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Megalithomania 2009 News Update

The annual MEGALITHOMANIA CONFERENCE returns for its fourth convention of the megalithic arts and sciences at The Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury on 23rd & 24th May 2009. This year's line-up includes Graham Hancock, Robert Temple, Christine Rhone, Michael Hodges, Robin Heath and many others. Since it's humble beginnings in 2006, MEGALITHOMANIA has become Europe's foremost assembly of scholars, authors and researchers on all things megalithic. The varied subjects blend academic disciplines with cutting-edge research from a variety of fields, including archaeoastronomy, geomancy, archaeoacoustics, geodesy, earth energies, navigation and geometry.

A late addition to the 2009 line-up is Robin Williamson, a master bard and storyteller, who founded The Incredible String Band. He is also a researcher of ancient myths and legends of the British Isles, and will be performing a Bardic account about the Tuatha de Danaan; notably the two battles of Moytura, the sacred megalithic complex at Sligo in Ireland. An ancient oral tradition that recounts conflicts of the ancestors at the dawn of the world, gleaned from Irish mythology. He will be presenting on Saturday afternoon and also be doing an exclusive Saturday evening concert.

Robin Heath, author of Sun, Moon & Stonehenge will be guiding full-access tours to Stonehenge and Avebury on the Friday and Monday and also presenting his groundbreaking new research on an 'ancient national grid' across Britain at the conference on the Sunday. On a similar note, Tom Brookes will be screening his new film about a prehistoric geodetic survey of Southern England linking earth-mounds, standing stones and other archaeological features into a coherent, scientific system that has been completely ignored by the academic fraternity. He has been studying this subject for nearly fifty years, contacted every University in Britain about his discoveries, published a book on the subject, but his conclusions has been dismissed as 'arcane' and simply 'impossible' for such a developed standard of surveying to have existed 5,000 years ago. Both Robin & Tom have hit 'brick walls' when presenting their findings to the academics and this is an ongoing problem encountered by many researchers; a theme that will be discussed at the event.

On the other side of the Atlantic, in the North Eastern states of America are a remarkable network of megalithic sites that, again, have been placed in the archaeological trash by the historical establishment. Hugh Newman, author of Earth Grids: The Secret Patterns of Gaia's Sacred Sites, spent a month exploring the hundreds of ancient chambers, menhirs, dolmens and stone circles in New England, that are another stunning example of a worldwide megalithic effort to construct such sites. Even the Native Americans do not know who constructed many of these sites and there is abundant evidence that this part of the US was visited by advanced civilisations in prehistory that are remembered in many of the legends of the area. Hugh will be speaking on the Sunday morning.

One must ask who these people really were and why did they go to so much effort to construct such great megalithic temples across the entire planet that would withstand the tests of time? Find out this and much more at this year's MEGALITHOMANIA conference. With a total of thirteen talks, a megalith-forum, tours to Stonehenge and Avebury and an extensive megalithic art exhibition it is your opportunity to officially become a Megalithomaniac!

A total of thirteen talks and one film screening are planned with book signings, a megalitho-market place and Glastonbury town on the doorstep of the venue. Tickets for the conference are £80. Field trips to Stonehenge and Avebury will take place on the Friday and Monday. Field trips are not included in the price. Call +44 1458 831800 for tickets, email or visit for more details.
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