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Bull Ring (Henge) — Fieldnotes

The site still looks fine, and is being looked after. Obviously, the locals use it - kids will gather at such places, obviously!

As you come through Dove Holes not fromt he Buxton end - fromt he other end - at exactly 30 mph because this is Britain's numer one speed trap zone - seriously, do only 30... and look out for the bus shelter as you come in to Dove Holes - that is where the police like to hide with their camera!.... go past that and you see the cricket pavilion set back from the road on the left, about 45 seconds in to Dove Holes... The Bull Ring is right behind the cricket pavillion... Turn left, off the main road and just drive up and park up outside the cricket pavillion and you are virtually parked on the site!

A really nice place, obvuously some of the magic has gone, what with the proximity to the houses etc... but, I went up recently on the full moon and it was magical. I think it is a little smaller than Arbor Low, but is clearly a sister site of some kind - very similar design. Obviously some connection between these people - unless it was some kind of competition?? Either way, a really nice place, and for those coming that way to get to other sites, well worth stopping off and paying a little visit - it's literraly ten steps away from where you park the car.


Minninglow (Burial Chamber) — Fieldnotes

Agreed with what everyone says! Access seems shady -but we walked right up, keeping out of sight of the farm - all a bit *Frodo in Mordor* lol... This is the place that you can see from all around - stand on the King's Mound at Arbor Low facing out and you see Minning low a little to your right - a tall hill with a crown of beech trees.

Park in the car park and follow the track - then over the fence and up the hill! Amusingly, we got tothe top and clambered over the fence, only to get inside and see that it has an open gate! Aya! It's a very special place - enclosed by shrubs and a fence, it has a totally different feel to many of the more exposed places - no horizon, you are totally inside it. Some of the burial chambers are exposed, and you can lie inside if you want! But, they aren't very long!

The place seems to mess with time a little bit - a bit *Picnic at Hanging Rock* if you get my meaning! Very isolated in a way - not a big tourist place - I figure you could spend to or three days there undisturbed! Don't know about a fire - maybe, if you were careful, and coverd it back up - but it's such a small area really that a fire would damage the look of the place. More of a wrap up warm thing. But I figure you could camp there no problem.

It's a place to spend some time - bring a picnic, do your thing - whatever you do - spend some time with the dead! Left this place feeling revitalised.

If you're looking for it, on the path you see the farm to your right - go past that and when the farm is pretty much out of sight look up the big hill to where there are some very tall beech trees in a shrub-enclosed area at the crown of the hill - it's in there - so up the hill!


Alderley Edge (Ancient Mine / Quarry) — Fieldnotes

Alderley Edge is a top place - something about it, from the sign saying *To the edge* lol - for those on the edge - to everything else! Something about this place unlocks thoughts, sights - all kinds of things - I don't know why.

Explore! It is much bigger than it looks! Easy to get lost. It's one of those places where you don't want to tell too much, because each time you go you find new areas. Some people think it is much smaller, lol - it's a strange one. Behind the farm is a path that leads to ahidden valley with a waterfall, and that leads up to an awesome set of beech trees - a truly magical *heart of the forest* kind of place. Down at the river crossing there there is a ledge on the rock you can sit on, and at night, I guarantee you will hear strange, strange stuff!

Shrouded in folklore and history, it has a magical vibe. In the day, lots of tourists, kids, dog walkers... in the evening also, but less and less. At night, often groups of kids go up to the main edge points - particularly the one near the layby - smoking pot, drinking - can be intimidating and best avoided. On a moonless night it is pitch black in the forest. Cool with a few friends, but on your own, treacherous. Most of the to your death falls have been fenced off now, lol! But the paths have steep drops and ankle-breakers all around.

I've been there late in to the night and had fires there - others report being told off for having fires. Get right off the beaten track is probably the best bet for a camp out.

There's a *folly* stone circle that is nice to have a fire in - but you may get bothered!

The well is near the lay by entrance - up the path and to the left - but down first - not immediate left in to some trees - down the steps.

The spring and cave are the opposite direction - right from the look out point, then down in to the valley. To the right, before then is the Beacon Mound, where an armada beacon was placed. I hear tell it is a barrow, and it looks and feels like one.

A nice long walk is hare hill and across to some national trust gardens about two miles away - quite a trek though!

Back In the main area, there is a pub *the wizzard* and a tea room that is open in season in the day - very nice. Fromt he tea room/Wizzard - not the same building, by the way - there is a path that goes in to the woods. Bear left as much as possible, or, fromt he middle layby go right and stick by the road-side path (which is inside the fence - you can just see the road) and you come to a big cliff - it's pretty much two minutes behind the wizzard, next to the road-ish - and there is a deep horizontal mine working there that you can go in - like a deep cave... cool!

All in all - lovely, magical place. Enjoy - and look out for Merlin!


PS - here be adders! Once found a dead one - and they are HUGE! I was expecting them to be small - but this had a body as big as my forearm! And I'm quite big! So look out for them!

Doll Tor (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

If you're on the right road, with Stanton Moor to your right look to the left! Or t'other way around! It's nearer one end of the road than the other! You;r elooking for the Andle stone first... Eyes open for lots of rhodedendrhum shrubs, and a wall that has been tumbled down by lots of people climbing over it - you'd think the farmer would just put a style in and allow reasonable access - but,t here you go! The Andle stone is an awesome thing - liek a mini ayre's rock - but don't let that make you think it is massive - it isn't! Easily missed if you are expecting somethign else! You can see it across the field, surrounded by shrubs. Top vibe from it though. You can climb on it - it has *'andles!* Personally, I would not camp there - lots of litter and smells like people just use it for - well, whatever!

