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The Twelve Apostles of Ilkley Moor (Stone Circle) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>The Twelve Apostles of Ilkley Moor</b>Posted by Karris

Wet Withens (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Wet Withens</b>Posted by Karris

Doll Tor (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Doll Tor</b>Posted by Karris

Wet Withens (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Went to Wet Withins again today (27th August 2007). It was easier to find this time, the paths seem more defined.
Well worth a visit. Main reason for posting is that we had GPS and tried to get a point but there was no signal anywhere near the stones.
Also, someone had been there quite recently and left lots of cigarette buts and remnants of a fire in the centre of the circle. Cheers.

A truly beautiful and magical place.

Barbrook I (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Hi. Sorry its taken so long to reply to this. I have been away for a while. I didn't mean that Barbrook Moor was in any immediate danger, except for that of visitors stomping all over the sites.
I was just really shocked to see that this (and other) sites are not better cared for. Most people are unaware of them anyway I suppose or just don't care. But I feel they are a valuable part of our heritage and so much can be learned about our ancestors from them. When I was on Barbrook Moor I felt that it more could be done to protect thes and other sites. I read so much about ancient sites that have been documented in the early 1900's but have disappeared since then and I am just afraid that soon we will loose all of these sites.
Sorry if I caused any confusion or worry, it was just an observation.
Much love

Barbrook II (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Spectacular but got more of a feeling that this is the foundations of a building (roundhouse) than a ceremonial circle, especially with the remnants of other smaller round buildings very nearby. The whole site seems to be part of a settlement - why isn't this documented???

Barbrook I (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Visited this one on 28th August 2006. Its quite easy to find and very beautiful.

This whole area is one big settlement. As I wandered around looking for Barbrook 2 I felt really sad that this site will perish soon. This would be a valuable heritage site, and should be maintained.

I feel a strongly worded letter to the Peak Distric Council comming on!

Stoke Flat (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Stoke Flat</b>Posted by Karris

Stoke Flat (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

We visitied this stone circle on 28th August 2006. Its just off the sandy path and there were lots of people around. We stayed for nearly an hour and not one other person seemed remotely interested in this important part of our heritage.

Also, it was severely overgrown. It was actually difficult to see the circle and it was only because we had researched it that we found it.

More positive it is really beautiful, and I got very positive vibes from the whole of this unique area.

I will definately go back to this one.

Thanks to everyone who gave directions.

Wet Withens (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Visited this circle today and it was slightly difficult to find. The village of Eyam is worth a look at, many lovely walks around there. However, we found a site on the internet that gives instructions for a tour of this area, google keywords barbrook moor wet withens and you should find it.

One again blown away with the fantastic panoramic views. Went to Hordron edge yesterday and we were surprised by the similarity of the view. Managed to identify the mother landscape before it started raining.

This stone cirle, whilst hidden in the heather, is well defined and not that difficult to identify as it is very near the cairn. However, there are many many more potential circles on eyam moor, and evidence of many cairns.

Thanks for the information below, it made this easier to find.

Seven Stones of Hordron Edge (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Seven Stones of Hordron Edge</b>Posted by Karris

Seven Stones of Hordron Edge (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

We visited the stone circle at Hordron Edge today.

Just to clarify previous directions. The layby on the South of the A57 is the one nearest Sheffield, not the one nearest Glossop (both are near a bridge)! I clarify this as we nearly ended up searching for the stones 10 miles in the wrong direction!

Also, on the rough path, if you walk as far a a shelter with some benches in it you have walked too far. Walk back and take the path that leads onto the moor.

When we got there it was astoundingly beautiful. The landscape was breathtaking and the stones themsleves were understaded but special. The weather was clear and crisp and the backdrop of Stanege Edge coupled with the hills (Win Hill, Mam Tor and Kinder) made it one of the best sites I have visited.

Well worth it - I will be making many more wisits to this beautiful place.

Thanks to the others on this site who give directions, they are very useful.

It is definately worth the visit. I didn't want to leave, after a couple of hours it felt like home.
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