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Affaland Moor Round Barrow(s)
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Aylesbeare Common Round Barrow(s)
Beacon Castle Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork
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Beacon Hill Round Barrow(s)
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Belbury Castle Hillfort
2 posts
Berry's Wood Hillfort
5 posts
Berry Camp Hillfort
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Blackbury Camp Hillfort
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Blackdown Rings Hillfort
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Bolt Tail Promontory Fort
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Boringdon Camp Hillfort
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Bow Henge Henge
Bremridge Wood Hillfort
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Brent Hill Hillfort
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Broad Down Barrow / Cairn Cemetery
10 posts
Buckland Ford Cairn Circle Cairn circle
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Burley Camp Hillfort
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Cadbury Castle Hillfort
Castle Close Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork
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Castle Dyke (Chudleigh) Hillfort
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Castle Dyke (Little Haldon) Enclosure
Castle Head Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork
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Cholwich Town (destroyed) Stone Row / Alignment
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Chudleigh Rocks Cave / Rock Shelter
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Clovelly Dykes Plateau Fort
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Colaton Raleigh Common Round Barrow(s)
Cotley Castle Hillfort
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Countisbury Castle Promontory Fort
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Cranmore Castle Hillfort
Cunnilear Camp Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork
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Damage Barton Standing Stones
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299 sites
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Denbury Hillfort
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Denbury Hillfort round barrows Round Barrow(s)
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Dolbury Hillfort
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Dumpdon Hill Hillfort
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Embury Beacon Cliff Fort
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24 sites
Exmoor (Devon) Region
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Farway Castle Henge
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Farway Castle Barrows Round Barrow(s)
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Gallows Hill Round Barrow(s)
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Gittisham Hill Barrow / Cairn Cemetery
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Halwell Camp Hillfort
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Hangman's Stone Standing Stone / Menhir
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Hangman's Stone (Combe Martin) Standing Stone / Menhir
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Hawkesdown Hill Hillfort
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Heathfield Beacons Round Barrow(s)
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Hembury Causewayed Enclosure
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Higher Bury Camp Hillfort
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Hillsborough Promontory Fort
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Jackmoor Brook Barrow Round Barrow(s)
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Kent's Cavern Cave / Rock Shelter
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Littlecombe Shoot Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork
8 posts
Longstone (East Worlington) Standing Stone / Menhir
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27 sites
Maristow Camp Enclosure
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Mattocks Down Standing Stones
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Membury Castle Hillfort
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Milber Down Camp Hillfort
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Musbury Castle Hillfort
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No Man's Chapel Trackway Ancient Trackway
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Ritson Barrows Barrow / Cairn Cemetery
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Roborough Beacon Enclosure
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Seven Lords' Lands Cairn(s)
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Seven Stones Stone Circle (Destroyed)
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Sidbury Castle Hillfort
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Simons Barrow Round Barrow(s) (Destroyed)
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Sittaford Stone Circle
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Stanborough Camp Hillfort
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Thorn Barrow Round Barrow(s)
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Three Barrows (Upton Pyne) Round Barrow(s)
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Ugworthy Barrows Round Barrow(s)
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Voley Castle Hillfort
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Whitestone, Lee Bay Standing Stone / Menhir
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Woodbury Castle Hillfort
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Woodbury (Dartmouth) Hillfort
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Wooston Castle Hillfort
Sites of disputed antiquity:
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Devil's Stone Natural Rock Feature


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Prehistoric stone hunt under way in Devon salt marsh

A team of archaeologists is braving horse flies, spiky vegetation and murky ditches to hunt for mysterious standing stones lost beneath a West Country salt marsh... continues...
moss Posted by moss
2nd July 2018ce

Devon archaeological dig reveals "exciting" prehistoric finds

Follow up to news story from October.

"A Stone age knife, a Bronze age arrow head and a Roman nail are just some of the surprises uncovered by a new archaeological dig in Devon... continues...
thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
10th March 2015ce

Devon treasure hunter locates Bronze Age settlement using Google Earth continues...
thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
22nd October 2014ce

Ipplepen Iron Age settlement 'one of most significant' finds

An Iron Age settlement unearthed in Devon has been described as one of the most important finds of its kind.

More Here:
scubi63 Posted by scubi63
17th August 2013ce

William Stukeley: Saviour of Stonehenge exhibition opens in Devon

William Stukeley, Saviour of Stonehenge exhibition, opens tomorrow (9 June) at Hartland Abbey, Hartland, Bideford, North Devon and runs until 6 October.

