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Cat Stone (Natural Rock Feature) — Fieldnotes

this one is just as much fun to climb as the cork stone
I sat on the top of it one night and saw and heard a meteorite
fall to earth

Cork Stone (Natural Rock Feature) — Fieldnotes

This is a great stone to climb! But it holds no other interest apart from its shape

Nine Ladies of Stanton Moor (Stone Circle) — Folklore

This is very vague but. The heel/king stone was said to awaken and play the fiddle to the stones in the circle which would turn into Nine Ladies dancing around to his song. What night of the year etc. this happened i have forgotten, someone told me this story a long time ago

Nine Ladies of Stanton Moor (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

I lived in the area during my childhood and must confess the whole site
feels dead.During my youth many teenagers would congregate at weekends for rave parties around the circle because it was secluded ,surrounded by trees with the circle in a little glade in the centre. These
parties continued for some time during which firewood was taken from the trees to make fires and before long the whole place was just an area of burnt fire circles and dead trees. During one party some stupid traveller bloke, being pissed on brew, reversed his car/lorry into the heel stone (or fiddler) and broke it. They ruined this site for everyone. It used to be a wonderful place to go at night and watch the stars after a pint in the Flying Childers.
mind you at least the walls surrounding the stones have gone(yes walls
i said!)

Arbor Low (Circle henge) — Fieldnotes

One small thing that julian says above which is not confirmed is that
the long stones were standing. This has never been proven and in fact the earth below the stones was found not to 'be deeply disturbed' therefore implying that they have always been recumbant
Oh and don't forget to walk widdershins thrice around the bank for a healthy life (according to my great gran who used to live at the farm
when she was very young!)

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