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Re: The prettiest circle of all has been trashed
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The cheapest signs would be info in people’s minds..

“But we don’t want to give you that!”

I will say in regard to previous comments I’ve made of late that there really are a multitude of idiots out their that really don’t know ‘how’ to be in the countryside.( I am probably a little naive to that but still say “it’s not all their fault” )In a similar way to not knowing ‘how’ to be in many circumstances. Particularly the young. We were all a bit like that but today it does seem a different..more extreme. People are far too controlled by ideas about how to act rather than acting from their own experience or being able to response to the stimuli around them. Responsibility - the ability to respond..
In some previous garbage that I wrote on here (no doubt) I mention Lunar festival. I went twice.
First time ..brilliant..second time..well brilliant but..there seemed to be a wave of younger folk who though having a good time was making a mess and the more mess made gave the message to onlookers about how gooder time they were having.. if your making more mess, you must be having ‘a really good time’ One o’ clock on the first day with just a few folk at the front and families sitting around in the sun..a trio of women..20’s.. hit the front sporting a very large blow up pink were they really looking around them “Bit early for that” said the band.

So how much are ‘festivals’ to blame..Or recent ‘festival culture?’I think this is where some of it has spread from.

Thinking allowed

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Posted by Amil04
30th July 2020ce

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