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Spittal of Glenshee (Stone Circle) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Spittal of Glenshee</b>Posted by thelonious

Spittal of Glenshee (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

16/07/2021 - Walking a few tops east of Spittal of Glenshee. A visit to a fine four poster in sunshine was a nice way to finish the day.


Fire destroys Scottish Crannog Centre

Just terrible news. Such a wonderful place.

Bennachie — Images

<b>Bennachie</b>Posted by thelonious

Knap of Howar (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork) — Links

Howar excavation

Knap of Howar excavation from around 1937

Knowe of Rowiegar (Chambered Cairn) — Links


Nice footage from 1937 showing what's beneath the grass

Beinn A' Bhragaidh (Souterrain) — Images

<b>Beinn A' Bhragaidh</b>Posted by thelonious<b>Beinn A' Bhragaidh</b>Posted by thelonious<b>Beinn A' Bhragaidh</b>Posted by thelonious

Beinn A' Bhragaidh (Souterrain) — Fieldnotes

05/09/2020 - As we were visiting Benbhraggie Wood Chambered Cairn nearby, I had a look on Canmore to see if there was anything close. This 'souterrain' was listed near the top of the hill so we thought we'd have a look.

Canmore just has a pretty vague 6 digit ref so we used their photos as a guide. After a good search in the sunshine and rain we found the place. Canmore's description from 1911 sounds quite exciting - a souterrain, 40ft in length.

The hole we found matches their photo but is it a souterrain? Odd place to have one so high on a hill.

It's pretty much hidden in amongst the heather. Entrance is OK but gets small pretty quick. I didn't do much more than stick my head in. Love to know if it really went back 40ft and opened up to 5ft in height. Maybe one for TMAers with expendable small children to send down!

Walk up the hill is nice and the search was fun.

Beinn A' Bhragaidh (Souterrain) — Links


Site record for Beinn A' Bhragaidh souterrain

Benbhraggie Wood (Chambered Cairn) — Images

<b>Benbhraggie Wood</b>Posted by thelonious<b>Benbhraggie Wood</b>Posted by thelonious<b>Benbhraggie Wood</b>Posted by thelonious<b>Benbhraggie Wood</b>Posted by thelonious<b>Benbhraggie Wood</b>Posted by thelonious

Benbhraggie Wood (Chambered Cairn) — Fieldnotes

05/09/20 – Had to get away. Just to feel a bit normal again (well at least normal for me). It’s been a long time without searching for the old stones. Too long. We took the early train up from Aberdeen (pretty much no one on it) to Golspie for the weekend. Got there round midday, dumped our stuff in the B&B and headed off for an explore.

I’d seen this cairn on the OS 1:25000 before lockdown and had been wanting to visit as I like it round here. Easy access, there is good parking if you come by car just before Rhives Farm. Sign posted trails for walking and bikes. Short walk from here to the chambered cairn. Just follow the track up the hill and right. The cairn is in a field so could have cows, none today.

On a rise, the stones of the chamber and entrance are still standing. There is a fantastic huge lime tree growing right in the middle of the chamber. It’s brilliant. Quality location with great views past the trees to the coast and sea beyond.

This Orkney-Cromarty type chambered cairn is really worth visiting if you are passing by. The walk up the hill to the statue is good as well. Top views from the top.

Good to be visiting the stones again.

Mither Tap (Hillfort) — Images

<b>Mither Tap</b>Posted by thelonious

Pressendye (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Pressendye</b>Posted by thelonious

Pressendye (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

21/03/2020 - Should have been in Dublin this weekend but that's on hold until later in the year (fingers crossed). Just needed a bit of height this morning so off to Pressendye we went. Decided to start on the east side. Track just north of Holmhead. It's probably one of the shorter ways to the top. Maybe 2-2.5 hours round time. It's a nice walk and very quiet. Bit cold this morning and with a chilly breeze. The cairn is pretty trashed but it's still worth a look and the view is very good. Good place to spend a few hours away from it all.

Tap o' Noth (Hillfort) — Images

<b>Tap o' Noth</b>Posted by thelonious

Maen Ceti (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech) — Images

<b>Maen Ceti</b>Posted by thelonious

Maen Ceti (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech) — Fieldnotes

16/03/2020 – It had been a really good day out so far. The walk over from Rhossili is nice and soon it was time to catch the bus back at Penmaen. Just Cefn Bryn to go. Reaching Reynoldston trigpoint I was tired. We were in two minds as to whether to bother with Arthur’s Stone, it’s a little way off. I could see the cairn in the distance though. After a stop at the trig we decided to make one last detour and head for the stones. I didn’t know much about them so wasn’t expecting much. First Cefn Bryn Great Cairn which is lovely with a fine placement and very good vantage point. Next we walked over to Maen Ceti. Wow with a cherry on top, to think I nearly passed this one by! It’s just fantastic. The big stone is a bit of a monster, great space underneath. The cairn looked lower than the surrounding ground. Wonder if they dug down to get under the big stone instead of trying to lift it up? This site is really a must visit, guessing the area gets pretty busy in the summer months with a car park nearby. The site turned out to be the last of our trip south. On the bus back we heard that it was time for non-essential travel to stop. Time to cut short our trip and the next day we headed back home to Aberdeenshire. Long way to come for a couple of days but this big stone made up for it – top site.

