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The Nine Stones of Winterbourne Abbas (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

You do risk life and limb getting to this stone circle. When you look at the sketch in the MA you cannot help but think that it is a miracle that the stones survive but a tragedy that they are in this unwanted position where only people like us would dare to visit. Thousands of people roar by every day unaware of the history hidden in the copse by the roadside but at least this way they will survive. One of the stones looks as if it is growing out of the tree which has grown so large beside it.
Noise outside but tranquility inside the stones when I visited 15/7/05 on a red hot day with the sun burning down it felt cool in the shade admiring the stones and wondering.

The Cove (Standing Stones) — Fieldnotes

Must be the most interesting pub garden in Britain.

Stony Littleton (Long Barrow) — Fieldnotes

What a wonderful place, in the middle of nowhere surrounded by lovely countryside which is sadly blighted by the rubbish tip in full view as at Five Wells in Derbyshire. If you are going to visit a long barrow don't miss this one.

Blakeley Raise (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Reminds me of The Nine Ladies of Stanton Moor which I visit reguarly. Right next to the road high up on the moor so if you get on the right road [which I did at the 3rd attempt] you can't miss it. Small stones in comparison with other circles in this area.

Long Meg & Her Daughters (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

The size is everything. Great circle but after Castlerigg and before Sunkenkirk which I visited the next day you realise the location is the key factor in determining your favourite circle. I only made it 66 stones by the way Julian.

Little Meg (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Visit Little Meg before her bigger sister to avoid disappointment.

Castlerigg (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Visited 11/10/2003. The setting is everything. The best I had seen until the following day when I visited Sunkenkirk.

Sunkenkirk (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Best directions are to turn off at Broadgate and follow the fell road[signposted] until you come to a fork in the road. Take the left hand road up to the farm for about 500 metres up hill as I did but I must admit you are risking your car's tyres on the farmer's track. Whatever way you get there just make sure you do because this stone circle is without doubt the best I have ever seen (so far), in terms of the actual circle itself and the position. When I visited 12/10/2003 there were 2 massive horses wandering around the circle as if they owned it as well as the sheep. A wonderful experience that I will never forget.
Stand above the circle and admire the Silbury like hill below.I only really noticed this properly when i got the photos back.Proves how you can overlook all the features when actually on site.

Five Wells (Chambered Tomb) — Fieldnotes

Just head for Five Wells Farm and Five Wells is clearly signposted from the drive of the farm. Great views with one exception. They certainly knew how to pick their final resting place. Worth a visit.

Trethevy Quoit (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech) — Fieldnotes

This takes some finding but is a treasure not to be missed.
When i arrived a marquee was being erected in the same field to celebrate a 60th birthday party.What a venue.
The lentil hovers at over 45 degrees as if it is about to crash down to earth at any moment.Lets hope it doesn't because it is a wonderful sight and must not be missed.

Men-An-Tol (Holed Stone) — Fieldnotes

Visited on o foggy morning 30/8/02/. I'm sure it looked more impressive than on any picture I have seen. In my opinion this is definitely the remains of a stone circle. Climbed through the hole and I now feel invigorated.

Boscawen-Un (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

I visited this wonderful circle on a sunny afternoon 28/8/02.I first tried the approach via the stile but got lost so drove up to the farm.The farmer was very helpful & gave me directions.The walk serves to build up your antiscipation and you are not disappointed when the stones suddenly appear through the bushes.The only disappointment was how overgrown the site is so you do not get an overall view of the circle.The sun was shining brilliantly on the quartz stone and the shadow from the centre stone stretched half way towards 1 o'clock when facing east.So remote so undisturbed,a magical place.

Gib Hill (Artificial Mound) — Fieldnotes

What a position to see out the rest of time, and to remind all those left of their mortality. It seems building graveyards on top of hills is not a new idea. [See my notes on Arbor Low also.]

Arbor Low (Circle henge) — Fieldnotes

I returned to Arbor Low & Gibb Hill for the 1st time in 4 years. After standing on Gib Hill in 1997 I spent 9 months shortly after recovering from a bad accident (smashed leg) and was told by many people that this fate was due to visiting this burial mound and standing on top of it. So you see I was a little nervous. I think this site must be one of the jewels of England together with Silbury, Avebury & of course Stonehenge. It will probably never be appreciated by the masses until the stones are re-erected. Perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad idea, after all they are all in position but have simply fallen over over the years. What a sight if they were restored.

Doll Tor (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

The circle no longer resembles the picture in the MA. It has been restored very well and you would never believe it had been tampered with. I think everyone should remember these trees are very young and hold no significance to the circle. In fact the position of the Handle Stone some 100 mts away would suggest that the view would have been clear between the two when the circle was originally erected.

Barbrook I (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Barbrook One is a perfectly formed circle in a wonderful setting.It shouldn't be missed.I also noticed what looked like the remains of another stone circle actually running through the path leading up to BB1 from the south.Visited the 2nd circle which is to the east of the reservoir.It took some finding as the stones are small and the grass was long.Quite a large circle of 21 stones i counted.Others may disagree on my calculation.

Seven Stones of Hordron Edge (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Visited 16/11/01.

This place is very hard to reach. I had to scale the barbed wire fence and climb up the steep incline then disturb approx. 100 sheep who went running off in to the distance. I was expecting the farmer to turn up with a shotgun any minute. It was worth it to see the nicely formed circle but most of all the spectacular view from Hordron Edge of Mam Tor, Win Hill and Kinder Scout. You can understand the significance of these hills to this circle. Can anyone advise a better way of reaching these stones for when I wish to revisit?


Tried limestone's route and didn't succeed. Good views but not of the circle. Ended up at Stanage Edge with no way of getting down to the circle. I will try a different route in the future.
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