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Vauxhall Cross Ancient Trackway
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Boadicea's Grave Round Barrow(s)
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The Clerk's Well Sacred Well
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London Stone Standing Stone / Menhir
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Temple of Diana


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The British Museum - Ice Age art exhibition

Ice Age art - arrival of the modern mind

An exhibition 40,000 years in the making

7 February - 26 May 2013

Discover masterpieces from the last Ice Age drawn from across Europe in this ground-breaking show... continues...
baza Posted by baza
26th November 2012ce

Drowned Landscapes exhibition at Royal Society 3 - 8th July

A huge area of land which was swallowed up into the North Sea thousands of years ago has been recreated and put on display by scientists.

Doggerland was an area between Northern Scotland, Denmark and the Channel Islands. It was believed to have been home to tens of thousands of people before it disappeared underwater... continues...
juamei Posted by juamei
3rd July 2012ce
Edited 3rd July 2012ce

London built on the blood of slaves

This very interesting article was posted by Digital Digging on Facebook. The Romans as cruel oppressors seems to be written out of history yet totally believable.
tjj Posted by tjj
16th December 2011ce

7,000-year-old timbers found beneath MI6 Thames headquarters

Archaeologists hail oldest wooden structure ever found on river, despite security services' armed response to researchers.

When MI6 set up home on the banks of the Thames one secret escaped its watchful eyes... continues...
baza Posted by baza
7th January 2011ce

MUSEUM OF LONDON - new galleries

The new galleries are open.
The London before London display is great.

New online fabulous collection of images of the masses of prehistoric artefacts found in the area:
nix Posted by nix
14th May 2010ce

British Museum

The new prehistoric galleries are open - a limited amount of lovely things on show although sadly they seem smaller than they did previously.
tuesday Posted by tuesday
2nd January 2008ce

'Stone Age Survival' talk at London's FESTIVAL OF LIFE this weekend........

with HUGH NEWMAN - Sunday 5.30pm
a multimedia presentation at The FESTIVAL OF LIFE, St Paul's Steiner Project
1 St Paul's Road, Islington, London N1 2QH

STONE AGE SURVIVAL: Earth Energies, Megaliths & Ancient Nutrition

Hugh Newman has studied Naturopathic nutrition and alternative therapies for seven years... continues...
Megalithomania Posted by Megalithomania
31st August 2007ce
Edited 1st September 2007ce

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This newish exhibition at The Museum of London has an amazing collection of mesolithic, neolithic, bronze and iron age artefacts - together lots of very good information on the periods and the history of the Thames Valley and the area of the city in particular.

nix Posted by nix
31st January 2009ce
Edited 31st January 2009ce

london under the dust

we walk with the past
though arches and down ancient roads
the past, our past is not
just out there
but beneath our feet
around our ears
beneath our noses
john dee and canary wharf
makes sense to me
Posted by mindweed
29th April 2002ce


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The Urban Prehistorian

Interesting observations on the work of sculptor Keir Smith.
moss Posted by moss
27th January 2020ce

Museum of London

Posted by RiotGibbon
22nd October 2001ce

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London Stone (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>London Stone</b>Posted by texlahoma<b>London Stone</b>Posted by goffik<b>London Stone</b>Posted by goffik<b>London Stone</b>Posted by goffik goffik Posted by goffik
21st February 2020ce

London Stone (Standing Stone / Menhir) — News

London Stone to go on show in museum

An ancient and obscured piece of limestone has long guarded Cannon Street. It's called simply London Stone (never 'the' London Stone). It might be a Roman milestone or druidic monument. Nobody knows. Very few people ever notice the venerable rock, which has long languished in a woefully unworthy niche opposite the station.
From this Friday, the mysterious artefact will finally get some attention when it goes on show as part of the the Museum of London's War, Plague & Fire gallery.
London Stone was once much larger and more prominently positioned. The monument is mentioned in Shakespeare, and was first referenced in the 12th century. It is undoubtedly much older, and has been incorporated in the foundation myths of our city.
Display at the museum will finally bring London Stone back into public awareness after its long slumber. It will remain at the museum while work is carried out to rebuild its existing home.
The stone is shifting to the museum for temporary display, while its existing home is knocked down and rebuilt.
See London Stone at the Museum of London from Friday 13 May 2016. Entrance is free.
tjj Posted by tjj
10th May 2016ce

Developer plans to move London Stone out of WH Smith and onto public plinth

In legend, it formed part of London’s foundations and was the resting place of King Arthur’s sword Excalibur.

But for years the London Stone has lain in a case behind a pavement-level grille in the Cannon Street WH Smith.

Now, the Grade II listed lump of oolitic limestone is set to be restored as a centrepiece of the Square Mile.

It ended up in the Sixties block housing WH Smith after its former berth, St Swithin’s Church, was bombed in the Blitz.

Under plans to turn the block into an eight-storey office tower, developer Applegarth has revealed plans to give the stone pride of place on a plinth.

An application to the City of London Corporation says: “The plinth and the London Stone would be reinstated at the height they were in St Swithin’s Church prior to its destruction in the Second World War. This would make it more prominent to public viewing than is currently the case.”

Giles Clapp, clerk of the Worshipful Company of Masons, which helps protect the history of the City of London, said: “We support giving the stone the prominence it deserves. It is very important in the telling of the London story.”

The relic — also known as the Stone of Brutus after the legendary Roman founder of the capital — is mentioned in historical documents as early as 1100.

It was written about by Shakespeare and Dickens and has become the subject of countless myths, including claims it was the stone from which Arthur drew Excalibur.

The 17th-century poet William Blake believed the site of the relic was a druidic sacrificial stone circle, while another theory holds it was the symbolic point from which all distances in Roman Britain were measured.

An application by developers Minerva to move the stone into the foyer of nearby offices sparked a row with heritage groups in 2012. The latest plan has been broadly welcomed, with Historic England raising no objections.

The CLC has called the new proposal “an appropriate development”. Its ruling, after a meeting tonight, could have wider repercussions for the City. An ancient warning comes with the block, which says: “So long as the Stone of Brutus is safe, so long will London flourish.”
juamei Posted by juamei
11th March 2016ce

London Stone (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Links

Museum of London

Interesting article on the facts vs speculation and folklore surrounding the London Stone, by John Clark, formerly Senior Curator (Medieval) at the Museum of London.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
3rd April 2013ce

London Stone (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Images

<b>London Stone</b>Posted by texlahoma<b>London Stone</b>Posted by texlahoma<b>London Stone</b>Posted by texlahoma texlahoma Posted by texlahoma
23rd March 2012ce
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