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Stonehead (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

I own and work Stonehead Croft, over the road from the Stonehead Stone Circle. We've had quite a few visitors over the past few years, as have our neighbours at Glendale and Whitebrow (on whose land Stonehead Circle can be found).
However, we're having more problems with visitors of late and would ask people to be more respectful of those of us that live here and of the site itself.
First, please check with the owners of Whitebrow that it's okay to visit the stones - due to livestock concerns. The entrance to Whitebrow is on Western Road, to the left as you go from Insch to the A96 and just before the Wardhouse turnoff (which takes you to the stones).
Second, please do not park in the drives, field gateways and fields unless you have express permission, and do not block the road. The entrances are all in regular use and there is often livestock (horses, sheep and pigs) in the fields of both Whitebrow and Stonehead Croft. Also, under no circumstances should you feed the animals.
Third, if you want to dowse the fields for leylines, please ask first. Similarly, if you want to wander around at night and see the stones by moonlight, please ask and make sure you do it at a reasonable hour. If you're sneaking around the fields at midnight, you're almost certain to get a hostile reception.
Fourth, do not leave litter around the stones or try to chip bits off them. This is a site with both historic and spiritual significance, so please show some respect.
The current owners of all three properties (Whitebrow is currently for sale, June 2006) welcome people visiting the Stonehead Circle provided they show respect for the site, the properties, and the people who live and work here.
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