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Cherhill Down and Oldbury (Hillfort) — Fieldnotes

Having driven past so many times it was the perfect day to make the treck. It was in the snow that came around christmas last. Not cloud in the sky and glaringly bright sun.
This must be the top of the world. You feel increadibly small as the obelisk towers above and the land sweeps down beneath you ( it actually made me feel a bit sick, so don't look down if you have vertigo! ). You can see for miles and it gives some perspective on youre place in the world. We wandered around, played in the snow took some increadable photos of the twinkling feilds and then made our retreat with rather more bruises than we came with. A great day, it's a hard one in the snow as it's so steep but well worth it.

Adam's Grave (Long Barrow) — Fieldnotes

The first time we visited it was very foggy and visbility became worse as we climbed. We could only see about 10 feet infront so we could make no realionships or actualy know where we were. We reached Adams Grave without knowing and rested for a while. In the fog I explored and walked from the stone at the front , I circled the mound and lost all my bearings. When I called to Lee that I had found another stone he told me I had gone full circle and I couldn't see how , it was very eery and time seemed to stand still. This was a very intemate experience, just us and the grave, we could see nothing else due to the fog. We wanted to walk on further but we became worried we may get lost so decided to call it aday. The next time was so amazing , it was wonderfull to see the mound as a whole in it's setting and and wow at the fantastic view that was hidden on our vist .
You can't go here without feeling the urge to walk every hill and down within site (and there are lots). A beautiful and quietly awsome place.
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