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Bedd Arthur

Stone Row / Alignment


My daughter and I left the car at the entrance to Pantithel farm (there's plenty of room), and headed north on the footpath. The path slowly but steadily goes up to the main path across the Presellis, when the paths T junction turn right, east, head for Carn Bica and the stones are visible and down hill from here.
Judging from the other notes on here it seems the place is a bit questionable, what is it exactly?
The place felt ancient to me, if that means anything, at least in keeping with other places I'd seen.
It was the day of the summer solstice that I'd chosen for a visit and we'd been on the road since 1am, but it wasn't time enough to get here and we missed the sunrise by at least an hour.
But the early visit did reveal a possible alignment, though the sun was already quite high, in my minds eye I could track the sun going back down and stopping at the end of the stone rectangle.
A perfect sunrise on the summer solstice when viewed along its axis, might have the suns globe acting for a minute as the missing stone .
Or maybe the suns magic energy was somehow caught in the net made by the stones.
I hope that makes sense, it does to me.
postman Posted by postman
2nd August 2009ce
Edited 3rd April 2014ce

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I think I know where your coming from, Postman. Visited this site a couple of times, the last a year or so back taking the sister to see Carn Menyn.... and there's definitely something about this place.

I may be talking rubbish, but after a while I think you tend to develop a sort of second sense as to what is 'genuine' and what is not... based upon location, ease of access, alignments etc. For what it's worth I agree that Bedd Arthur just 'feels right' being sited by the main prehistoric route across the Preselau, and I would have thought too isolated and too far out of the way for anyone to contemplate building a modern fake here. Why bother when only the occasional walker's gonna see it?

Of course there's also the Stonehenge 'horseshoe' link to think of, although Burl's convinced glacial action took the bluestones to Salisbury Plain, it has to be said. Owing to the importance of the site I'd have said a bit of excavation's required here?

Having said that, what a great little hillwalk, regardless!
2nd August 2009ce
It was because of the Stonehenge connection that I made the trip, I once saw Mike Pitts there on tv and he seemed to think it was ancient. Even though I was late for the sunrise (very very tardy) it felt good knowing there was 30,000 people at stonehenge and there was just us two on the hills here. postman Posted by postman
3rd August 2009ce
Yeah, Mike Pitts isn't exactly a novice when it comes to these things, is he? There's so few horseshoe arrangements around Britain it's perhaps stretching credulity that - assuming it isn't a fake - there 'just happens' to be one here , too.

Makes you wonder if Bedd Arthur came first and gave the horseshoe idea to the Stonehenge builders looking to reinvigorate the link to this area. Or is that too preposterous? Oh for some carbon dating............... Then again perhaps we need mysteries like this to remain unsolved, a bit like Mr Cope never climbing Silbury.
3rd August 2009ce
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