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Round Barrow(s)


I stopped by here just as the sun was setting. I wasn't expecting to see much, but actually it was a pretty top spot. The sun-lit ridge of Lansdown and the barrow-shaped Kelston Round Hill made up the horizon on one side. Near the barrow on this side is a stream. This leads into the River Avon, which flows close by (unseen). An overall feeling for the landscape is a bit obscured by the old railway - though it's now a path and you'd probably get a good view from up here of the overall scene.

What made me really mad at the time was how the field containing the barrow had been divided up by horse owners, who've stuck their usual 'private property keep out' signs all over the place. I felt rather intimidated, and was sure they'd blocked off the very footpath that goes right past the barrow. However, I wasn't feeling brave enough to get shirty with them. So I didn't approach the barrow as I would have liked (and as would seem perfectly reasonable from the map). My 1:50,000 map seems to have the paths in a different place to the larger scale one, and I would probably go back armed with the latter next time, and before I start whinging to the council about public footpaths*.

I was annoyed at the time, but looking back I think this would be an interesting spot to return to. The barrow was quite big, unlike the usual vague bumps you get used to seeing, and its position in the landscape seems interesting.

*you can now cross the fields quite easily - so long as you don't mind horses nibbling at you. You just have to unhook bits of fence and rehook them behind you. I'm sure it's better than it was.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
20th January 2004ce
Edited 26th April 2005ce

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Cowards who are scared of horses and their owners? Or people who think grassy bumps in fields are interesting? Or people who like public footpaths to be accessible? Ah such choice, you're welcome. Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
26th March 2014ce
Or people who contribute immense amounts of content to user-led websites? Maybe? ryaner Posted by ryaner
26th March 2014ce
Yeah I should spend more time on facebook or something. LOL!!! Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
26th March 2014ce
Horrible? No I honestly love this area, that's why I went to visit! My note is ten years old and there were definitely electric fences criss-crossing the field then, and no signs for the path. But you imply it's much better now, which is excellent.

The 'private' lane has got a public footpath down it though, it's the long distance Monarch's Way path so pretty official. Besides, I'm not sure I really believe much in the concept of trespassing if no-one's doing anything damaging. But that'll probably make you laugh at me again so I'll leave it at that.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
27th March 2014ce
Picnicking or casing the joint isn't really what I'm getting at.

Rather, a rapid and purposeful walk across a grassy field or along a lane, in order to see a bit of the heritage that belongs to everyone who lives in this country (not just the landowners) - behaviour not really of much interest to the courts unless you get shirty when nicely asked to leave.

If I want to trespass under your house though, drilling horizontally to frack for shale oil without your permission - our beloved government are thinking of changing the trespass laws to allow that, so I guess that must mean some types of trespass are ok.
You've got to laugh.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
28th March 2014ce
Well as I must have' trespassed' as well, all those years ago jojo, I took the photos on the Bitton site, and anyone can see that it is a difficult site to get to! Also I believe, and according to the map there is a public footpath alongside the barrow, the map seems to show one, and dim memories from the past that the path was closed by bits of tape comes to mind So what is the hassle? Righteous indignation over a happening fourteen years ago? protection of private property? It all seems a bit ridiculous from here....
moss Posted by moss
28th March 2014ce
I'm guessing part of this conversation has disappeared, or TMA's regulars have actually finally gone collectively mad.... thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
31st March 2014ce
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