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Acholter Standing Stone / Menhir
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Barone Hill Hillfort
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Bicker's Houses Chambered Cairn
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Blackpark Plantation Stone Circle
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Carnbaan Chambered Tomb
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Dunagoil Cliff Fort
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Dunstrone Cliff Fort
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Dun Hill Of Glenmore Cup Marked Stone
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Dun Scalpsie Stone Fort / Dun
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East Colmac Standing Stone / Menhir
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Ettrick Bay Stone Circle
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Glecknabae Chambered Cairn
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Glencallum Bay Cairn(s)
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Glenvoidean Chambered Tomb
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Hilton Chambered Cairn
13 posts
Largizean Stone Row / Alignment
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Loch Quien Crannog
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Pointhouse Chambered Cairn
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Scalpsie Barrow Round Barrow(s)
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Scalpsie Cairn Cairn(s)
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St. Michael's Chambered Tomb
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St Ninian's Bay Standing Stones


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Excavation report (.PDF file) relevant to Carnbaan, St Michael's and Glecknabae

There are plans of the sites on pdf pages 13, 20 and 23 respectively
greywether Posted by greywether
9th March 2004ce
Edited 5th September 2007ce

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Pointhouse (Chambered Cairn) — Folklore

The cairn covered the remains of a great hero. He was wont to wear a belt of gold, which, being charmed, protected him on the field of battle. One day, however, as he rode a-hunting accompanied by his sister, the maid, coveting the golden talisman, prevailed upon him to lend it to her. While thus unprotected he was killed - whether by enemies or mischance the attenuated tradition does not clearly indicate; and this cairn marked the warrior's grave

James King Hewison 1893
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
19th March 2024ce

Carnbaan (Chambered Tomb) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Carnbaan</b>Posted by thelonious thelonious Posted by thelonious
17th June 2018ce

Carnbaan (Chambered Tomb) — Fieldnotes

07/06/2018 - Last full day on Bute and we had a tricky decision to make. Where to go? It was a choice between heading north to visit 4 chambered cairns on the coast or heading to Scalpsie Bay and have a walk over a few tops with 1 chambered cairn. Both looked good but we went for Scalpsie Bay, just for the walk really.

Early afternoon found us back at the car and in need of a coffee shop. The one at Ettrick Bay was so fine we decided to go again. Parking at the south end of the bay we walked along the lovely beach to get there. It's a great area for a stroll or paddle in the sea.

Refreshed I looked at the time, it was just past 3. Still thinking about the cairns to the north we started walking the coast road towards them. To visit all four cairns would have been about 8 miles and than another 1 to get back to the car. I was tired already from the morning visit to Bicker's Houses cairn so I thought the walk to see any was too far. An hour later we were closing in on the first cairn. Bit stupid really as my feet were killing. I did like Glecknabae cairn though.

The next cairn wasn't far so on we went again. Up hill now, it's well signposted. The approach to the Carnbaan cairn is lovely through a wood. The sunlight through the leaves and branches was so nice.

When first getting to the site the size of it didn't immediately become apparent. Probably like most visitors my attention went straight to the central chamber, it's great. It's only after you start walking about does the size and length of this long cairn reveal itself. It's massive with chambers at both ends as well. The setting in the trees is lovely but the undergrowth hid things a little. Tricky place to photograph too.

The cairn is positioned close to a stream where just on the banks is a massive stone. I wondered if this was once part of the cairn just a short distance away.

It was getting late now and the car was a long way back. The last two cairns would have to wait for another trip. Always good to have a reason to come back. My feet moaned most of the way back. A long day out and I was sore by the end but well worth it. Tops cairns round here.
thelonious Posted by thelonious
17th June 2018ce

Glecknabae (Chambered Cairn) — Images

<b>Glecknabae</b>Posted by thelonious<b>Glecknabae</b>Posted by thelonious thelonious Posted by thelonious
17th June 2018ce

Loch Quien (Crannog) — Images

<b>Loch Quien</b>Posted by thelonious<b>Loch Quien</b>Posted by thelonious thelonious Posted by thelonious
16th June 2018ce

Bicker's Houses (Chambered Cairn) — Images

<b>Bicker's Houses</b>Posted by thelonious<b>Bicker's Houses</b>Posted by thelonious thelonious Posted by thelonious
16th June 2018ce

Bicker's Houses (Chambered Cairn) — Fieldnotes

07/06/2018 - Starting from the viewpiont for Scalpsie Bay, we followed in the footsteps of Greywether (hard not to in the highlands and islands) and headed north to find Bicker's Houses chambered cairn.

The path(!) to Bicker's Houses is waymarked from the car park. I lay the challenge down right now. If you ever come here and can actually find and follow the waymarked path all the way to Bicker's Houses, you win the pathfinder of the year award. Don't know whether it was just because we were sleepy, it had been a long couple of weeks away (excuses, I know) but there just wasn't one. We decided we were using up more energy looking for it than just bashing in a straightish line to the cairn through the bracken and grass. Luckily for us the ground was very dry from the good run of weather we'd been having.

It's not a bad walk really and we did eventually get to the site of the cairn. Maybe not the best time of year as the bracken was starting to get high. Only the big stones were showing above it.

Got to admit, I liked this one. Maybe more for the setting and the walk but the stones that we could see were good as well.

We looped back via Barmore Hill and Quien Hill. A nice area for a potter, a little off the beaten (nonexistent) path.
thelonious Posted by thelonious
16th June 2018ce
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