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Ardross Souterrain
50 posts
Balbirnie Stone Circle
43 posts
Balfarg Circle henge
15 posts
Balfarg Riding School Henge
7 posts
Balgrummo Standing Stone / Menhir
7 posts
Bandrum Standing Stones
4 posts
Battle Law Cup Marked Stone
16 posts
Binn Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art
12 posts
Black Cairn Hillfort
6 posts
Black Laws Cairn(s)
4 posts
Boarhills Standing Stone / Menhir
16 posts
Bogleys Standing Stone / Menhir
3 posts
Bowden Hill Hillfort
17 posts
Camp Wood Hillfort
6 posts
Castleton Standing Stone / Menhir
3 posts
Clatchchard Craig Hillfort
3 posts
Collessie Standing Stone / Menhir
7 posts
Collessie Farm Cairn(s)
6 posts
Coultra Hill Cairn(s)
Craigluscar Hillfort
20 posts
Creich Manse Stone Circle
Cult Hill Hillfort
1 post
Darnbogue Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art
9 posts
Devil's Blue Stane Natural Rock Feature
13 posts
Down Law Hillfort
11 posts
Drumcarrow Craig Broch
28 posts
Dunino Den Sacred Well
14 posts
Earlseat Standing Stone / Menhir
5 posts
Easter Nether Urquhart Cairn(s)
7 posts
Easter Pitcorthie Standing Stone / Menhir
19 posts
East Lomond Hillfort
9 posts
East Lomond Cairn(s)
1 post
Gallowstone Cairn(s)
6 posts
Glassmount Standing Stones
11 posts
Glenduckie Hillfort
11 posts
Green Craig Hillfort
9 posts
Green Hill Cairn(s)
12 posts
Lady Mary's Wood Hillfort
5 posts
Law Head Cairn(s)
45 posts
Lundin Links Standing Stones
7 posts
Macduff's Cross Standing Stone / Menhir
14 posts
Maiden Castle (Lomonds) Hillfort
3 posts
Morton Lochs Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork
5 posts
Newton Of Balbirnie Hillfort
15 posts
Norman's Law Hillfort
14 posts
Norrie's Law Cairn(s)
North Wood Cairn(s)
16 posts
Orwell Standing Stones
6 posts
Pinnelhill Standing Stone / Menhir
8 posts
Pitcairn Cairn(s)
9 posts
Pitcorthie Standing Stone / Menhir
6 posts
Purin Hillfort
4 posts
Saline Hill Hillfort
8 posts
Skeith Stone Standing Stone / Menhir
11 posts
Strathendry Standing Stone / Menhir
8 posts
St Margarets Stone Standing Stone / Menhir
40 posts
Tuilyies Standing Stones
10 posts
Wemyss Caves - The Court Cave Cave / Rock Shelter
19 posts
West Lomond Hill Cairn(s)
7 posts
West Pitcorthie Standing Stone / Menhir
Sites of disputed antiquity:
5 posts
Markinch Hill Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork
2 posts
Standing Stane Road Standing Stone / Menhir


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Neolithic Pottery And Flint Tools Found In Fife
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
9th January 2017ce

Carpow Log-boat Exhibition Opens

The Carpow logboat was discovered in the bed of the River Tay in 2001, and recovered last year. It's the second oldest to be found in Scotland, and dates from the late Bronze Age... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
6th April 2007ce

Update on Fife Axe Case

Criminal proceedings against Leslie man Michael Kelly, who found a neolithic axe head and initially refused to give it up, have been dropped.

Mr Kelly discovered the 6000-year-old axe head late last year while walking in the Lomond Hills... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
23rd April 2004ce
Edited 23rd April 2004ce

Update on Iron Age Warrior continues...
nickbrand Posted by nickbrand
19th April 2004ce

Stone the Crows... Dig Uncovers a Humble Patio

Archaeologists were left red-faced when an excavation site they believed was a Norse settlement of "national significance" was actually a sunken patio. Experts rushed to the site when amateur archaeologists unearthed a meshwork of massive stones while exploring the ground in their garden... continues...
nickbrand Posted by nickbrand
9th January 2004ce
Edited 9th January 2004ce

Double Stone Age find in Fife

Joy over double Stone Age find in Fife

TWO hugely significant Neolithic finds have been made in Fife within weeks of each other, thanks to sharp-eyed amateur archeologists... continues...
nickbrand Posted by nickbrand
17th July 2003ce
Edited 17th July 2003ce

Ancient carvings could be national treasure

ANCIENT stone carvings found on Burntisland's Binn Hill have excited major interest among archaeologists... continues...
nickbrand Posted by nickbrand
11th July 2003ce

Iron Age Warrior Grave found in Clackmannanshire

Scottish Herald - Shan Ross
Builders who were on the brink of using a JCB digger to lay the foundations of a new housing estate have unearthed what may be the richest archaeological find in Scotland. It includes the well-preserved skeleton, sword and valuable adornments of an Iron Age warrior buried with full honours... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
11th March 2003ce


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The Jaggy Thistle: Were inhabitants of Fife once human?

