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Penbryn Mawr

Standing Stone / Menhir


I found pictures of this stone on the megalithic portal, and added the site here a couple of months ago. The stone we found is not the same stone that is on the other website, (though it does sound like coflein's discription)but we did find something much more interesting.
Eric and me walked up the lane to the farm which owns the land the stone is on, and as we scanned the fields either side of the lane, for the stone is not on the map and I was going on memory from coflein, I was unsure exactly where the stone was. Too soon we were in the farm yard, which has a standing stone next to the gate by the road, instantly I knew this might not be ancient, so we walked past it and to the house where an older gent was by his car, I asked him if this was the prehistoric stone that was on his land, to my suprise he either couldnt or wouldnt speak English to me, though he did have a lot to say.
He beckoned us over towards his house , I looked over to my young son who was looking back at me as unsure as I was to him, cautiously we approached the house. He pointed down to a bush then lent over and pulled out a stone about a foot square
with a huge cupmark in it and a large round stone in it. All the time he was talking fluently in Welsh, only one word did I understand, Stonehenge, Stonehenge ? said I but he seemed oblivious to the fact that we didnt understand him, while we were inspecting the portable bulluan the guy went inside and came out with something quite unexpected, it was a large stone maul, heavy and smooth with a rough groove round its middle, it was obviously very old, all I could say was Wow.
Then he unfolded an old yellowed letter, written in English type and passed it to me, it was a letter of authentication saying that the stone maul had been in the family that occupies Penbryn Mawr farm since it was dug up in the vicinity, the groove round its middle is where it was lashed to a handle, or hung from an A frame.
I handed back the letter and stone in a sort of glazed way, what did this mean? why wouldn't he speak proper? why did he mention Stonehenge ? was the maul stolen from a dig there years ago then brought here.
I was and am disappointed that I didn't take more time to read the letter at least twice, it seemed quite important.
Then I asked if I could photograph the standing stone and he kind of nodded, perhaps in a non comprehending sort of way then spoke once more in his, seeing as I'm not welsh I can only presume he was speaking it but as far as I know he could have been talking complete gibberish, only one word did I understand, genuine, then with hand gestures he said go right. I don't know if he was talking about the stone I saw on the mega port or the Maen Llwyd a mile back down the road. Another visit with a welsh speaking friend might find this other stone, and reveal more about the maul, he was very friendly.
postman Posted by postman
19th December 2009ce
Edited 22nd April 2019ce

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You do have some experiences, postman. But that's because you get out and about and look for things and speak to people. I reckon you're definitely becoming a magnet for stoney related strangeness.

I'm not sure what to think about the welsh/gibberish comparison but they do sound a bit different up in the north :)
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
19th December 2009ce
It certainly pays to get in there and speak to folk sometimes, instead of sneaking about along hedgrows, and you feel less silly.
Bit of a mystery that stone thingy isn't it ?
postman Posted by postman
19th December 2009ce
It's pretty cool. Perhaps you should send a picture to the museum in cardiff and see what they say? It's a lovely sculptural thing too.

I'm glad it's not just me that's experienced the silly feeling of sneaking along hedgerows. The fear of feeling so sneaky / feeling the hand of a shotgun-wielding farmer on my shoulder has put me off finding things on more than one occasion. Which is daft really. Shy bairns get nowt do they, and sometimes people might actually be full of unexpected information / weird stone artefacts, as you seem to find out. You are the true modern antiquarian.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
20th December 2009ce
You can write the forword in my new and upcoming book ( I wish)
The Stone hunters guide to North Wales.
As a child I spent most of my time sneaking about and Iv'e been to less
interesting places than a hedge, so don't feel daft.
Lets go now.
postman Posted by postman
20th December 2009ce
I missed these the first time around. Brilliant. I hope he's still there and he didn't just materialise for the duration of your visit, like Brigadoon or something. thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
11th May 2015ce
I wouldn't put it past him, why would he be so candid in showing me his things yet refuse to speak English, surely he could. postman Posted by postman
11th May 2015ce
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