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Avebury (Circle henge) — Fieldnotes

Avebury is a very special place to me and ever since I first visted it I try to come and stay twice a year. It is my place where I recharge my batteries. I think we should be thankful that Avebury is still so accessable. We must all ensure that this place is kept safe for ever and ever.

This area has such a wealth of places to visit all of them special in their own way. and all worth while visiting. Walk, breathe, energize, rejoice and enjoy..... Take nothing you see for granted (as I am sure you won't)
Avebury has changed my life and I am grateful for that, I will continue to visit and bring friends for as long as I am able.. discovering somthing about Avebury that is new and wonderful every time I return.
Back in March....

Devil's Den (Chambered Tomb) — Fieldnotes


WOW this really took my breath away!!!

This was the first trip to the Avebury area that I had Julians book with me and was determined to use it in order to find Devils Den.

Parking was a bit of a nightmare, and the road a bit on the dangerous side, however once the road has been crossed you are well on the way to something special.

My 65 year old Mum seemed as excited as me as we walked up the track toward the site.

Suddenly I could see it, just above the brambles, tall grass and various plants. I screamed with excitement and left mum behind trying to catch up.....

For a while I couldn't see how I was going to get inside the field and almost began to think there was no way. However after a little bit of searching I found a small clearing and jumped over the fence.

Mum and I stood in awe of the fantastic site. (it reminded me of Kits Coty a bit, apart from the fact that this lucky site wasn't behind bars.....)

The huge cap stone is balanced so precariously that you wonder if you touch it whether it will fall!! The atmosphere all around is kind of strange and there didn't seem to be a sound of anything whatsover, just silence. The field surrounding this site was a strange copper colour which added to the ambience.

I took many photos and spent a long while hear taking in every detail. I was interested to see the hollows in the top of the dolmen Stone which Julian mentions in his book, talking about the water and the devil....... it was said that if you "poured water into the hollows of the roof-stone it would always be found drained to the last drop in the morning by some demon..."

Go visit and enjoy this site, I will return again in early March...

Knap Hill (Causewayed Enclosure) — Fieldnotes

I went to Knap Hill during one of my numerous trips to the Avebury area. This time I was with my dear 65 year old Mum. This was her first visit to the area and my first visit to Knap Hill.

Approaching Knap Hill was an exciting experience for me as it seemed to stand so majestically in the distance, I had a feeling of excitement within me and could wait to climb it and experience what Julian had... The way the wind blows etc.!

The weather was clear and beautiful and although the wind was blowing it didn't matter to me or mum. I jumped out of the car and started to run as fast as my legs would carry me I ran and ran and ran and reaching the bottom of Knap Hill saw me taking huge steps as far apart my legs would go in order for me to reach the top and survey the land.

THE TOP at last and what an experience!!!!!! Beautiful isn't the word........ Stunning would be closer to it!!!

Adams Grave looked so lonely but incredibly masterful and special from the to top of Knap Hill although we decided not to climb to Adams Grave I enjoyed the view!

We spent a good 20 mins atop Knap Hill, taking in the beauty and getting our faces blown off. I would recommend that you visit this place and climb up. Enjoy Adams Grave from a different view........ I will be going back to Knap Hill in March with some other friends! See you then!
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