Haw Haw Haw!
nickbrand Posted by nickbrand
27th July 2003ce
Edited 27th July 2003ce

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Dunino Den (Sacred Well) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Dunino Den</b>Posted by Lichtiethe36<b>Dunino Den</b>Posted by Lichtiethe36 Posted by Lichtiethe36
21st August 2020ce

Wemyss Caves - The Court Cave (Cave / Rock Shelter) — Links

The ancient symbols hidden in a cave

Latest news on the protection of these caves.
moss Posted by moss
3rd December 2018ce

Balfarg (Circle henge) — Folklore

An Historical Sketch of Markinch.

Boulder Stones.

About five hundred yards west from the farm of Balfarg, which is situated about one mile from Markinch, are two large stones, one about six feet in height and the other a little less.

According to legendary lore they are two 'tackets' which have fallen from the boots of a great giant who had been taking a quiet walk in that part of the district.

Another version is that the devil was carrying a quantity of stones in his apron when one of the strings broke, thus scattering his load on the ground. He picked them all up except two of the smallest, which he thought he would leave to puzzle the brain of geologists and antiquarians. Kind old gentleman!

Some folks suppose they are two Druidical stones but we think that they are two stones of the Siberian strata, which lies below the old red sandstone. In many parts they lie above the lighter limestone formation which, according to geology, ought to be the uppermost of the two. The explanation which science gives regarding the boulder stones is that they have been deposited there by icebergs or glaciers.
From the Fifeshire Advertiser, 29th July 1887.

It's quite strange to look at an old map of this area from when it was all farm and fields, and then now with all the houses circling the henge.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
4th October 2018ce

Orwell (Standing Stones) — Fieldnotes

I came here once a long time ago, but have no digital pictures, which was the only reason I needed to make the detour further up north to the lovely Loch Leven.
The fact that this pair of standing stones are tall, strong and good looking stones that over look the western edge of the Lomond hills (which are actually miles away from the Loch of the same name)had something to do with it as well.

No map needed here much either, easily seen on the north side of the A911 between Milnathort and Wester Balgedie, opposite Orwell farm, which gives the stones their names, named after a farm, how inglorious.

There's no where good to park, I made do with blocking a field entrance, leaving kids in the car, and jumping the fence for a ten minute quick meet and greet. Hi I'm the postie, no not that one, and you are? big stone? ok, and your friend there? he's big stone too eh? Not very talkative, stones, it's nearly always a rather one sided conversation.

Two stones, separated by about fifteen yards, one stone is tall and bulbous, with rounded edges, the other is more angular, rough and sporting the undressed look. The rough stone has pinky quartz veins on it's lower half of one side, the side facing the other stone. Both stones have been reset in concrete.
The Lomond hills fall away quickly on it's western edge and the look is of dramatic scree and cliffs. Further north along the hills is a hill prosaically named West Lomond, it has a cairn upon it's summit and can be seen framed by these tall stones, if you stand in the right place of course.

A good stone pair.
postman Posted by postman
27th September 2018ce

Tuilyies (Standing Stones) — Fieldnotes

You don't need an ordnance survey map to find this one, easily spotted on the south side of the A985 between Kincardine and Dunfermline, just west of Cairneyhill, north of Torryburn. There is a layby right next to the stones, but no way of gaining access to the stones field, except for jumping the barbed wire fence, even with an injured leg it is but a two second ordeal.
The tall single standing stone is a very good example of the type, taller than me, grooved by precipitation, and an almost hole, it doesn't go right the way through.
It's reminiscent of the Queen stone near Symonds Yat, and the tall Machrie moor stones on Arran.

Just yards away is the remaining three quarters of a good four poster stone circle. I like four posters, the most economical of stone circles there is. It's the Toyota Prius of the megalithic world, whilst not being intensely irritating.
So three stones remain, the smallest stone is fairly unremarkable, grey and squat. The middle sized stone was just right. Leaning maybe and a very flat surface to one side. The tallest stone is most impressive, maybe eight times the size of the smaller one, pretty yellow lichen crowns it's pate.

Is the taller single stone an outlier to the circle? or was the circle put here because the stone was already here? What happened to the missing fourth stone? Lots of four posters end up as threesomes, how come? Questions questions.

Nice place, I do like four posters.
postman Posted by postman
27th September 2018ce

Tuilyies (Standing Stones) — Images

<b>Tuilyies</b>Posted by postman<b>Tuilyies</b>Posted by postman<b>Tuilyies</b>Posted by postman<b>Tuilyies</b>Posted by postman postman Posted by postman
25th September 2018ce
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