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Fenwick Fell Field (Cup Marked Stone)

Fenwick Fell Field b in the Beckensall Archive

Fenwick Fell Field a in the Beckensall Archive

Carr Hill (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Carr Hill, Frankham Fell a in Beckensall Archive

Howden Hill (Northumberland) (Cup Marked Stone)

Round cairns west of Middle House (Newbrough) in Keys to the Past

Round cairns west of Middle House in Beckensall Archive

Hawick (Bavington) (Cup Marked Stone)

Keys to the Past

Hawick cup marked stone (Bavington)

Ray-Sunnyside (Cup Marked Stone)

Ray-Sunniside in the Beckensall Archive

Rough Castles / Roughley Wood (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Rough Castles in the Beckensall Archive

Camas an Staca (Standing Stone / Menhir)

The Gaelic Landscape of Jura: Place Names and Landscape Photography

(The) bay of (the) projecting rocks; in this case, standing stones.

An Carn (Cup Marked Stone)

The Gaelic Landscape of Jura: Place Names and Landscape Photography

Abhainn na Sroine (Cairn(s))

The Gaelic Landscape of Jura: Place Names and Landscape Photography

Abhainn na Sròine is the name of the river that runs into the bay, Poll a' Cheo. The chambered cairn, Cladh Chlainn Ian, lies alongside it just above an old cliff line.

Millstone Hill (Cup Marked Stone)

Millstone Hill Portable in Beckensall Archive

Millstone Hill in Beckensall Archive

Heddon Hill (Cup Marked Stone)

Heddon Hill in the Beckensall Archive

There's a photo here of Stan and friends at the rock and the rubbing that was produced.

Weetwood Moor (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

A Virtual Reality Walk-through of the Weetwood-Lillburn area of Northumberland

Can't beat this when it's cold and raining.

Howick (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)

BBC Archaeology

Britain's Oldest House? A Journey into the Stone Age

Crocky's Heugh (Cup Marked Stone)

Beckensall Archive

Hunterheugh 1 (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

Brief description of Hunterheugh 1 site excavation in 2004.

Provides a readable interpretation of the sequence of rock carving on the outcrop arising from an excavation by Clive Waddington in 2004.

Rock surfaces carved in the early Neolithic (Phase 1) were later partially quarried and new symbols applied to the exposed surfaces. The Phase 2 carvings are more varied but more crudely executed and take less account of the rock surface. Shortly after they were made, it is likely that they were covered by a cairn incorporating an Early Bronze Age burial cist positioned in a cleft between massive slabs of quarried rock, some with the ancient cup and ring markings. At a much later stage, the outcrop and cairn was embedded into field boundaries of the Iron Age or Romano-British period which may have been partly protective from more extensive quarrying.

The changes in carving between the two phases may imply that the original significance had been lost by the Bronze Age but the power of an already ancient place was adopted to provide a ceremonial monument for the dead.

Hunterheugh 1 in the University of Newcastle Beckensall archive project.

West Hills, Thropton (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

24 Hour Museum

Aron & Stan baffled

The "Picasso" face carving. Knew I'd seen it somewhere.

"... it is believed that the newly-discovered mystery marks could be much younger, with the heart and the face shapes potentially as little as 100-250 years old."
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