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The Druid's Circle of Ulverston (Stone Circle) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>The Druid's Circle of Ulverston</b>Posted by pixie

Giant's Grave (Standing Stones) — Images

<b>Giant's Grave</b>Posted by pixie<b>Giant's Grave</b>Posted by pixie

Blakeley Raise (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Blakeley Raise</b>Posted by pixie

Sunkenkirk (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

This is an amzing site and one of my favourites. We actually walked from the opposite way than the track leading up to it. We walked down from the hills and main road higher up which is about 2 miles through a couple of farms and fields of calm and inquisitive sheep. the public footpath is not well posted but its an adventure to say the least, I do enjoy landowners who remove signs, plant mad dogs in your way and add barbed wire to stiles! never mind it makes the experience more exciting! it is worth it when you catch site of the circle from high up and then lose it again until you walk round the back of the farm and walk down the track. it is a beautiful place and very peaceful, not a quick visit site, it holds many secrets and captures you to stay longer...I started dreaming of returning before I'd even left.
A friend of mine reckons the 'missing' central stone that Burl and Julian refer to in their books, is in a farm yard 1/2 a mile down hill, but I can't say that I saw this.
A must for those that truly love these sites, but one to keep quiet about too.

Blakeley Raise (Stone Circle) — Miscellaneous

This site is 3 1/2 miles from Egremont and straight off the main road. Burl describes the circle as 11 small stones 54 ft in diameter. they were re-rected in 1925, but there is some confusion as to what the 'partial restoration' actually involved. Either replacement of 8 stones that were removed to make a gate or just re-erection of stones in their original postions.
Easy to get to and worth visiting.

Blakeley Raise (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

A fantastic circle , full of great views and great mystery. bagpipes? screaming shepherds? We arrived and out of nowhere came 6 HUGE hounds, they bounded around and became abit scary at first so we retreated to the car (like big scaredy cats). they bounded off so we again got out...they turned up again!This happened afew times I just ignored them after awhile, it was all quite strange as there was no-one around for miles, it seemed as if they were guarding it. This circle is a really beautiful, quite ignored site (people just tend to drive past). I wasn't expecting it to be so well preserved and it brightened up a cold windy october morning.

Glastonbury Tor (Sacred Hill) — Fieldnotes

I loved this place!! we stayed in a camp site a little out of Glasonbury and whilst Mr. pixie was assembling the tent and usually reserved children were making new friends with new neighbours, i relaxed. Within about 10 minutes i experienced the most amazing vision i could have been blessed with. it was in the form of clouds just rolling past me like some Goddess movie!! it was very personal to my circumstances at the time and very emotional! we then climbed the Tor. although it was not as magical as the vision i had experienced it was very special and very 'vibey' when we reached the top!
I can't wait to visit again, i believe that each one of us will be blessed whenever and wherever it is right, but this place is 'special' in a way that doesn't hit you straight away but really leaves a lasting impact upon your soul which resonates at a deeper level.
sunset is very special if you have children as it seems exciting to them.
visit Glastonbury and you can't fail to be moved in some way. i'm usually quite straight and i was walking round the town barefoot and 'spiritualised' within days!!!

West Kennet (Long Barrow) — Fieldnotes

This is an amazing place to visit! we had visited stonehenge then the sanctuary and walked to West kennet. my 2 children were freaked by it. they are aged 9 and 7. the atmosphere just was amazing and seeing their reaction was wow!! we stayed for ages in the August sun basking in the vibes. then we made posies to the Goddess / nature with bits of corn we had found lying around etc. (i hate picking living flowers / weeds etc.) the children then went into west kennet alone to offer their thanks which i found very moving as i don't 'push' my beliefs upon them, it's up to them to find out their own beliefs themselves. anyway this place was by far the most spiritually moving and enlightening that we encountered.
i agree about the silly candles etc. they are more harmful than good. surely offerings can be made with true intent from within ourselves and not by destoying the stones or environment around them.
i always take away with me more than i came with ie. rubbish etc. from any site i visit.
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