill cairn HY51NW 12

Copinsay Farm HY60SW 3

"Orkney Field Club Bulletin 3, 1973" article by I.Smith on middens found near house and jetty

Corn Holm HY60SW 1

June 20th 1962 "The Orcadian" 1-line on chapel and associated structures

Covenanters Graves, Tankerness HY51SW 4

May 2nd 1963 "The Orcadian" graves mentioned

Cuween Hill HY31SE 1

October 4th 1973 "The Orcadian" similar corbelling mentioned at Quanterness

Dwarfie Stone HY20SW 8

July 26th 1961 "The Orcadian" probable toolmarks inside, alterations to tomb since Jo Ben summarised

Earl's Bu, Orphir HY30SW 2

Earl's Palace, Birsay HY22NW 6

June 18th 1957 "The Orkney Herald" shield decorated stone found recently in part used as pig enclosure to go in St.Magnus Cathedral with another also bearing Bishop
Edward Stewart's arm and probably re-used from Bishop's/lower Palace
March 12th 1964 "The Orcadian" 2-lines on rubble being removed to expose features

Earl's Palace, Kirkwall HY41SW 11

June 18th 1964 "The Orcadian" description of present deleterious condition
June 25th 1964 "The Orcadian" photo after clearance

Ellyar Holm HY41NE 1

July 2nd 1964 "The Orcadian" broch traces mentioned

Ellyar Holm HY41NE 23

July 2nd 1964 "The Orcadian" 1-line on possible identification of chapel re-used as sheepfold

above Geo Garson, Auskerry HY61NE 19

"The Archaeology of Auskerry" by S.Flint in "Orkney Field Club Bulletin 1, 1971" features above Gerson Geo [sic] described, with addition of 192x199x202 stone structure

Haley Hole, Stromness HY2478109320

February 1st 1968 "The Orcadian" chalybeate well near Brownstown originally sacred

? Hall of Tankerness HY50NW 34

June 25th 1964 "The Orcadian" line on probably recently collapsed cist [the area is a distinctly layered section of cliff where the track from the Tankerness road meets the sea, somewhere east of the track end but west of The (Taing of Beeman) Brough's western boundary]

Hillock of Breckna HY30NE 13

September 7th 1953 "The Orcadian" 1-line description of finds (inc. macehead - ? HY30NE 21) found in 18th century dig

Hillock of Burroughston HY52SW 4

June 2nd 1966 "The Orcadian" description

Hobbister, Orphir

July 28th 1955 "The Orcadian" description of worked yellow flint found in turnip field and donated to Stromness Museum

Holland Farm, N.Ronaldsay

March 21st 1959 "The Orkney Herald" line on BA barrow where male skeleton turned up by plough

Holm of Papa Westray, North HY55SW 2

September 18th 1975 "The Orcadian" pottery compared to Knap of Howar

Howan, Harray HY31NW 17

February 14th 1957 "The Orcadian" Howina-wheel mentioned

Howar, North Ronaldsay HY75SE 2

August 24th 1954 "The Orkney Herald" donation to Stromness Museum of bronze pin & vitreous piece found by George Seatter Jr. in Viking grave at Howan [sic]

Howe Hill HY51NW 5

July 18th 1962 "The Orcadian" mention of building traces showing on green mound

Huan, Sandwick (not HY22SW 11)

May 16th 1957 "The Orcadian" tapered worked stone found at likely ancient habitation

Isbister, South Ronaldsay ND48SE

September 4th 1958 "The Orcadian" 2 lines on long green mound between Liddle 1 and Tomb of the Eagles with protruding mounds [this is on the LH side of the track on the way to the tomb and appears more a rise than a mound proper]

Kildinguie HY62NE 5

February 1st 1968 "The Orcadian" description of wellsprings [sic], chapel dedication unknown

Kili Holm HY43SE 4

September 30th 1965 "The Orcadian" 2-lines on cairn and other structures

Kirbister Hill, Birsay HY22NE 14

July 14th 1966 "The Orcadian" MBA cist showing evidence of re-use found
July 28th 1966 "The Orcadian" photo of short cist

