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Carn Euny Fogou & Village — Fieldnotes

The moss in the fogu does indeed appear to glow but you have to be positioned just right as what is happening is the moss is reflecting light straight back very efficiently from small water droplets.
If you're tallish then stand in the middle of the round room and look straight at the walls, move your head around and you'll suddenly catch the brilliant green reflections.
Short people have to get in closer to get the right angle.
It really is remarkable to see the whole wall light up in some areas.

While you're there why not go on and visit the holywell nearby, take the path out near the top (with the 'pottery' sign ) and turn right when you hit the road opposite a very nice garden with a building being refurbished (good luck to whoever's setting up home there!)
after walking a little way up the road (not far at all, 20 yds maybe) take the slightly overgrown path to the left along the boundary of the above mentioned garden.

Boscawen-Un (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Has to be the best circle in Lands end, if you only visit one, make it this one! The quartz (female, surely) stone bears close inspection as it is shot through with nooks and crannies containg miniature crystal grottoes. A great place.

The Merry Maidens (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Always a good energising feel here when the sun is out, the first place I ever noticed such a palpable, zingy, energy ... converted me!

Louden Stone Circle — Fieldnotes

The Logan stone here is one of the best I know of, it's easy to spot, looking like a giant smartie sitting on a flat area of the outcrop and rocks easily (you just need to press lightly on the edge to set it going) but feels good and stable as it never rocks too far. A great boulder to sit on and appreciate the view across to Rough Tor while rocking gently.

The Plague Market At Merrivale (Multiple Stone Rows / Avenue) — Fieldnotes

Whenever I'm crossing Dartmoor on the pretty route down to Cornwall I try to stop off at Merrivale, there's always something new to find.
No one has mentioned yet the strange little stream that runs along behind the car park area, check it out next time as you walk down toward the avenues, can it really be flowing back uphill? It certainly *looks* like it! Also why does it chose to follow the contours of the slope when any self respecting water would surely run down at right angles?
Another riddle to add to the Merrivale enigma :)

You can see the stream in question running left -> right in this ariel photo courtesy of
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