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Tinkinswood (Burial Chamber) — Fieldnotes

In Late Summer 2000, a friend and myself after arriving late at the Tinkinswood site, happily set up our tent and chilled down for the sun-melt and starry nightshow. Half-surrounded by a small and dense bunch of trees and sitting upon the top of a small, gradual hill, Tinkinswood is a surprisingly wind-free and gentle-sight.

Kicking-back we spoke about Magick and other oddities under warming, summer lunar currents. The night punctured with novel and odd rackets from the undergrowth around and beside us!
Later just before we hit the hay i started to get an extremely seriously headache. It came out of no-where, and was quick and intense. Over the next 3 hours or so I experienced intense head pain accompanied by strange images which didn't leave me till I left the site and slept in the car!! Most of these images were just too fantastic to remember and I later managed only to draw one of them accurately from memory! I hadn't taken any khemicals to open the gates and the experience being so strong i thought maybe there was some form of 'contact' occuring My Gran saw and spoke to the dead often!

Afterwards I only remembered one or two things, the most sane being that the whole site was surrounded by thousands of differently coloured beings - shaped like humans - all linked, stood shoulder to shoulder and glowing!! They 'felt' benevolent, and I think they may of even tried to speak to me, though this is still 'weird' in my mind!!... this ranks as a mind-expanding experience in my own humble journey I seek no single judgements; I am open minded!

We left the site the next morning in a downfall (which was to last for weeks, producing floods across most of Britain). A mile up the road though we had to turn back, I had lost my Silver Celtic Ring somewhere. Back at the site, I flew up the field in the pouring rain. Arriving at the site I looked at the ground for the space of a couple of seconds and saw my Ring immediately. I thanked the 'Spirits', said a few words and ran back elated. I had a warm glow all the way home.

I intend to visit the site again sometime... despite a very painful episode I feel positive about this place. It took me off on a tangent... which I always respect!
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