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The Rollright Stones (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Wow! What an amazing, atmoshpheric place to be! After a long drive from Newbury with some friends of ours and two lolling dogs in the back with us! We eventually wound our way up to the Kings Men. It was a high climb to the site which was obscured from the roadside by trees. There was excitement as we parked the car on the grass verge and ventured through the gap in the trees and down a little path. To our left was a little hut where you pay a small fee to enter. This, we did not mind as it all goes to the upkeep and care of the site. Once past the hut and to our right was the path leading towards the stones. There were a few visitors but not many. I was suprised on how small the circle was. I was expecting some vast stones equal to Avebury but instead, found a beautiful circle of small stones and the King Stone which was a foot larger than myself. (I am only just touching 5 foot so I was suprised!) I felt so much energy emanating from the circle and walked slowly up the path taking in every sensation as I trod. The air was clean and crisp and the sun was shining. I could feel the build up of energy as I walked closer and the hairs on my body stood on end! I reached the circle in awe but before I entered, I walked around the perimeter clockwise first, touching each and every stone, almost sussing out the place before making the final leap into something unknown to me. Eventually reaching the entrance, I asked permission to enter. I was granted entrance and tentatively took my first step into the circle. Words cannot describe how I felt and past this, I will tell no more as my feelings past this point are sacred to me. So, if you want to make the long trek to the stones I would highly recommend it! Just be prepared not to be there alone as it is a rather popular site. And if you are lucky to get the chance to be alone.....ENJOY! For a small circle, the energy there is intense and will blow your socks off!!! Blessed Be the Rollright Stones

Glastonbury Tor (Sacred Hill) — Miscellaneous

I climb the hill like a goat! That must be the Capricorn in me!

When reaching the summit, I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds me.

The air so clean and fresh and the views over the Mendips......magnificent!

I heard whispers in the wind and saw shimmering lights through the clouds in the sky.

Calling me, calling me to this scacred place,
I lean against the wind with the rain upon my face.
To dream of things that others do not see,
This sacred place my Blessings Be.

Wayland's Smithy (Long Barrow) — Miscellaneous

Weylands Smithy, not far from the White Horse at sacred place. A place I like to go when the hectic world becomes too much. At the entrance I always ask Wayland for permission to enter this sacred site, he always invites me in with a gentle breeze and a whisper of acknowledgement through the trees. Many people come to this place, tourists, Witches and those wishing to be at one with nature. It is welcoming and safe and there in that sacred place, you can be yourself and nothing but. It is charged with such electricity at different times of the year but it has a wonderful peaceful atmosphere all the same. Come to this place, kindly ask for permission to enter as to be respectful to Wayland and bask in all it's Glory. Leave nothing behind except gentle tokens such as corn, flowers or your love when you go......but take with you the sense of peace and love that it gives willingly to those who wish to recieve it. Blessed Be that sacred place.
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