Kirbuster Hill, Stromness ~HY245143

November 27th 1958 "The Orcadian" cist with bones found at unmarked spot by close filled-in quarry whilst levelling ground near top of hill not far from school

Knap of Howar HY45SE 1

October 31st 1974 "The Orcadian" excavation photo with description
September 18th 1975 "The Orcadian" further excavations, flint axe-head & fine bone needle found

Knowe o'Samilands HY75SE 8

February 3rd 1966 "The Orcadian" knowe of Samiland [sic] dug into prior to deceased postmaster's time, in 1957 seafood midden exposed and iron mail segment found

Knowe of Crustan HY22NE 5

February 14th 1957 "The Orcadian" mentioned as last resting point on procession of St.Magnus body to Birsay

Knowes of Lingro HY22NE 21

February 14th 1957 "The Orcadian" mention of a resting place of St.Magnus procession near house of Lingro

Knowe of Midgarth HY32SE 6

March 4th 1971 "The Orcadian" mention of passages accessible by younger visitors

Knowes, Sandwick

May 26th 1955 "The Orcadian" 2 lines on Neolithic cist with crouched inhumation found near Knowes farm by W.Towrie

Liddle 1 ND48SE 2

September 4th 1958 "The Orcadian" description of half-destroyed site
October 4th 1973 "The Orcadian" (with photo) excavation started 1972
September 12th 1974 "The Orcadian" excavation mentioned as starting November, site probable 1500-1000 B.C. date
November 14th 1974 "The Orcadian" (with photo) excavations

Lyking, Sandwick

September 7th 1967 "The Orcadian" photos of sandstone ring and another object found ditch-digging, going to Stromness Museum
June 14th 1973 "The Orcadian" names of Lyking fields with some decribed, marl pits in 'present' Park of Leigh

Lyking broch HY21NE 9

November 7th 1963 "The Orcadian" 2-line description
June 14th 1973 "The Orcadian" 1-line decription of site in Knowe Park

Maeshowe HY31SW 1

August 19th 1954 "The Orcadian" Childe excavated portions, photo
August 24th 1954 "The Orkney Herald" Childe excavated portions, now believed older than 1500 B.C.
October 4th 1973 "The Orcadian" mention that outer bank found to be stone-built
September 12th 1974 "The Orcadian" excavation mentioned as starting November
November 7th 1974 "The Orcadian" results of Renfrew's ditch excavation

meadow of Quholm, Stromness ~HY248*138*

August 20th 1959 "The Orcadian" orange-sized worked sandstone ball found ~2.5' deep in peat very near to where "witch's box" found previously, an area called "page-oo" (box no longer seen at Stromness Museum)

Midhowe Tomb HY33SE 1

February 5th 1955 "The Orkney Herald" 1-line description

Moaness HY32SE

December 14th 1972 "The Orcadian" excavation of cemetery

Neven HY75NE 7

February 3rd 1966 "The Orcadian" 1-line on cist found between Snash Ness house and the sea
"Orkney Field Club Bulletin 2, 1966" (J.Scott article) 1-line - site outside of dyke until after Neven house built, when dyke was moved

Newark Farm, Deerness HY50SE 3

August 14th 1969 "The Orcadian" excavations last year and this
May 7th 1970 "The Orcadian" photo of Ealdred penny found 1969
July 8th 1971 "The Orcadian" mention that excavations to continue late April
September 16th 1971 "The Orcadian" excavations lasted two weeks mid-June, photo of coins & comb

Nistaben, Harray HY21NE 30

December 15th 1949 "The Orcadian" cist with bones found previous Thursday near top of mound in area where stone tools & arrowheads sometimes found, cist left unexcavated

Noltland Castle HY44NW 1

August 1st 1959 "The Orkney Herald" excavation of lawn mound finds communal grave as related historically

