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Re: Bronze Age Sailing
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[quote="Zariadris" Thanks as usual for the informative posts and replies. I have a book chapter on vishaps to be published as part of a monograph on the subject later this summer with lots of illustrations which I can send your way when ready. And by the way, I thanked you - and this here forum - in my acknowledgements for the help you provided. All those links/posts you put up some months ago regarding Neolithic seafaring, migrations, etc. were inspiring and really invaluable in my research. Cheers.[/quote]

Hey, you're more than welcome Zariadris. I'm no expert (far from it) so I'm glad that some of the links proved useful to you :) Most posters on MA are in the UK, so its great to have someone further afield filling in 'the holes' from another region/ point of view. That's what HH is all about, sharing our interests.
Look forward to seeing some of those lovely sounding illustrations.

Apparently the 'Fleece' taken by Jason was protected by serpents, which I always took to be pits of snakes etc... but your mention of the Vishap's had me googling. Looks like many of the stele had bulls, sheep and fish as common monolith inscriptions, with serpents cropping up on a significant amount too. Maybe those were the 'serpents' protecting the fleece? Also, they seem to be set up in breathtaking locations. Beautiful lakes and mountain're a lucky guy to get to visit these amazing places :)

My current obsession is Maltese megalithic sites and culture. So many of these bear a striking resemblance to sites in the UK. Again bull worship is a big thing...would love to get to the bottom of why these bull cults were so prevalent in early societies ...... remarkably the last Auroch only died out in 1627 in Poland[...]f-last-aurochs-bull-which.html . Funnily enough, I saw an article online today that stated that culture may have come to an end due to a massive volcanic eruption ...[...]malta-collapsed-4000-years-ago

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Posted by Monganaut
22nd July 2019ce

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