Details here - and here - continues...
Littlestone Posted by Littlestone
8th June 2013ce
Edited 14th June 2013ce

Bronze Age shipwreck found off Devon coast

One of the world's oldest shipwrecks has been discovered off the coast of Devon after lying on the seabed for almost 3,000 years... continues...
moss Posted by moss
14th February 2010ce

Volunteers wanted for dig in Stokenham

"Keen historians are being invited to help a team of Exeter University archaeologists uncover secrets of an ancient Bronze Age and medieval site.Members of the public are invited to the dig to investigate the remains of a medieval building near an old manor house... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
21st May 2007ce

Wreck divers recover Bronze Age treasures

From This is Devon website, 8 March 2005

A Westcountry diving team has uncovered one of the oldest shipwreck sites in the world... continues...
Jane Posted by Jane
8th March 2005ce

TV shows spark 'gardening' crime

BBC Devon

Garden makeover programmes are being blamed for an increase in the theft of ancient artefacts from Dartmoor.

Electronic tags are being used to help protect valuable stone crosses and troughs in the area... continues...
Posted by phil
17th April 2004ce

New Resting Place for Grave

Hot on the heels of this:
comes this: continues...
Jane Posted by Jane
17th March 2004ce
Edited 25th March 2004ce

Ancient Stone Tomb Returns to Dartmoor

Hoorah! A 'good news' story for once!

A 4,000 year old grave discovered in Chagford in 1879 is returning to Dartmoor.

The prehistoric grave will be relocated to the High Moorland Centre in Princetown early next month from Torquay Museum where it has been for 120 years... continues...
Jane Posted by Jane
26th February 2004ce
Edited 26th February 2004ce

Ramblers Protest at Tor

Ramblers have held a mass trespass on one of Dartmoor's most popular landmarks to protest over its closure. Vixen Tor at Merrivale (Cornwall, England) was shut to the public when a new landowner bought it earlier last year... continues...
Kozmik_Ken Posted by Kozmik_Ken
5th January 2004ce
Edited 6th January 2004ce

Restoration of Historic Site on Dartmoor

Volunteers from Tavistock Conservation Project have been helping to restore the setting of an ancient Scheduled Monument on Dartmoor, almost totally obscured by vegetation... continues...
Jane Posted by Jane
17th December 2003ce
Edited 18th December 2003ce

Vixen Tor Owner Charged

The farmer who closed Dartmoor's (England) Vixen Tor to the public has been charged with carrying out land improvements without an environmental impact assessment. Mary Alford, who owns the site at Merrivale, near Tavistock, Devon, will appear before Plymouth Magistrates in the New Year... continues...
Kozmik_Ken Posted by Kozmik_Ken
16th December 2003ce
Edited 17th December 2003ce

Farmer builds own burial chamber

A Devon farmer has realised his dream by building a Bronze Age burial chamber on his land. He transported four huge pieces of granite from Dartmoor to his estate near Ivybridge to carry out the construction... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
1st May 2003ce
Edited 2nd May 2003ce

Bronze Age Ingots Now At Exeter Museum

From the Western Morning News (

"More than 40 rare Bronze Age ingots from Devon have been given to the Royal Albert Museum in Exeter.

The ingots, part of a shipment salvaged in 1991, was handed over by the Receiver of Wreck, Sophia Exelby, at a ceremony yesterday... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
26th July 2002ce


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There is a series of books well worth looking at for the serious antiquarian who is going to visit Dartmoor and look for the many sites there.The books are by Jeremy Butler and are called Dartmoor atlas of Antiquities and come in five volumes.Volumes one to four are the main books dealing with, volume 1, The East. Volume 2 ,The North. Volume 3,The South west and volume 4 The South East.Volume 5 is an over all cover of The Second Millennium B.C. and also contains an index.
All the books contain maps and extensive text along with line drawings and the grid references to all the sites mentioned.
Lubin Posted by Lubin
19th March 2005ce

Any visitors intending to spend more than a day or so on Dartmoor should consider investing in the following publications:

Petit, P. (1974/1995) Prehistoric Dartmoor. Forest Publishing, Newton Abbott. ISBN 0951527460


Crossing, W. (1912/1990) Crossing's Guide to Dartmoor (2e). Peninsula Press, Kingskerswell ISBN 1872640168
RedBrickDream Posted by RedBrickDream
6th August 2004ce


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Wessex Archaeology

The final assesment/results of the Time Team Dig at Tottiford Reservoir.
Meic Posted by Meic
27th February 2012ce
Edited 28th February 2012ce

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Broken Barrow (Round Cairn) — Miscellaneous

Historic England summarises this impressive monument thus:

"A cairn situated on the flat crest of the south-east spur of Royal Hill at 395.0m OD being a mound of partly-turf-covered large stones with a depression in the centre. Its diameter is 16.0m and its maximum height 1.6m."

