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Re: The pigs have it
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One would presume that if journeying from Orkney, the Hebrides and areas on the Scottish Coast no other mode of trannsport but sea-going (though perhaps coast hugging for much of the way) boats and double canoes would even be considered. A couple of days walk across Salisbury Plain at the end of such a voyage would be the kinda stretch of the legs you would need. Pull up on the beach above the Severn Tide, paddle your feet in the warm pools at Bath and head over to Durrington for a barbeque and a week at the Stonehenge Festival.

It has never occured to me that our ancient forebears travelled in any other way than boats to access biountiful islands and coastal spot for seasonal harvests of seafood, Salmon runs, seasonal low tidal exploitation of fish-traps, deer herd hunting, regional meetings, fruit, nuts etc etc. Much of the inland landscape was so densely forested, boggy or mountainous that it would make no sense whatsoever to try and "walk" any great distance to a ceremonial festival of interconnectedness down Salisbury way whilst droving pigs and cattle! As for travelling these great distances by carts... hmmm... I just never, ever saw that happening...

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Howburn Digger
Posted by Howburn Digger
14th March 2019ce

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