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Arbor Low (Circle henge) — Fieldnotes

I have been to Arbor Low many times. Somethings I have noticed-
The mound on the SE side of the henge is directly in line with Gib Hill when the sun sets on the winter solstice. A journey clockwise around the outside henge (when following the setting sun on this day) leads you on to this mound as the bank of the hill slowly rises to it and the mound sticks out from the henge.

The central cove has a ring of energy that is different to the rest of the area. This ring is about 10ft diameter. The largest stone in the middle of the circle is the southern tip of this energy ring.

There is a large energy spike west and slightly north of this point about 1/3 towards the stones of the west side of the ring.

I have read reviews of what other people feel about this place. About how the energy in some spots is the same and others how it is constant. The two spots I mention above have not changed in the last few years.

Other things about this place-

Liberty Caps grow in the field around the site. Particularly on the north and north east sides of the outside of the henge. I think this is appropriate.

I have no problem with the people who own the farm :)

The weather here can be extreme. It is on an exposed site.

Gibb Hill hasn't ever done much for me. It has bricks buried in it!

This is my favourite megalithic site. I have meditated here many times with the gentle changes in the the temperature of my skin tickling me lightly as the wind (and rain) has blown over me.
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