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Visited 5.3.11
Directions: Take the very minor road north midway between Baglan and Cwmafan and eventually you come to a bridle way on the right; which presumably gives access to the transmitters on top of the hill? (Foel Fynyddau) Park here. Opposite you will see a metal field gate. Hop over the gate and head up the steep hill. You will have to cross two barbed wire fences and towards the top of the hill you will see a ruined stone field wall. Once over the wall, look for a rust metal field gate, ahead, to your right. Once you get to the gate the remains of Buarth-Y-Gaer Hillfort are easily seen in the next field. Unfortunately you have to climb over yet another barbed wire fence!
It is a steep, uphill 15 minute walk to get to the site from the car.
The enclosure is quite large and the single rampart is pretty well preserved, standing acout 0.5 metres high from the inside and between 1.5 and 2 metres high when standing in the ditch. The inside of the enclosure is quite 'lumpy bumby'.
Due to the steepness of the climb and the number of fences to climb over I would suggest that this is a site for the dedicated and those fairly fit and agile!

Coflein describes the site:
Buarth-y-Gaer is an oval enclosure, c.140m E-W by 104m, set about the summit of Mynydd-y-Gaer, defined by a bank and ditch, with a W facing entrance. A cairn (Nprn307229) crowns the highest point of the interior.
Posted by CARL
25th March 2011ce

Comments (2)

Why are you climbing over a farmer's wire fences? There is no right of way to this site, so let's think about it, and make our visits low profile. Your described route is totally unnecessary and there are zero impact options.
Park as described. Go along the road for 200 meters towards Neath and take the forest track on the left. Ascend gently to a field gate. The feature is about 300 metres to your left follow the forest line. A gentle ascent gets you there. You are also in the right place then to visit the multi ram parted hill fort and house platforms which are 500 Mtrs north of Buarth y Gaer. No right of way, but, minimal impact.....
Posted by Gareth Plas
9th February 2016ce
Point is, Gareth .... Carl is the local out in all weathers and posting what he's seen. Don't see you doing that..... in my opinion you aren't qualified to criticise others until you do. South Walian archaeology is a self-inflicted shambles due to the actions of locals. It needs people like Carl to highlight what's going on. There is much more at stake than a few barbed wire fences. Get some perspective here.

You might consider taking to task some of the South Walian farmers guilty of piling rubbish upon monuments they have a duty to protect, setting bonfires etc. Not to mention local valley morons dumping hypodermic needles and suchlike upon sites. Not to mention that plague of trail motor bikers. Why not discuss 'zero impact options' with them?
9th February 2016ce
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