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Stonehenge (Circle henge) — Fieldnotes

Stonehenge is a victim of its own success. TV documentaries and increased knowledge of the site's significance have seen to that. It gets close to a million visitors every year; no way would that amount of people be able to walk into the stones even if EH decided to remove the ropes. Even with small groups of people on special access the ground in the centre quickly becomes churned mud. Close up, you can see graffiti on the stones--and I'm not talking about prehistoric--the painted remains of 'radio Carolina' plus patches where paint remover has killed the rare lichen growing on the stones.
Like it or not, Stonehenge is unique and needs to be protected to avoid further damage. Anyone who really wants to go in CAN--by special access or on the solstices.

Hunsbury Hill (Hillfort) — Miscellaneous

I used to live in Northampton. the hillfort was very atmospheric. I believe the skulls with the 3 holes in them were probably supended from a door frame or ceiling beams. It's a shame the place is heaving with chavs who can make your visit uncomfortable.
I wonder if the forst is in anyway connected to the now vanished Briar hill neolithic causewayed camp which was nearby.

Woodhenge (Timber Circle) — Miscellaneous

Silva,it's a neolithic site,part of the Stonehenge complex of SH,Durrington and Woodhenge. Some archaeologists have suggested Durrington was for the rites of the living, Woodhenge a site for rites of the newly dead,and Stonehenge was for thespirits of the blessed ancestors. Woodhenge has a midsummer alignment. Recent excavation has also confirmed that there were stones amidst the posts,including a three sided cove made of sarsen. Some bluestone fragments have recently been found in post holes.
I would personally like to see the concrete markers replaced with wooden posts,to give a better feel of how it might have appeared.
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