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Goodaver (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Finally made it to this site, and it was worth the wait... and the long walk.

Goodaver stands on Smith's Moor, which is open access land - it's just getting to this part of the moor that's the problem. Thanks to some hints on another website:

... and Google Earth, I managed the long walk to what, I think, is actually one of the best circles in Cornwall.

Here's how I did it:

Park at the "Y" junction at the bottom of Dozmary Hill (on the Bolventor to Golitha road)

Walk south until you get to Trezibbett Farm. Turn into the farm, then turn IMMEDIATELY left, just past the bridge, and past the rather nice new-build house. Walk past it, and go through/over the gate. There's a new (but VERY steep) track which arcs around , and joins the old path from the farm almost at the entrance to the moor. This completely bypasses the farm. I'm not ENTIRELY sure if it's legal, but it worked for me ;) You can see the new track very easily on the latest satellite maps.

You'll then emerage at a large, green barn. Open the gate here, and you're on to Smith's Moor. Turning right; try and hug the lower fence on your right as much as you can.

There's a long slog ahead; I found that following "sheep tracks" helped, as the ground is VERY uneven, very boggy in places, and there's also at LEAST one hut circle en-route that will suddenly appear under your feet; the long grass hides how difficult this terrain is. It's probably not wise to try this after a prolonged wet spell; the hardest part is at the lowest point of the moor, roughly halfway to the circle.

The circle is accurately marked on the OS map, so that part at least is easy. If you're still following the fence, once you've almost approached the brow of the slight hill that lies ahead, turn left; you'll start to see a few path-ish things here that will lead you to the circle.

The views from Goodaver are worth it alone; Colliford lake and Clay Country stretch out in the distance.

Whatever the innacuracies of the circles reconstruction may be, it's still an amazing place; perhaps moreso for the pilgrimage necessary to get there!

Hopefully if the new path is a legal route, then Goodaver will take it's rightful place amongst Kernow's finest ancient sites. It sort of reminds me of Boscawen-un, without the central stone - just in terms of FEEL, I guess?

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