OK - Doll Tor - stepping back from the Andle stone so that you can see the next fields, ahead and to your left is a forest. It's NOT that forest! Lol - just behind that forest is another forest, with a dry stone wall behind it! It's THAT one! Walk through the field, through the gate, towards it - there's a gate at the entrance to the forested area. Keep the dry stone wall on your right and the circle is ahead, about three or four minutes if that - it's on your left, just off the path. The stones are small, and it is easy to miss, so look out for the information plaque - that should be easier to spot. If you go more than five minutes, you've gone past it - it is quite near the gate - just a stroll!

Lovely place - proper fairy circle. Seems to be popular with Wiccans but although often see signs of visitors, I've met few people there.

There is a cairn next to it - and lots of stones everywhere- ankle breakers, so beware! At the back is a quarry - careful if you go for a wee! The quarry looks like it must lead somewhere awesome - but I've been down there and it was chock full of undergrowth.

If possible, advise taking a big candle in a jar and putting it in the centre - it really has a magical look to it like that.

Don't know about camping - it's quite far from the farm so I reckon no one would bother you - a small fire maybe. Looks like some do - I haven't so I don't know. I get a feeling that the farmers are less than welcoming, so low profile, stealth mission!

Everyoen loves Doll Tor, and to me, it feels somehow linked with Nine Laides, like yin and yang.


Nine Stones Close (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

The stones and stride are public access. Nearby you will see some cliffs - through the forest - well, you can just about see the back of them from the stride, as the face of the cliffs is slightly out of view. It is well worth a climb up on to those cliffs - a powerful place, whcih resonates deeply with me. Be careful though - very dangerous - no place for kids! The drop is sheer, and very high - certain death! But you can sit on the edge and look at the fantastic view.

Beneath the cliffs is a hermit's cave, with a cross carved in the wall, and some candle shelves. If you are thin enough, you can get through the railings and leave a candle to burn! Magnificent yew tree there also.

The circle is lovely, the stride is magical - a lot of graffiti carvings - some ancient - cup and ring stuff, and has a centre stone that feels like some sorecerous alter - ripe for ye devlishe sorceries - if you are in to that sort of thing! Who isn't?? Lol... The forest nearby is nice as well, with a few out of view camping areas. Farmer says no camping, but as ever, if you're quiet - well, maybe. I have stayed there with a fire many times and never been bothered.

Behind the farm is a hill fort - not very dramatic though. Nice feel though.

A lot of climbers and tourists come here, some stay later. Comes alive at night - worth an over night, little camp, little fire, and a wander about.

Ont he other side of the cliffs - if you should be curious, lol - is a steep incline, lots of trees - found a small cave once, but never found it again, and then in to a connifer plantation. Fromt he cliffs you can see the road at the bottom of the cliffs - there's a way to this site from both sides - the lower road can be crossed, and there is a path up to some rocks on the other side that you can see atop the hill. Thise are nice as well, and from there, you can walk down in to the village and up to Doll Tor - a nice walk, not too far. I've even done as far as Nine Ladies and back! But I was pretty tired!

All in all, magical site - take time to explore all around, in the woods - many hidden nooks and interesting things for the seeker!


Nine Ladies of Stanton Moor (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

A special place - does not suit everyone. Ancient burial mounds litter the moor, and there is a strong sense of presence here. Visited the protest camp and didn't like it...

Don't got hrough the camp. Park up on the other side from Doll Tor, where there is a place for a couple of cars, and a path leading up. If you find the right place, the paths lead straight there. You may see something that looks like a castle tower but is really a folly - you are near it if you see that, only, it is further in the moor than the tower.

To me, feels like a place of death and rebirth - a dealing with stuff kind of place. The walk along the edge of the moor is beautiful - especially at night. If it is foggy, the industrial works look for all the world like Mordor, complete with tower!

For me, I always stay very much on my guard here. It isn't a place to relax for me... I've been many times, but very rarely met anyone I liked there, as opposed to other places where I meet a lot of nice folks. Something about the place - not a play area, lol.

You can camp up there - not supposed to, but you can. You can have a fire - sadly too many fire pits - little wood - people chop downt he birches, and there are far fewer now than ten, fifteen years ago. It's a well known site, so a lot of people camp up there - there's ususally someone there, no matter whn you go! Attracts a lot of people who are camping out having some beers - one of those kind of vibes.

In the evening has a very Lord of the Rings feel, and if you get it to yourself, enjoy the ride!


Arbor Low (Circle henge) — Fieldnotes

Well, maybe you got the wrong end of the stick? The people that live at the farm are ok - they want you to pay your pound, but let's face it - Arbor Low is worth a pound! Far from not wanting you there, I rather feel they want all the pounds they can get!

Imagine if you lived next to a stone circle, and at all hours all kinds of people were turning up there - people who are in to stuff you know little about, and who may look a bit strange to you... you would be ill at ease, and sure to make sure people know that you can't just do anything there. It's only natural, and we would all feel the same if people were coming through our garden at all hours. Having said that, the path has clearly been diverted sot hat it goes past the farm, lol... to get those pounds - but there again, you'd want to see who was up there, near your home, wouldn't you?

Anyway - a powerful place that does not suit all people - it can hide, make you trip, see things, make you ill at ease, make you calm, teach you stuff, bring out stuff that is long hidden or dormant... seems to always know what to do. A special, magical place. The farmers do not like people staying over night, and will tell you not to stay.

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