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The Pipers (Boleigh) (Standing Stones) — Fieldnotes

On 3rd of Feb this year after a look around The Merry Maidens and Tregiffian Burial Chamber, I finally found The Pipers. i think previous visits to the area had always been in the months where there is more growth in the hedgerows so never managed to peek them whilst driving on the road past.

I clambered over the gate next to the road to get a closer look and was thoroughly surprised just how massive they are up close, really impressive stones!

The Pipers (Boleigh) (Standing Stones) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>The Pipers (Boleigh)</b>Posted by Beebon

The Merry Maidens (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Tuesday 3rd of February 2015, a day off work and it had been a few months since I last went out to visit any sites. Merry Maidens is easy to access and is a place with a lot of charm (providing there aren't millions of other people about at the same time).

It was one heck of a cold morning (for this part of the country anyway) and the ground was frozen with sleet/hailstones, which added a clean and crisp feeling to my visit. A walk a few times around the stones and I decided to head off to take a look at Tregiffian just down the road before a quick peep at The Pipers (which I finally found!)

The Merry Maidens (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>The Merry Maidens</b>Posted by Beebon<b>The Merry Maidens</b>Posted by Beebon

Piran's Round (Hillfort) — Images

<b>Piran's Round</b>Posted by Beebon

Lanyon Quoit (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech) — Fieldnotes

I visited Lanyon Quoit on 7th December 2013 (apologies this isn't a recent visit) as part of a look around the Penwith area with my Father.

This was the first site we took a look at and I was blown away, all the pictures I had seen of it previously had left me expecting a site roughly as high as a kitchen table (why?)

It was a grey morning and the mist had not long lifted. Access to the site is very easy indeed and we spent a good bit of time hanging around this one checking it out from different angles, speculating on how it would have looked before being 'repaired' all those years ago.

Castle-an-Dinas (St. Columb) (Hillfort) — Images

<b>Castle-an-Dinas (St. Columb)</b>Posted by Beebon

Castle-an-Dinas (St. Columb) (Hillfort) — Fieldnotes

Visited 09.09.2014.

As mentioned below, access to the site is very easily up a gracelly track with a small car park with a very short walk.

It was a beautiful evening when I visited, the evening sunshine was slightly hazy so my view from the tope of the site was restricted but it added a wonderful atmosphere.

The ramparts are imp[ressively well preserved and much bigger than I was expecting. I visited with my father and we had a good look around the place, only bumping into one other person.

Well worth checking this plce out!

Castle-an-Dinas (St. Columb) (Hillfort) — Images

<b>Castle-an-Dinas (St. Columb)</b>Posted by Beebon

Barrowfields (Barrow / Cairn Cemetery) — Fieldnotes

Visited Barrowfields today.

Nice day for it... overlooking newquay bay, with the surf of Tolcarn to my left and the slightly bigger surf of lusty glaze to my right. I have always seen the main mound of barrowfields, in the past, but have never really known what it was until recently.

Standing on top of it made me realise it's true size... quite impressive really, especially with the moat around it :-)

Carland Cross Burrows (Barrow / Cairn Cemetery) — Fieldnotes

These are situated VERY close to where i live, within walking distance. I visited them with my father for the first time a month or two back, and it is the first antiquity site i have visited whilst knowing what it is.

In the past, i have travelled past one particular one in the back of my parents car without ever knowing what it is ow that it had any significance whatsoever!

only shame about these sites is that they are situated very close to a VERY busy bypass (boo!) otherwise these would be great places for me to visit regularly.
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