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Cullerie (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

I'll take new photos next time I'm up at Cullerlie- last time I was there (10/05) there was tarmac around the base of the stones instead of the pebbles described below.

The municipal feel of the stones has been described below, and the tarmac enhanced this vibe quite considerably.

It is possible that the tarmacking was done deliberately to preserve the pits in the circle from feet etc., but there was no explanation of why it had been done.

I sometimes wonder whether this kind of 'maintenance', while it feels bad in your gut when you first see it, doesn't give some stones a bit of a rest from the constant demands placed on them from people who just go around sucking places dry. You have to spend time with Cullerlie, coax it out a bit. It's a good place to learn patience and giving round old sites, as you really won't get anything out of Cullerlie without contributing.

It's a bit like your really uncool cousin who embarrasses you but then one day you sit down and talk to them and they're way more interesting than you are.

The other thing you have to bear in mind is that Cullerlie is maintained the way it is because someone really cares about it.

Nine Stanes (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

I was up at ninestanes today (6/4/06) around 10:00.

Someone had left some ritual bits and pieces about, and effectively, had bound the stones then gone off and left them. The stones themselves were not too happy about it. I visit them around once every 2-4 weeks and they felt very wrong.

There's a difference between asking for help and commanding. You should never bind something and then leave it, whether it's a person or another kind of entity. If you believe the stones have power you should respect it, and their right to free will. If the people who did this believe that what they were doing was helping the stones, the stones themselves really didn't agree.

Ninestanes has always been a very gentle and compassionate place- if you ask nicely, it will do what it can. Remember to offer something back, but don't force what you want to give on it- it might not be appropriate. Sometimes the stones want to be left alone, pause a while before you go barging in, you can always say hi behind the recumbent and come back another time.
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