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Ingleton Falls Carvings

Took my woof for a walk the other day here and i stumbled across these possible carvings.
I know theres been discussion here before about similliat markings and how they may be produced naturally. I just thought i'd put them here so you guys can give your opinions if anybody feels strongly that they shouldnt be here then i'll glady remove them, anyway let me know what you Rock Art Peeps think.

Jacksons Barrow (Artificial Mound)

Ive been looking forward to visiting this one as its a bit of a curiosity.
A large 'horshoeshaped hengytype thingy' monument.
Its very well defined and has another smaller henge alligned with this one about 15 metres away.
Lots of lumps and bumps in this field along with some rather scary horny (not in the lusty way!) cows.

Moortop Barrows (Round Barrow(s))

I'm not so sure about the authenticity of this cairn there are three similliar mounds on the waterfalls walk at Anglezarke marked clearly as bellpits but theyre dug a little bit deeper and bigger than this one.

The Hardwick Stone (Cup Marked Stone)

By the time i reached this site i'd run out of water so sorry for the quality of the photos.
Heading back down the footpath by Hardwick House theres a stile in the far left of the field climb the stile and look right in the next field its the largest boulder just by the wall.

WoodHouse Crag (Cup Marked Stone)

About 50m west of the swastika stone to the rightof the footpath lie 2 fallen gateposts.
The one which is the smaller of the two has two shallow cups and rings on it.

The Anvil Stone (Cup Marked Stone)

The Anvil Stone sits rather close to the footpath, the carvings arent stunning but certaintly worth checking out. also theres a rather cosy chamber underneath made by a gap in between the rocks.

The Sepulchre Stone (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

If your heading towards the Swastika Stone dont miss this one its right next to the path easily identifiable by its curious folded strata.
i counted several small cups one with a ring a couple of basins and a few grooves.

Addingham Crag Stone (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art)

What a corker of a stone and as the previous post states fairly easy to locate.
Take the millenium way off straight lane towards Addingham Crag, go to the foot of the crag and its in the third field on your left towards the bottom of the field very easy to make out as its almost square and stands out from the others.

The Doubler Stones (Natural Rock Feature)

This is indeed a wild place, i visited here on this years summer solstice having camped the night before in gale force winds.
I got into open country and once again it lashed it down constantly the rain stung my skin in those winds. My car was a good mile away so i sheltered under the doublers for an hour what a fantatsic place i must come back here in better weather.

Eller Keld (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)

Not much remains of this settlement now, its worth visiting if you are in the area, there is the remains of a few hut circles and various banks and ditches are apparent.
The settlement is nestled away in a picturesque valley between two limestone outcrops with lots of scree all around and just to make it a touch more special Ingleborough pops over the top of the outcrops.

Casterton (Stone Circle)

Theres not much to add about this site that the previous post hasnt already said its so tranquil i loved it here!

The directions at the bottom will guide you directly to it as long as you take the first right and not your first left like it says below, like ive done a couple of times!

Fairy Chapel (Cave / Rock Shelter)

The Fairy Chapel is located on A limestone outcrop known as Humphrey Head.

Access is not good as the cave is located high up on the side of the cliff. I originally tried to access it from the top of the cliff via the footpaththe best way is to climb up from the bottom where it is marked on the photo. This is one for the enthusiast and I would not recommend the climb as it is rather treacherous I'm just daft enough to to try it. A Fantatsic little rock shelter though when you find it I was pleasantly surprised and the views out were stunning.

Fairy Church (Cave / Rock Shelter)

The Fairy church is a Natural limestone Arch high up on the cliff face of Humphrey Head this one is fairly easy to get to, however caution is advised as it is on the edge of a cliff.
A stunning rock feature and very prominent as you approach the cliff also on closer inspection theres a rather large cave inside, unfortunately unless you a caver/ climber access is impossible as it's a bit of a drop to get in.

Pikestones (Chambered Cairn)

Visited here yesterday 30/7/06 its my first visit this year and it distressed me to see how much this site has gone down since my last visit due to the mindlessness of some individuals.

This site has suffered badly from heavy excavation in the past and is hardly recognisable as to what it once was, now some idiots are causing whats left of it further distress.
Firstly theres 2 different rocks with names carved on.
Somebody has also been setting fires at the rear of the chamber and the worst damage i saw was somebody has taken a stone and pounded the spiral, i know the spiral isnt contemporary but theres no need to vandalise it further.

I remain in awe at the stupidity of individuals who cause damage like this.

Yordas Cave (Cave / Rock Shelter)

This area is absolutely littered with caves and potholes.
Yordas cave lies in a small wood just off road so no major walking to this one and theres a layby right next to it.
My pictures in no way do justice to this cave it's stunning, well worth a visit this is one of those places i'll come back to again and again.

Counter Hill Barrow (Round Barrow(s))

Easy to miss but worth a look if your in the area and is situated within the Counter Hill Earthworks. The farmer was very helpfull and pleasant to.

Brock Hall Tumulus (Artificial Mound)

Very little survives of this mound but worth a look if your in the area.

Cross Gills Mound (Artificial Mound)

There are known to be three tumuli in the immedate area this one could make it 4 its definately an artificial mound and has now been christianised by placing a cross on top of it.

Winckley Lowes (Round Barrow(s))

This barrow survives not as well as its neighbour showing heavy signs of excavation and lies opposite a farmhouse please ask permission before entering the field.

Jeppe Knave Grave (Cairn(s))

A very pleasing and pleasant site to visit we sat here for quite some time very content indeed. In my opinion this is the site of a round cairn and very reminiscent of others in Lancashire like the Parlick Pike Cairn and the Borwick cairn
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