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Norton Bavant Long Barrow

Long barrow with side ditches opened by J Thurnam who found a primary deposit of at least 18 skeletons plus round flint nodule and 'A' pot with lugs. E/W orientation.

Note: no public access, this is on MoD Salisbury Plain Training Area.

Visited on 12th Dec 2009 on Imber Conservation Group fieldtrip.

Dirtley Wood Bowl Barrow (Round Barrow(s))

Bowl Barrow 1.1m high damaged on south by a track.

In the valley bottom N. of Dirtley Wood on MoD Salisbury Plain Training Area (note: no public access).

Visited 28th Nov 2009 on Imber Conservation Group fieldtrip.

East Down Long Barrow

Long barrow 210ft in length, oriented NE/SW within "Barrow Plantation" on the MoD Salisbury Plain Training Area (note: no public access).

Excavated in 1863 when remains of 8 skeletons were uncovered.

Visited 28th March 2009 on Larkhill and Westdown Conservation Group fieldtrip.

Clearing has been subject to scrub removal and monument palisaded to prevent military incursion and damage. Good condition.

Bulford Longbarrow (Long Barrow)

Visited this location on 9th March 2008. The ditch surrounding the barrow is infilled but the barrow itself is clearly distinguishable.

There is some damage to the monument as a result of the erection of a galvanised water tank on its western end. There are a further two or three derelict water tanks lying around on the barrow and in the hedges.

Condition reported to English Heritage National Monuments Record, who are sending one of the Field Monument Wardens to take a look.
Archaeology subgroup leader of the Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) Larkhill and Westdown Conservation Group.

Basically, I have the task of trying to prevent the military obliterating the ancient landscape by driving over barrows and field systems in tanks or blowing them up for target practice.

To be fair to them they do try to be as careful as they can, and Salisbury Plain wouldn't have anything like the amount of well preserved archaeology had they not taken it over 100 years ago. It's been a long while since they took pot shots at landrovers parked on long barrows, thankfully.

If visiting the SPTA, please take note that access is ONLY allowed on public rights of way and you may ONLY enter when the range warning flags are not flying.

DO NOT STEP OFF THE PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY - this is an active military firing range and training area, littered with a century's worth of unexploded munitions.

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