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Piskey Led & Pastie Fed

December 2004 – quickly organised weekend megalithic break in Cornwall - just me and the van.
I left Wolverhampton 4ish, Thursday afternoon, and was supping in a bar called 'Harvey's' in Launceston by 8.30, ("never pass a bar with your name on it!").
Next day . .
After a hearty English, a short pleasant drive to Bodmin Moor and the Hurlers. A beautiful day, blue sky, vast, and from the highest circle in the Hurler's complex, my first view of the sea! (this trip I mean, not ever. . )

The Hurlers — Images

<b>The Hurlers</b>Posted by suave harv

I walked towards the Cheeswring. I had been told the Craddock Moor circle wasn't much of a site, but having found it, I loved it! There are quite a few worked stones, all fallen, in a rough circle. If it's a nice day, this is well worth the walk.
A nice start to my break. I got back to the van feeling great.
Visited the Trippet Stones and Stannon next. Two easy circles both in sight of the road. Trouble with December down sounth, it starts to get dark at half past three. Quite diffrent to July up on Orkney, when the sun set around 11.30 pm!
Found a hotel in Penzance, chilled out.
Day Two.

Lanyon Quoit — Images

<b>Lanyon Quoit</b>Posted by suave harv

Lanyon Quoit, the Men An Tol, Boswen's Menhir re-visited, and the long trek up to Nine Stones of Boskednan for the first time. From a certain point on the hill, you can see the sea in four different directions. You know you're at Land's End here!
The circle is wonderful, though bleak today. The walk was a bit further than I'd have liked, being a wuss and all . .
Boulegh Fougu next. Krept in the creep, but didn't feel eerie in any way. But you certainly get the feeling you are in deepest, deepest Cornwall here.
Tregeseal Dancing Stones & Carn Kenidjack next. In the TMA it says 'needs an OS map and an attitude!'. I think this may have gotten mixed up with Boskendan, as I found it easily, just off a few muddy farm tracks.
It rained, it sunned and I thought it was a treat.
Merry Maidens, and Boscawen UN. . during which the sun set. Lovely!
Beer, beer, fish & chips, beer and whiskey in Penzance.

The Merry Maidens — Images

<b>The Merry Maidens</b>Posted by suave harv

Next morning, a return to the Merry Maidens, and a trip to Land's End proper. (I even took in Carn Euny on the way back ).
I later wrote in my weblog, all wistful of my year . .
'I loved my Cornish break. I've been to so many fantastic places this year. As I stood at Land's End, I thought of my year. I've drunk wine with Julie by the Mersey at midnight, and we've crossed the sea to the Outer Hebrides. We've watched a Druid ceremony celebrate the harvest one balmy summer's night in Wiltshire, and eaten cheese and drunk wine almost everywhere we've been.
I've had a beer on the South Bank, London, looking at Big Ben. I've eat greasy chips under the Tower at Blackpool. and eaten a burger outside Elvis' house in Tennessee.
I've seen Chicago, been snowed on in Pittsburg and flown over Greenland and looked down on the Icebergs. I've seen real Viking graffiti in Orkney, drunk Guiness in many a pub in Cork.
I've watched the sun-set over. . . the Mississippi River - the hills and valleys of of Wales - the ancient stones of Ireland and over the Northernmost Stone circle in the world. And Sunday I stood at Land's End, watching the angry sea crashing against the rocks and thought of all this. A splendid year!'
suave harv Posted by suave harv
22nd April 2005ce
Edited 22nd April 2005ce

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