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The "perpetual Choirs of Britain".
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Hi again folks, and especially Morfe, who i know tried to contact me yesterday. Unfortunately the topic was locked, probably my fault, and so no real dialogue could ensue. Anyway, John Michell and some others propose that a system of Choirs existed in pre historic Britain, singing in perpetuity using pilgrims who arrived to a definite system "singing" their way across the country in much the same way as Bruce Chatwin proposed in his classic "The Songlines". The sites for the choirs were laid out in a decagon, the centre of which was at White Leaved Oak outside Malvern. There is a map of the system in "The Measure of Albion" (1999). I believe the same theory was proposed in "The Sun and the Serpent". But what do we know about precisely where this "centre" was? I can't find a structure locally that looks as if it could have been the place, so i wondered if anyone out there has any ideas? It is a lovely, and very spiritual place, where one feels as if something big could have happened a long time ago. Also, does anyone know anything more about this perpetual chior idea, origins for it, or examples of similar things either in other parts of the world or in history? I think something really significant lies beneath this idea, and i'd love to learn more about it, and perhaps revive something like it at the place.

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Posted by Forrester
20th July 2005ce

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