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County Cavan


Sites/groups in County Cavan:

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Aghadrumgowna or Calf Field Wedge Tomb
6 posts
Aghagashlan Court Tomb
6 posts
Aghawee Portal Tomb
1 post
8 sites
Banagher/Slieve Glah
2 posts
Barconny Stone Row / Alignment
1 post
Boagh Rath
2 posts
12 sites
Cargagh Round Barrow(s)
Carrickacroy Chambered Tomb
5 posts
Carrickbrannan Court Tomb
8 posts
Carrickclevan Portal Tomb
Clonbockoge Round Barrow(s)
19 posts
Cohaw Court Tomb
3 posts
Drumanny Court Tomb
Drumbee Chambered Tomb
3 posts
Drumeague Wedge Tomb
Drumhart Chambered Tomb
7 posts
Drumhawnagh Chambered Tomb
Drumroosk Chambered Tomb
4 posts
Drumsallagh Wedge Tomb
4 posts
Duckfield Wedge Tomb
8 posts
Duffcastle Portal Tomb
2 posts
Gartaquill Stone Row / Alignment
7 posts
Gartnanoul Chambered Tomb
Garvagh Court Tomb
3 posts
Killeter Hill Court Tomb
10 posts
Killinagh Bullaun Stone
Killycatron Chambered Tomb
Killycluggin Carving
1 post
Kilnavert Standing Stone / Menhir
5 posts
Kilnavert Wedge Tomb
7 posts
Knockatudor Chambered Tomb
5 posts
Lissanover Stone Row / Alignment
2 posts
Lissanover Standing Stone / Menhir
3 posts
4 sites
1 post
Manragh Upper Round Barrow(s)
Manragh Upper Wedge Tomb
Mayo Standing Stone / Menhir
2 posts
Mayo Portal Tomb
8 posts
Middletown Portal Tomb
7 posts
Moneygashel Stone Fort / Dun
6 posts
Moneygashel Portal Tomb
Moydristan Chambered Tomb
Mullacastle Court Tomb
Mullaghboy Standing Stone / Menhir
3 posts
Mullaghboy Court Tomb
Pollamore Near Standing Stone / Menhir
Polleragh Artificial Mound
Raffony Wedge Tomb
2 posts
The Shannon Pot
11 posts
1 site
Shantemon Stone Row / Alignment
Tullystown Round Barrow(s)
3 posts
Virginia Park Estate Standing Stone / Menhir


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A warning to others

From the Irish Independent

Sean Quinn's downfall is fairies' revenge say locals in Cavan

He was once Ireland's richest man, with a fortune of €4... continues...
baza Posted by baza
15th December 2011ce
Edited 15th December 2011ce


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The Cavan Burren

History and Folklore of the Cavan Burren
bawn79 Posted by bawn79
3rd February 2009ce
Edited 3rd April 2009ce

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Carrickclevan (Portal Tomb) — Fieldnotes

This took a bit of finding, not wholly unsurprising at this time of the year. We parked up the way of the cul de sac and walked a couple of hundred metres. A farmer and his son were harvesting in the field we needed to traverse and he was very happy to allow us head over to the tomb. His directions of “off up to the right” were as helpful as trying to use the old OS map, but in the end he was right, just that the tomb was on the wrong side of the hedge and completely overgrown on the side from which we approached.

It’s a little gem really. Leaving aside it’s overgrown state and the fact that some of the trees may eventually collapse the whole structure, there’s quite a lot left. Both portals, both sidetones and most of the capstone are extant, if not in their exact original position. The southern portal and sidetone are both leaning inwards. The large capstone, estimated at 6 tons (see folklore below) has had a portion snap off at the rear of the chamber where the backstone seems to be missing.

Opened up and allowed to breathe a little, Carrickclevan would be by no means a spectacular, show site – it’s not even head height. Which is not to say that it couldn’t do with a bit of love – it squats there, almost as an afterthought, slightly shamefaced, cowering beneath all that vegetation. After spending a bit of time we left, happy to have found it, almost lost and unloved, but now re-discovered.
ryaner Posted by ryaner
10th August 2020ce

Carrickclevan (Portal Tomb) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Carrickclevan</b>Posted by ryaner<b>Carrickclevan</b>Posted by ryaner<b>Carrickclevan</b>Posted by ryaner<b>Carrickclevan</b>Posted by ryaner<b>Carrickclevan</b>Posted by ryaner<b>Carrickclevan</b>Posted by ryaner ryaner Posted by ryaner
10th August 2020ce

Burren (Central, W) (Wedge Tomb) — Folklore

Tullygobban (Tulaigh an Ghobáin) is though to be named after the Gobán Saor, the master craftsman of Irish folklore. His wife and child are thought to be buried on this hill. ryaner Posted by ryaner
8th July 2020ce

Slieve Glah (Cairn(s)) — Miscellaneous

This monument is not in the Archaeological Inventory of County Cavan, published in 1995.

This is the entry on

Class: Cairn - burial cairn

Townland: POLLAKEEL (Upper Loughtee By.)

Scheduled for inclusion in the next revision of the RMP: Yes

Description: Located on top of Slieve Glah. A trig. station is constructed on top of a grass-covered cairn (diam. 13m; max. H 3m) that has been partly quarried, but there are indications of a small rectangular cist in its upper surface. It was reported by Michael Gibbons and Jim Higgins.

Compiled by: Michael Moore

Date of upload: 21 May, 2019
ryaner Posted by ryaner
22nd June 2020ce

Banagher/Slieve Glah — Images

<b>Banagher/Slieve Glah</b>Posted by ryaner ryaner Posted by ryaner
22nd June 2020ce
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