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Middle Lix 1 (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

I counted 18 definite cup marks on this rock. CANMORE says there are 21 so I need my eyes fixing.

Guidebest (Stone Circle)

Half of it is missing, but this would be a big circle if complete - 55 metres across. Eight stones are still here. Maybe seven stones missing. The tallest stone is about 1.5 metres tall.

In a beautiful spot in a hollow by a burn (which is in danger of undermining the stones on the western arc).

Lower Camster (Stone Row / Alignment)

Three fairly small stones - CANMORE thinks one of them might just be a random boulder rather than part of a setting with the two definite megaliths.
The stones are near the road and in a very empty bit of flat moor, but they're low enough to be easily missed when the heather is thick.

"Small stones in flat featureless moor" sounds pretty dull, but it's a lovely site!

Camster Stone Row (Stone Row / Alignment)

This stone row is just a few hundred yards from the Grey Cairns of Camster. According to CANMORE there are actually six rows here but they're disappearing under the peat. I found two of the rows. A couple of stones are maybe a metre proud of the peat. Others have only a few centimetres showing.

Don't go hunting in wet weather or you may get sucked into the bog and never seen again!!

The Great X of Kilmartin (Stone Row / Alignment)

New paths and fences have been put around this area this year. One result of which is that the outlying stone (between the X and Temple Wood and the Nether Largie South cairn) is in the same field as the main stone setting and so is more readily accessible than in the past.

Quinish (Standing Stone / Menhir)

If you take the road northwest through Dervaig to the end then head almost exactly north for a couple of miles along the private track (but public footpath) you get to these four stones. A few yards off the track, but very easy to spot. Three of the stones are fallen, and one of those is under the turf. The one that stands is a bit shy of 3 metres tall. The largest fallen stone is a metre longer.

As with almost anywhere on Mull, fantastic views!

Cillchriosd (Standing Stone / Menhir)

This stone is on the headland above Calgary Bay and very obvious from the road that leads to Caliach Point. Over 2.5 metres tall and 4 metres around.
The field is owned by the chap who lives at the house just to the west of the stone. Very friendly and helpful he was, too.

Added bonuses: great views out to sea, and it's one of the best places in Britain to see golden eagles.
Keeper of the Ancient Scotland website.

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