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Cadbury Castle (South Cadbury) (Hillfort) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Cadbury Castle (South Cadbury)</b>Posted by ric-swuklink
I suppose I've 'been around a bit' as far as the South of England is concerned. London, then Eastbourne in Sussex (which is a veritable treasure-trove of history not just a retirement village - despite popular conception) then three years in Bournemouth, back to west London for too many years. I returned to Bournemouth in 2000 and moved to Swindon near to Wiltshire's many ancient relics.

When I moved back to Bournemouth after many years I thought I would pop over to Christchurch (a distance of some seven miles) and have a look around the medieval town center I remembered. Before setting off, I thought a bit of swatting on the web ..... and here came the BIG problem - a town reduced to a dozen photographs, each with an accompanying short paragraph and a commercial site which raised minimalism to new heights. K. I can live with that maybe - but Christchurch in New Zealand - about as close to the other end of the world threw up a plethera of interesting and informative content.

A few pages three years ago have turned into so do take a peek.

Have just found The Modern Antiquarian and am glad to see there are many others feel the same way about the relics of those who walked this land before any words could be saved. Also glad to see that so many of you share my feelings of disgust at the way those who CLAIM to revere these ancient sites, actually vandalise them and make them very unpleasant for others.

Just a thought tho; I have come across a fair few complaints about access here, while some are more than justified, if you DO get your feet a bit wet in winter crossing a stream over an otherwise 'passable' access, consider the vandalism done to sites like Stonehenge which provides 'excellent' (at least dry access). For my part I am happy to don the trusted wellies and be thankfull many of these places havent been ploughed into oblivion or plain concreted over.


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