Northfield, Burray ND49NE 11

January 26th 1956 "The Orcadian" bones of extended skeletons eroded at shore, where farm meets Weddell farm, because of similar discoveries are probably from mediaeval burial-ground

Orquil, St.Ola HY40NW 7

July 8th 1971 "The Orcadian" 2-lines on Taverso Tuick type burial mound to be excavated late April

Point of Buckuoy HY22NW 12

July 28th 1960 "The Orcadian" mention of excavation having started by Dr.Wainwright

Point of Onston HY21SE 22

July 28th 1960 "The Orcadian" 2-lines on excavating early Viking earthwork

Powdykes, Westray

Quanterness HY41SW 4

October 4th 1973 "The Orcadian" excavations with photo of tomb & photo of 'forecourt'
September 12th 1974 "The Orcadian" excavation mentioned as starting November
October 31st 1974 "The Orcadian" excavations, including burials, with 'forecourt' photo

Quoyloo district, Sandwick

January 16th 1955 "The Orcadian" 1-line on soapstone whorl found on W.Peterson's farm last year, given to writer

Quoyness Chambered Tomb HY63NE 1

June 7th 1951 "The Orcadian" may have been entered 1880's, Childe to excavate in July
August 28th 1951 "The Orkney Herald" mention of visit to Childe's excavation
August 7th 1952 "The Orcadian" mention of Childe's continuing excavation
August 14th 1952 "The Orcadian" size of mound given, mention that structure badly damaged by previous excavator/s
August 24th 1954 "The Orkney Herald" 1-line Childe compares platform to that at Maes Howe
October 31st 1974 "The Orcadian" burials compared to Quanterness

Ring of Brodgar HY21SE 1

October 4th 1973 "The Orcadian" 2-lines with photo of excavated ditch

Roma souterrain HY40SE 22

October 11th 1962 "The Orcadian" found digging drain near Mosshouse steading & reported to Ministry of Works, construction compared to Unstan to Tomb of the Eagles

Round Church HY30SW 1

January 3rd 1952 "The Orcadian" mention that present church is to be demolished to allow excavation

St.Boniface, Papa Westray HY45SE 17

October 12th 1967 "The Orcadian" (with photo) incised Celtic cross found digging grave in churchyard probably 7/8th century

St.Magnus Well HY22SE 9

February 1st 1968 "The Orcadian" 1-line on location and tradition

Schoolcroft, Palace, Birsay ~HY24712796

February 17th 1953 "The Orkney Herald" coffin with skeleton found in sandy links on digging drain to shore, then re-covered

Sebay HY50SW 4

February 21st 1963 "The Orcadian" urn with bones and human hair excavated 3-400 yds SE of Sebay Mill, local legend of pot of gold in Sebay district
February 27th 1963 "The Orcadian" photo of steatite urn with coverstone

Skaill, Deerness HY50NE19

November 22nd 1960 "The Orkney Herald" excavation of site found by owner
November 24th 1960 "The Orcadian" excavation including 24hr dig
June 27th 1963 "The Orcadian" line on start of Birmingham University excavation which is expected to last a fortnight
July 4th 1963 "The Orcadian" square tower like Cubbie Roo's Castle being uncovered, potsherds & bone cross found
July 11th 1963 "The Orcadian" photo of Viking castle's square tower
July 9th 1970 "The Orcadian" excavations dating from 500 B.C. on
July 8th 1971 "The Orcadian" mention of excavations continuing
July 29th 1971 "The Orcadian" LBA and Norse excavations
September 6th 1973 "The Orcadian" LBA excavations last summer
November 14th 1974 "The Orcadian" excavations of 2nd LBA site

Skara Brae HY21NW 12

April 15th 1971 "The Orcadian" aerial photo
March 30th 1972 "The Orcadian" (with photo) midden excavations due July 21-29 by Anna Ritchie
"Orkney Field Club Bulletin 2, 1973" article by Anna Ritchie on midden excavations & phasing
November 7th 1974 "The Orcadian" middens excavated 1972-3