Cefn Bryn Great Cairn (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Cefn Bryn Great Cairn</b>Posted by thelonious

Llanmadoc Hill (Barrow / Cairn Cemetery) — Fieldnotes

16/03/2020 – It’s a fine walk over Llanmadoc Hill from Llangennith to Llanmadoc. Not a big hill but you really feel away from it all. Lots of cairns on this one. Cairn XII just before you get to the Bulwark is very good. I was really taken with it and a great place to sit and admire the scenery. Worth mentioning the lovely Llanmadoc community shop at the foot of the hill as well. Good place for a coffee and slice of cake.

Llanmadoc Hill (Barrow / Cairn Cemetery) — Images

<b>Llanmadoc Hill</b>Posted by thelonious

Sweyne Howes (north) (Chambered Tomb) — Images

<b>Sweyne Howes (north)</b>Posted by thelonious<b>Sweyne Howes (north)</b>Posted by thelonious<b>Sweyne Howes (north)</b>Posted by thelonious

Sweyne Howes (north) (Chambered Tomb) — Fieldnotes

16/03/2020 – A day of blue skies, big stones and good walking in a fine landscape. I've always wanted to visit the Gower. Bus from Swansea to Rhossili in the morning for a walk over 3 hills, Rhossili Down, Llanmadoc Hill and finally Cefn Bryn to drop down to catch the bus back from Penmaen. I knew the area was full of old stones but with a longish walk ahead we decided to not deviate from our route too much to look at stuff. Just go with the flow and if we happen to come across things great, if not there was always next time. The walk and views were more than enough.

Heading up to the Beacon with its wonderful views, we carried on along Rhossili Down. My decision to not leave the track went straight out the window as soon as I saw Sweyne Howes down below. They looked too good to pass by so off we went. First Sweyen Howes south then on to the north one. Both in the very good category, North is probably more a wow than a very good.

Wished we had more time here, Rhossili Down is not a hill to be rushed. Always hard when you live a long way away and you only have a day at a place. Tricky to try and not do too much. If you haven’t been here (I see plenty of TMAers have) please go, pick a sunny day, the area has a bit of everything.

Sweyne Howes (south) (Chambered Tomb) — Images

<b>Sweyne Howes (south)</b>Posted by thelonious

Rhossili Down (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Rhossili Down</b>Posted by thelonious<b>Rhossili Down</b>Posted by thelonious

Twyn Disgwylfa (Round Barrow(s)) — Images

<b>Twyn Disgwylfa</b>Posted by thelonious<b>Twyn Disgwylfa</b>Posted by thelonious

Twyn Disgwylfa (Round Barrow(s)) — Fieldnotes

15/03/2020 – Wet morning walk up Mynydd Dinas from Port Talbot train station. Good access up the Wales Coast path. We did get a little lost finding the best route under the motorway near the start though. It’s a shortish walk up, a little steep in places. The cairn is a little off the path, there’s a faint track there. It’s not too tricky to find. Cairn is grassed over with a trig on top. Nice to see a few daffodils out already. Location is good with decent views all round. Might be a bit overgrown in the summer months. A fine way to spend a couple of hours.

An Sithean (Chambered Cairn) — Images

<b>An Sithean</b>Posted by thelonious<b>An Sithean</b>Posted by thelonious<b>An Sithean</b>Posted by thelonious

An Sithean (Chambered Cairn) — Fieldnotes

26/01/2020 - Staying in Kyle of Lochalsh for a few days. Decided to take the bus out to Broadford for a stroll. This really is a lovely location for a cairn and a fine walk there and back. The weather had a bit of everything today. Luckily the sun popped out as we reached the cairn. There's a bench nearby for a sit and a grand view. Nice day out.

Beinn na Cailleach (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Beinn na Cailleach</b>Posted by thelonious

Tyrebagger (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Tyrebagger</b>Posted by thelonious<b>Tyrebagger</b>Posted by thelonious

Forvie Kerb Cairns (Kerbed Cairn) — Images

<b>Forvie Kerb Cairns</b>Posted by thelonious

Cave Hill (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Cave Hill</b>Posted by thelonious<b>Cave Hill</b>Posted by thelonious

Cave Hill (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

28/12/2019 – Grassed over cairn on summit of Cave Hill. Small hole in the middle. It’s a decent sized cairn with fine views.

McArt's Fort (Promontory Fort) — Images

<b>McArt's Fort</b>Posted by thelonious<b>McArt's Fort</b>Posted by thelonious<b>McArt's Fort</b>Posted by thelonious
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