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Allee Couverte du Grand-VillageAllee-Couverte
Allee Couverte du PrieuréAllee-Couverte
Broch of SteiroBroch
Disa's TingStanding Stones
Dolmen du CosquerDolmen / Quoit / Cromlech
Dolmen du Roh-DuDolmen / Quoit / Cromlech
Gawton's StoneNatural Rock Feature
Gawton's WellSacred Well
Giant's FingersRound Cairn
Gladsax GanggriftBurial Chamber
Gladsax Norre VangBurial Chamber
IslesburghChambered Cairn
Knowe of LingroChambered Cairn
Knowe of Queen O'HoweBroch
L'Hotié de VivianeBurial Chamber
La Loge Aux LoupsDolmen / Quoit / Cromlech
Les Jardin aux MoinesCromlech (France and Brittany)
Menhirs Beg-er-GoalennecStanding Stones
PenningagravenKerbed Cairn
QuoybirseStanding Stone / Menhir
SkegriedösenDolmen / Quoit / Cromlech
StewsStanding Stone / Menhir
The Cairnhead, HundaCairn(s)
Tombeau de MerlinDolmen / Quoit / Cromlech
TrollastenDolmen / Quoit / Cromlech
UnyatuakArtificial Mound
Megalithic wanderer and modern day pagan.

I've always loved anything historical, particularly megalithic sites (I've many a fond memory of visits to Stonehenge in the mid 1970's as we used to stop there every year on the way to the annual family holiday down in Bournemouth, which I think started it off), and the discovery of a certain book by Mr. Cope set off an obsession in the late 1990's to see as many of these wonderful places as I can.

Enjoys walking in the wildnerness and climbing mountains (currently on the worlds slowest round of Munroe bagging), travel, playing guitar, real ale and malt whisky, historical re-enactment, fencing and wargaming (although not all at the same time!) Also adores small furry critters (particularly cats)

Spends most of the year in the megalithic desert of the Midlands, although fortunate enough to live part of the time in Kirkwall in the megalithic oasis of Orkney, with my lovely (and very patient) wife Ellen, and the cute furball that is our cat Hecate.

Favourite sites would be Callanish and Ring of Brodgar (where I was handfasted) in Scotland, Les Pierres Platts in Brittany, Havangsdosen in Sweden, Glavendrup in Denmark, and Sunkenkirk in England.

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