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Whiteleaf Cross (Christianised Site) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Whiteleaf Cross</b>Posted by Fleas<b>Whiteleaf Cross</b>Posted by Fleas<b>Whiteleaf Cross</b>Posted by Fleas

Whiteleaf Cross (Christianised Site) — News

Waylands Stock Campaign.

Whiteleaf Cross. A hill carving is set in the Chiltern Hills of Buckinghamshire and there are many varied tales as to how it became so.
The earliest reference to it is from a charter dated 903ad stating it as a boundary marker of a phallic nature, yet as a cross it is first shown noted in the parish records in 1742, but also supposedly depicted in a 14th century tile at nearby St.Dunstans Church. During the 1400s Monks came to the region and one theory states that it was they who carved the Cross piece adapting the previous Pagan marker to suit their needs to help convert the people of that region as it was the last remaining region of the native English Celt.
The area prior to their arrival was known locally as Waylands Stock, and most likely first named so by the Saxons on finding the Neolithic hill carving, Wayland being the ancient Deity of Smith workers, and stock referring in those days to a phallus.
At the top of the Hill there is one of the only Neolithic round barrows in southern England plus two bowl barrows, and to add further evidence that this hill was sacred to our ancient ancestors it was a Beacon Hill and is also on a most ancient track way known as the Icknield Way.
Farming records show that crops grown below the hill and on that side of the Icknield way fetched a better price at market. The Earl of Buckingham added the triangular base in the 1900s and perhaps so to enable more Victorian folk to slide down on their faggots as for a time this was a rather popular thing to do.
A campaign is now underway calling for a revival interpretation to return the carving back to its former Phallus self.
Please feel free to paste and send the pre written email to
or visit

Dear Bucks County Council, please accept this email as a positive vote towards the reworking of Whiteleaf Cross restoring it back to its intended form in honour of our ancestors that held this region most sacred and fertile indeed.
The carving in its present form was carried out to sever us from our ancient heritage and beliefs.
The hill carving was known locally as Waylands Stock and is stated so in a charter from 903ad that also makes reference to a boundry marker of a phallic nature. The Monks of Monks Risborough it is thought obliterated its former glory in the 1400s by re carving it in to a cross.
It would be most fitting then for us now to rename the carving back to Waylands Stock,
and return it to its intended form as a massive Phallus standing most boldly erect upon the hillside.

The Time Line Notice Board.
Informing Bucks CC with the following email may just help bring about a re-think of their three-year decision.

Dear Bucks CC. The Unsightly Time Line Urban Structure With Benches is to remain at the top of the hill for three years we are told. I am not disputing that folk may like a place to sit but I firmly believe that the Time Line with benches at present is most out of keeping with an area of outstanding natural beauty. These sorts of urban structures tend to attract graffiti and vandalism that further degenerates the tone of an area plus then costs the council tax payer in it's up keep and care. Also I greatly fear that it raises people's ideals and next we may find a baby and toddler changing area, café and virtual reality nature experience complex. More seriously though what I am trying to say is that once an urban structure such as this one is established in an area it really can pave the way for all sorts of other urban clutter. I do think however that having a place to sit could be better resolved by tree stumps or carved out tree trunks if folk really do feel that a place to sit is really necessary.
Your welcome to visit our campaign at
All the best and most merry wishes.

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