Snaba Hill HY31SE 10

February 27th 1969 "The Orcadian" 1-line description

South Ettit, Rendall HY41NW 9

March 21st 1968 "The Orcadian" cist with bones & ashes found ploughing excavated

Stanemora ND38SE 2

April 4th 1968 "The Orcadian" photo of standing stones mentioned as probable small cairn

Steiro HY51NW 10

July 18th 1962 "The Orcadian" broch mentioned as fading
August 20th 1964 "The Orcadian" line on recent collapse of part of broch
May 16th 1967 "The Orcadian" 2-lines on further deterioration and the revealing of a chamber
September 19th 1968 "The Orcadian" present state of broch and associated structures

Steness macehead HY31SW 52

November 28th 1963 "The Orcadian" line on similarity to Stove example from HY63NW 9

Stones of Stenness HY31SW 2

November 7th 1974 "The Orcadian" results of Anna Ritchie's excavation

Stones of Via HY21NE 3

"Orkney Field Club Bulletin 1, 1970" article by S.Flint has 2-lines on alignments to other sites

Summerdale HY31SW 15

July 28th 1960 "The Orcadian" line on excavation

Sweenalay, Rendall HY387190

September 10th 1964 "The Orcadian" square steatite socket-stone found this summer originally likely to have been a bowl

Switha ND39SE 5

August 1st 1963 "The Orcadian" 1-line on steeth-like stone circle at cliff edge


June 25th 1964 "The Orcadian" 1-line on south clett mounds and rectangular stone setting

Swona ?ND38SE 12 or 3

September 8th 1966 "The Orcadian" description of edge-set stones on loch with reed island

Taft o'Faraclett HY43SW 6

September 30th 1965 "The Orcadian" mention of apparent broch on Scockness Holm [sic]
"Orkney Field Club Bulletin 2, 1966" (J.Scott article) 1-line description

Tomb of the Eagles ND48SE 1

August 28th 1958 "The Orcadian" Ministry of Works informed of discovery
September 4th 1958 "The Orcadian" description

Unigarth souterrain HY21NW 29

April 1st 1958 "The Orkney Herald" souterrain found by line gang at spot traditionally left unploughed is resealed pending expert investigation with service pole erected to one side

Unstan Chambered Tomb HY21SE 5

June 7th 1951 "The Orcadian" mentioned as to be made suitable for public viewing
September 4th 1958 "The Orcadian" referenced to Tomb of the Eagles

Warebeth HY20NW 11

July 10th 1955 "The Orkney Herald" monastery wall of Monkerhouse mentioned as being in oldest part of churchyard

Westness HY32NE 7

November 7th 1963 "The Orcadian" excavation of Viking grave
November 21st 1963 "The Orcadian" three photos of grave goods with descriptions
December 12th 1963 "The Orcadian" photo of beads with 2-line description
April 7th 1966 "The Orcadian" description, photo of filigree inlay brooch
August 31st 1967 "The Orcadian" geophysical survey done & trial excavations taking place (no description)
July 4th 1968 "The Orcadian" line on students excavating till early August
August 8th 1968 "The Orcadian" students excavated male grave & longhouse 200yds away, leaving Saturday
August 15th 1968 "The Orcadian" photo of male grave
February 27th 1969 "The Orcadian" translation of Swedish newspaper article on male grave
July 3rd 1969 "The Orcadian" mentions excavators arrival
December 14th 1972 "The Orcadian" excavations

Westness boathouse HY32NE 32

August 8th 1968 "The Orcadian" 1-line
December 14th 1972 "The Orcadian" excavated

Wideford Hill Chambered Tomb HY41SW 1

October 4th 1973 "The Orcadian" similar corbelling mentioned at Quanterness

Wideford Meadow, Firth HY41SW 47

April 11th 1967 "The Orcadian" Robert Rendall on the flint-field [near the junction of Gorse Dyke and parish boundary

woodcutter's box RCAMS 126 [Birsay-Harray]

June 5th 1952 "The Orcadian" description of box over a millenium old given to National Museum of Antiquities by Henderson Bishop

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