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Stronstrey Bank Stone (Standing Stone / Menhir)

The remains of an old 'Cairnfield' also lie here.

Fairy Chapel (Cave / Rock Shelter)

Various items have been found here including Prehistoric flints in this and the cave inside the Fairy Church

Thirteen Stones Hill (Stone Circle)

Yet another lost stone circle in Lancashire, as the name suggests its a circle of 13 boulders, ive only ever found a brief reference to this circle and the circle itself is not marked on any maps although the hill is.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Rectory Allotment (Ring Cairn)


After passing Bleara Lowe on your left follow the road down a little till you reach the first cattle grid take the left there which is Clogger Lane. Go down the lane a short distance till you see the footpath sign on your left pointing into a field the sign is marked PW (pennine way) three footpaths veer off from the gate take the middle one onto the slope and the cairn appears quite prominent on your right.

Cheetham Barrow (Artificial Mound)

Directions: Going through the village of Egerton take Green Cox Lane (directly across from an italian restaurant) just go up the top of the lane and youll see a series of footpaths leading to Cheetam Close. Take the one before Butterworth farm leading into a field via a concrete step follow the footpath to a wooden gate once through it look into the field on your right and the barrow is at the base of the hill.

Glastonbury Tor (Sacred Hill)

The Omphalus/Egg stone

Omphalus means source of inspiration or centre of the world.The first recorded Omphalus was found at the temple of Delphi(delphus is one of the Greek words for womb)the Spiritual and moral capital of ancient the height of its culture.
The Omphalus was the most universal representation of the great Goddess , the Pagan equivalent of the Holy of Holies, the vagina,the womb or egg, the source of life itself. In fact the Shape of the Omphalusis that of the female birth cone or cervix.
Another Omphalus was recorded at Mecca its described as a black stone, on it is a mark called the impression of Aphrodite, this mark is an oval depression signifying the Yoni (or female genitalia) this is said to clearly indicate that the black stone of mecca once belonged to the great mother.
An omphalus was also found at the Abbey in Glastonbury also beleived to be a former Pagan shrine. This stone was supposed to have mysteriously dissappeared but there is a possibility that it has turned up again, leaning against the back outside wall of the Abbots kitchen. Ignored like a piece of old unwanted rubble, It has been shifted about a great deal.
The Egg stone is roughly 'egg shaped' but flattened, the measurements being approximately 3ft by 2ft 4 inches by 1 foot 4 inches. One of the flat sides was exposed and was found to be artificially levelled over a considerable area. In the centre was a roughly hollowed cavity.
Dowsers have reported that the Egg stone emits powerful vibrations.

This source material for this post was taken from the book Glastonbury Maker of Myths.

Tongue How (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)

This site comprises of 4 hut circles with various enclosures, an Iron age field system and a Cairn Cemetry.

Brown Hills Beck Barrow East (Round Barrow(s))

This site is a huge Bronze Age Bowl barrow which is 10 Metres high.

Summerhouse Hill (Round Cairn)

This should help clear things up a bit!

For info on the Circle

For info on the Cairn

The Great Stone Of Fourstones (Natural Rock Feature)

This huge rock nestles on the borders of Lancashire and Yorkshire and has steps cut into it these days.
It also has possible rock art and is the only one of four that remains in the area the other three are now rumoured to have been broken up for building stone.
This site also lies close to a place called Ringstones Lane (not to be confused with the two Ringstones sites already in the Lancashire section) however on this lane there is a site called the Ringstones that is possibly worth checking out if your in the area.

Sellet Bank Enclosure

Located on a plateau on the Eastern side of Sellet Bank this is a sub circular enclosure defended by banks and ditches. An entrance is located on the south east side of the enclosure (there are also many more features apparent).

High Park (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)

A small settlement with an abundance of neolithic and mesolithic cairns apparently in a good state of preservation.
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