Clearly, not a site to miss when visiting the other excellent cairns/cists in the locale of Royal Hill.
13th May 2023ce

Bellever Tor West (Cist) — Miscellaneous

To be fair, the posted images say all there is to say about the quality of this excellent cist - for me, the finest of the monuments clustered around Bellever Tor. GLADMAN Posted by GLADMAN
13th May 2023ce

Kent's Cavern (Cave / Rock Shelter) — News

Kent's Cavern up for sale

"Kents Cavern, described as ‘the most important prehistoric cave complex in Britain’, is up for sale for £2.5m

It is billed by the estate agent as “Britain’s oldest home” and includes a network of caves featuring stalagmites and stalactites, a collection of full-size (replica) ice age animals, and an acre of woodland trails.

Kents Cavern in Devon, which has been open to the public since the 19th century and in the ownership of the same family for 100 years, is up for sale for a very modern-sounding £2m to £2.5m."

[Continues at]
thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
11th May 2023ce

Stalldown Stone Row Cairn S (Cairn(s)) — Miscellaneous

Directions: Take the B213 Ivybridge turn off the A38. If you exit from the E, turn R, cross over the A38 and take the first L on the roundabout signposted for Cornwood. If you exit from the W, take the first L on the roundabout signposted for Cornwood. Follow the Cornwood Road for c. I mile until you reach a mini roundabout. Take the L turn onto a narrow lane for Cornwood. Stay on this road for c. 2.5 miles until you reach the Cornwood Inn at a crossroads in Cornwood. Take the R turn for Torr/Harford onto a lane. After 0.25 miles stay straight on the lane. After another c. 0.5 miles stay straight. After another 0.25 miles turn L up an un-signposted lane and bear R after a sharp corner. Follow this narrow leafy lane for c. 0.25 mile then take the L fork. The road will end c. 0.4 mile later just after Watercombe Farm. Park as close as possible and follow the track for c. 0.5 mile past the water treatment buildings reaching the open moorland of Stalldown Moor. When you are 100 yards clear of the buildings strike N uphill towards Stalldown Stone Row relying on GPS or Map Reading to reach the Southern Terminal 0.5 mile N at SX 63218 62074. Posted by markj99
12th March 2023ce

Sherberton Stone Circle — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Sherberton Stone Circle</b>Posted by markj99 Posted by markj99
21st September 2022ce

Seven Lords' Lands (Cairn(s)) — Miscellaneous

Directions for Seven Lords' Lands Cairn:
Take the Bovey Tracey / M'hampstead A382 turn off the A38. Turn left for Bovey Tracey. After c. 1.3 miles take the 2nd exit of the roundabout for Town Centre / Haytor. Take the 1st exit for Haytor / Widecombe B3387 at the next roundabout c. 0.8 miles later. After c. 0.4 miles on the B3387 bear left to stay on the B3387. Continue on the B3387 for c. 5 miles to reach Hemsworthy Gate Car Park (SX 74145 76095) at the B3387 / Ashburton Junction. Seven Lords' Lands Cairn is located c. 140 yards N from here adjacent to a stone wall.
Posted by markj99
19th September 2022ce

Seven Lords' Lands (Cairn(s)) — Links

Seven Lords' Lands on Google Maps

Seven Lords' Lands on Google Maps
Posted by markj99
19th September 2022ce

Historic England List Entry Number: 1003302

Seven Lords' Lands Cairn on Historic England
Posted by markj99
19th September 2022ce
Edited 22nd September 2022ce

Seven Lords' Lands (Cairn(s)) — Images

<b>Seven Lords' Lands</b>Posted by markj99<b>Seven Lords' Lands</b>Posted by markj99 Posted by markj99
19th September 2022ce
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